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听下面4个问题。每个问题后有三个答语,从题中所给A、B人三个选项中选出最佳选项。听完每个问题后,你都有5秒钟的时间来作答和阅读下一小题。每个问题仅读一遍。 l.A.Goodbye. B.See you . C.Nice to meet you ,too.

2.A.Of course. B.Good idea . C.Not at all.

3.A.Yes,I’d love to. B.Yes,I do. C.Yes,I can.

4.A.I work in a bank. B.It’s pretty hard. C.I’d like to be a doctor .

第二节 听下面8段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给A、B人三个选项中选出最佳选项。听完每段对话后,你都有10秒钟的时间来作答和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。

5.Which festival are they talkng about?

A.Children’s Day.B.Teachers′Day.C.April Fool’s Day.

6.Who is on duty now?

A.John B.Alice C.The man.

7.When will the two speakers leave if they get cheaper tickets?

A.On Tuesday.B.On Thursday.C.On Friday.

8. What is the probably relationship between the two speakers?

A. Husband and wife.

B. Passenger and driver.

C.Salesgir1 and customer.

9. What wi1l the woman do in the moming?

A. See Lisa off.

B. Go to the zoo.

C. Deal with an e-mail.

l0. Where does this conversation most probably take place?

A. In a bus. B. In an office. C. In a phone box.

11. Where did the speakers plan to go?

A. A shopping center.

B. An opera house.

C. A ticket office

l2. What does the man mean?

A. He got help from the woman.

B. He needed more time to study.

C.He worked hard for his job

第三节 听下面4段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的A,B,C人三个选项中选出最佳选项。听每段对话和独白前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题5秒钟;听完后,各小题将给出5秒钟的作答时间,每段对话或独白读两遍。 听第13段材料,回答第13至14题

13.How does the man feel about the delay of his flight?


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第一课件网 www.1kejian.com 免费教学资源下载基地

14.Which is the right boarding gate for the man?

A 5. B .20. C. 38

听第 14段材料,回答第15至第 17题。

15.According to Mr .Parker,what did he do before he watched TV?

A.He washed his hands. B.He had his supper. C.He took a bath.

16.What place had the man been to the night before?

A.James Street. B.A restaurant. C.A friend’s home.

17.What does Mr.Parker try to do in the conversation?

A.To prove the truth. B.To find the truth. C.To hide the truth.


18.Why did the son come back late?

A . He hurt his hands and knees.

B.He went to pub with Linda.

C.He waited a long time for the bus.

19. . What was the old lady doing in the middle of the road?

A. Looking for something.

B. Trying to stand up.

C. Trying to look for help.

20. What happened to Linda ?

A. She was fired.

B. She got injured.

C. She had an accident.

21. Where was the man who saw it?

A. Outside the pub.

B. At a bus stop.

C. In his car.


22.When do the students get up when they are in high school?

A.At 6:00a.m.B.At 7:00a.m.C.At 6:00p. m.

23.What’s the problem of some of the university students?

A.They don’t spend all their time on studies.·

B. They don’t know what to do with their free time.

C.They don’t have choices for outside class activities.

24.How is the students’ high school life?


25.What does the speaker advise his students to do at last?

A.Learn to develop some hobbies.

B.Learn to enjoy themselves.

C.Learn to be their on masters.


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第一课件网 www.1kejian.com 免费教学资源下载基地


26.——Which do you like better, watching TV or listening to music? ——I prefer watching TV to _____music.

A listen to B.listen C.listening to D.listening

27. ——The dress____you very fine.You look so nice!

——Thanks a lot

A. makes B.suits C.keeps D.helps

28. ——____you do,you can’t change the situation.

——I see.

A.whoever B.wherever C.whatever D.whenever

29. ——Where have you been these days?

——I’ve been to some place_____I can take lots of photos.

A.what B.which C.that D.where

30. ——It’s a good place to have fun.

——Yes,____people go there every day.

A.thousand of B.thousands of C.several thousands D.several thousand of

31. ——It’s very kind of you to ______me_____.

——It’s my pleasure.

A.work out B.help out C.carry out D.take out

32. ——How much did you ____the sweater?

——$100.It’s too expensive.

A.cost B.spend on C. take D.pay

33. ——Did you take a lot of photos during your visit to Wuhan?

——Yes. And I’ll show them to you as soon as they____.

A.try out B.come out C.work out D.take out

34. ——The math problem is so difficult for the twin sisters.

——No wonder____of them can work it out.

A.either B.no one C. none D.neither

35. ——Oh,no.I can’t find my mobile phone.

——_____,You will find it.I’v just seen it on your desk.

A.Stay away B.Take it easy C.No problem D.Bad luck

36. ——Mr Zhang has been made the most popular teacher in our school this year. ——He always has a way to make his class_______and interesting.

A.lovely B.lively C.alive D.loving

37. ——Could you buy a pencil on your way to school for me?


A.It’s all right. B.It’s easy. C.With pleasure. D.Youi’re welcome

38. ——Some students spend too much time playing computer games.

——Yes,it’s bad for them but they seem to be _____to the result of doing that.

A.blind B.special C.unable D.disabled

39. ——We need to ____the time to have a meeting now.

——What about tomorrow?I’m too tired. today.

A.put up B.fix up C.use up D.work up

40. ——What’s the sound like that?

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——Oh,he has a cold and he____his nose with his hand.

A.blows B.cuts C.washes D.makes


I had the meanest mother in the whole world. to have porridge, eggs or toast.When others had coke and candy for lunch, I had to eat a sandwich.. But at least, I wasn't mother as I did . know where we were at all time. She had to know who our friends were and the same clothes for days . We could not lie in bed “sick” The worse is yet to had to be in bed by nine each night and up at eight the next morning. We couldn't sleep till noon like our friends. was brave to Child Labor law. She made us work.. We had to wash dishes, make beds, learn to things at home. for us to do at home.

have ever been arrested or divorced . She forced us to grow up into educated and honest adults .I pride when my children call me mean. Because, you see, I thank God, He gave me the meanest mother in the whole world.

41. ( )A all B.another C.other D.some

42. ( ) A happy B.sad C.ill D.excited

43. ( ) A different B.lovely C.kind D.same

44. ( ) A preferred B.liked C.seemed D.didn’t want

45. ( ) A a walk B.a schoolbag C.a pair of shoes D.a bath

46. ( ) A go to B.leave C.miss D.finish

47. ( ) A to come B.to go C.to lose D.to happen

48. ( ) A when B.while C.before D.during

49. ( ) A obey B.follow C.break D.catch

50. ( ) A all the B.some C.much D.all sorts

51. ( ) A about B.up C.over D.of

52. ( ) A, l ower B. different C. higher D. worse

53. ( ) A None B No one C. Nobody D. E veryone

54. ( ) A raise B.feed C.keep D.have

55. ( ) A full B. .fill C. satisfied D. filled

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第一课件网 www.1kejian.com 免费教学资源下载基地



First read this map and then answer the following questions.

56.( )If you want to go to City Center from Teacher’College,you should take _____there.

A.Bus No.10 B.Bus No.5 C.Bus No.4 DBus No.3

57.( )You can find the Railway Station in_____of the city.

A.the center B. northwest B .middle schools D.northeast

58.( )We can find two_____on this map.

A.supermarkets B.lakes C.middle schools D.hospitals

59.( ).The Red Star Cinema is very close to _____.

A. the Public Library B.the Great Lake C.the Post Office D.May Airport

60.( )We can easily get relaxation in the _____of this city.

A.north B.east C.southwest D.northwest


Every year, over 40,000 secondary students in Britain run a business. "Each business runs for one year," said Ben,one of the group of students visiting Shanghai. "When we started our business, we borrowed money from parents and friends. At the end of the year,these people will receive some of the profits(利润) ."I asked Ben if running a business was difficult.He said that it was no problem. He said that they always received a lot of advice from teachers and business people.

Another member of the group,Regina,told me the four questions they always asked themselves. The questions are:

l. What do people want to buy?

2. Where is a good place to sell the product?

3. How is our product better than other products?

4. How much is the product?

I was also very interested in how the group was organized.Regina said that there were usually about five to seven students in each business and among them were one manager and one accountant (会计). I asked them who was the manager."I am,of course,"said Regina. "It was my idea to produce picture books,"she said. "They have been very popular with the other students." I also asked the students what

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第一课件网 www.1kejian.com 免费教学资源下载基地

other people sold. "Other groups in our school sell things like T-shirts, videos and computer games,"said Ben.

"How much money do the businesses usually make?" I asked."Some businesses make;$20,000—$30,000 but most groups make a small profit of about $ 1,000一 $ 3,000," said Regina.I asked them what they did with the profits. "We can do what we like with the profits."However,Regina told me that it was important not to waste the money. She always told the other groups to give the money to charity.

Most students enjoyed running a business and all the students said that they had learnt a lot.

61. When the students begin a business, they _____

A. have made a small profit B. have got enough money

C. borrow money from parents and friends D. borrow money from teachers and business people

62.The manager of this group of students is _____

A. Ben B. Regina C. a teacher D. a friend of theirs

63. This group of students sold _____ as their business.

A. picture books B. computer games C. videos D. T-shirts

64. The groups use the profits _____

A. for a party B. to give the charitv

C. for their parents and friends D. in different ways

65. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. When the secondary students run businesses, they get much help from other people.

B. Running a business is difficult for Ben's group.

C. These students try their best to produce better and cheaper products.

D. Most groups are able to get more money than they put in .


One day when some government officials were rebuilding a barn(谷仓),they found a mouse

hole in a corner and used smoke to force the mice inside the hole to come out.A while later they

indeed saw mice running out, one after another.Then, everyone thought that all the mice had

escaped.But just as they began to clean up, they saw two mice squeezing(挤)out at the mouth of

the hole.With some efforts, the mice finally got out.However, it was strange that after they came

out of the hole, they did not run away immediately.Instead, one chased after the other near the

mouth of the hole.It seemed that one was trying to bite(咬)the tail of the other.

Everyone was puzzled, so they stepped nearer to take a look.They realized that one of the mice

was blind and could not see anything, and the other was trying to allow the blind mouse to bite on

his tail so that he could pull the blind one with him to escape.

After seeing what happened, everyone was speechless and lost in thought.During the meal time,

the group of people sat down in a circle and started to chat about what happened to the two mice.

One serious American official said:“I think the relationship between those two mice was that of

king and guard.”The others thought for a while and said:“

That was why!”

A smart French said:“I think the relationship between those two mice was that

of husband and wife.”Again the others thought for a while, and all felt it made sense.

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A Japanese said:“I think the relationship between those two mice was that of mother and son.”Once again the others thought for a while, and felt this was more reasonable.So they expressed agreement another time.

At that moment, one Chinese asked:“Why did those two mice have to have a certain relationship? ”

Suddenly, the group looked back at the Chinese and remained speechless.The American official, the French and the Japanese who had spoken earlier all lowered their heads in shame, and did not dare to answer.

In fact, the true love is not built on friendship, loyalty or blood relationship.

Instead, it is based on no relationship.

66.Neither of the two mice ran away immediately because ______.

A.one was biting the other B.the mouth of the hole was too small C.they were not afraid of smoke D.one was trying to help the blind one

67.Why did they lower their heads in shame according to the passage?

A.They did not dare to answer.

B.They had mistaken the relationship of the mice.

C.They regretted driving a poor blind mouse away.

D.They did not express themselves much better.

68.It is clear that ______.

A.all the mice came out of the hole easily

B.each of the people understood the relationship differently

C.the people wanted to kill the mice with smoke

D.the people knew one of the mice was blind at first sight

69.“it made sense”probably means ______.

A.it was correct B.it was strange C.it was funny D.it was sweet

70.The best title for the passage is ______.

A.Two Lovely Mice B.Help Produce Love

C.Friends In Need D.Love Is All


72.Last summer I had an ______to volunteer at the local hospital.

73.Then put the burned area under cold______ water.

74.The photo _____be Liu’s.Those are his parents.

75.I______classical music to pop music,


have about 25 minutes for lunch and middle school and high school students about 30 minutes. That includes the time students need to go to the restroom, wash their hands, walk to the cafeteria 第一课件网 www.1kejian.com 免费教学资源下载基地

第一课件网 www.1kejian.com 免费教学资源下载基地

Many students feel lunchtime.Jamie Taylor.a 15-year-old student at an Oklahoma “苹果酱],and eating a salad takes longer than eating a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets”.Taylor said.”you always have to rush to the cafeteria and rush to eat every time.”

Besides,some kids eat their favorite foods first, and if they run out of time, those vegetables may get left behind..

“It has made it impossible to have the sitting down and enjoying a lunch,”says Helen Phillips,president of the Association.

Phillips thinks that,nowadays,the attiude is to make students sit down and eat and get it over with quickly.”I don’t know if there is a perfect way,but we will try to make it as perfect as we can.”Phillips said.


你的笔友Li Long 想了解(Chen Fang)是否喜欢音乐,喜欢哪种音乐,根据提示写一封80词左右的信,信的开头已经给出。

1. 我非常喜欢音乐,尤其喜欢轻音乐,我经常去听音乐会。

2. 我非常喜欢唱歌。而且唱得不错。

3. 当我赶到疲惫时,MP3成了我的朋友。

4. 我经常去Singing club,我希望某一天参加歌唱大赛。

Dear Li Long

You would to know if I love music.I love…

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第一课件网 www.1kejian.com 免费教学资源下载基地


1—5; CBAAC

6—10; ABACB


16—20; ACBAC

21—25; BABAC

26—30; CBCDB 31—35;BBBDB 36—40;BCABA

41—45:CBDAD 46—50; CABCD 51—55;BCAAD

56—60;BDDCC 61—65;CBADB 66—70;DABDC

71;afford 72;opportunity 73;running 74;must 75;prefer

76;across 77;healthier 78;shows 79;line 80;fact 81;least 82;rushed 83;more 84;chew 85;joy 作文(略)

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