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Unit 11 What time do you go to school?

IV. 英汉互译 (10分) 1. 起床

2. 做家庭作业 3. 吃早饭 4. 回家 5. 在11:30 V. 找出下列问题的正确答案 (8分) ( )1. What's the time

( )2.Why do you like music?

( )3.What time do you go to school? ( )4.Do you have any orange?

( )5.How many brothers do you have? ( )6. What can you do? ( )7.Where is the baseball? ( )8.What's your favourite subject?

A. I can swim. B. Under the bed? C. Only one; D. At 8:30.

E. Because it's relaxing. F.P.E.

G. It's seven o'clock. H. No,I can't. I. Yes, I do

VII.判断正误并改错 (10分)

1 .What time when do you usually get home? ( ) 2. When does your father goes to work? ( ) 3.My mother usually make breakfast for us. ( ) 4.I usually do homework about 8:00 in the evening.( ) S.When do Rick usually get up? ( ) 6.School starts at nine o'clock.( )

7.Do you want know about my morning? ( ) 8.People usually watch TV in evening. ( )

VIII. 完形填空

Zhao Jun is a Chinese He is not young, but he is not He is thirty-two. He has a daughter. name is Zhao Qi. She is English. his class, there are forty-two . they are all students. His wife, Zhao, is a nurse. She is mother.

Today is Sunday. is free in Mr. Zhao’s family. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

1. A. worker 2. A. good 3. A. He 4. A. six 5. A. At 6. A. boy 7. A. fine 8. A. Miss

9. A. Mr. Zhao’s 10. A. Every

B. bird B. old B. His B. eleven B. In B. girl B. good B. Mr.

B. Zhao Qi’s B. Every one

C. tree C. young C. He’s C. twenty C. On

C. students C. well C. Mrs. C. Mr. Zhao C. Everyone

D. teacher

D. friend D. Her

D. thirty-two D. Of

D. boy and girl D. OK D. Mis.

D. Mr Zhao’s daughter D. One


On weekdays, David gets up at 6:30. He has breakfast at seven, and then he goes to school by bus. He gets there at 7:15. He doesn't like to be late. Classes begin at 8:00. He

Unit 11 What time do you go to school?

has lunch at twelve at school. He goes home at 5:30 in the afternoon. On weekends,

he gets up at about 8:00 and makes breakfast for his family. His parents like him very much.

( )1 . David gets up at 6:30 ______ .

A. every day B. on Sunday C. on weekdays D. on Saturdays

( )2. David goes to school _____ .

A. by a bike B. by bus C. by cars D. No.3 bus

( )3.He has ______ at twelve at school.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. classes D. supper

( )4. _____ makes breakfast for the family on Sundays. A.David B. Mother C. Father D.I

( )5. Which of the following is right?

A. David wakes up at 6:30 on weekdays. B. David's first class begins at 8:00. C. David is often late for school. D. David always gets home at5:30. X.任务阅读(20分)

Read about Janet JIn's day and fill In the schedule below. Janet Jin’s Day

Unit 11 What time do you go to school?


IV. 1.get up 2. do one’s homework 3. eat breakfast 4. go home 5. at half past eleven(eleven thirty) 6. 弹吉他 7. 上学 8. 上午 9.谈谈你的学校 10.淋浴 V. 1-8 GEDICABF

VI. 1 Finish all our classes at 2:00. 2 What time do you get up?

3 She goes to school at eight o’clock.

4 People usually eat dinner in the evening.

5 Please write and tell me about yourself. 6 Do you want to know about my morning? VII 1 F 去掉what time或when

2 F goes改为 go

3 F make 改为 makes 4 F 在about前加 at 5 F do改为does 6 正确

7 在know前加to 8 在 evening前加the


XI. Tom gets up at six every morning. He has breakfast at about seven. Then he goes to school at seven ten. School starts at eight. He plays football with his classmates at four thirty in the afternoon. In the evening, he goes to bed at nine.

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