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Unit 1

1. How do you study for a test? 你怎样为考试做准备?

2. I have learned a lot that way.


3. It’s too hard to understand the voice. 听懂那些声音太难了。

4. Memorizing the words of pop songs also helped a little.


5. Wei Ming feels differently. 卫明有不同的感受。

6. He finds watching movies frustrating.


7. She added that having conversations with friends was not helpful at all. 她又说和朋友对话根本没用。

8.I don’t have a partner to practice English with.


9. Later on, I realized that it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every word. 随后,我认识到听不懂每个词并没有关系。

10.It’s amazing how much this helped.


11.My teacher is very impressed. 给老师留下了深刻的印象。

12.She had trouble making complete sentences.


13.What do you think you are doing? 你在做什么?

14.Most people speak English as a second language.


15.How do we deal with our problem?


16.It is our duty to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teachers.

在老师的帮助下尽我们最大的努力来应对挑战是我们的责任。 Unit 2

1.I used to be afraid of the dark.

2.I go to sleep with my bedroom light on.

我以前害怕黑暗. 我开着卧室的灯睡觉.

3.I used to spend a lot of time playing games with my friends.


4.I hardly ever have time for concerts.


5.My life has changed a lot in the last few years.


6.It will make you stressed out.

7.It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot.

那会使你紧张的. 玉梅似乎变化很大.

Unit 3

1. I think students should be allowed to go out with their friends.


I agree. / I disagree.我同意。 / 我不同意。

2. Do you think sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to work at night? 你认为应该允许 16 岁的青年人在晚上工作吗?

Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

3. I don’t think teenagers should be allowed to drive.

我认为不应该允许 16 岁的青少年驾车。

4. I have to stay at home on school nights.


5. I’m allowed to go shopping with my friends.


6. We have a lot of rules at my house. So do we.


7. Do you ever get to class late? 你曾经上学迟到吗?

8. Peter should be allowed to take the test later.


9. My friends and I talked about the rules that we have in school.


10.What school rules do you think should be changed?


11.Sometimes these hobbies can get in the way of schoolwork.


12.I’m serious about running. 但我对跑步极感兴趣./ 热衷于跑


13.I know this might seem strict. 我知道这似乎太严格。

14.Teenagers often think they should be allowed to practice their hobbies as much as they want. 青少年通常认为应该允许他们对业余爱好想练多长时间就练多长时间。

Unit 4

1. What would you do if you had a million dollars?


2. I’m too tired to do well.我太累了不能做好。

3. If I were you, I’d talk to someone who looks friendly. 如果我是你,我将和看起来友好的人讲话。

4. I really want a dog, but my parents won’t let me have one. 我真的想要一只狗,但我的父母不允许我养。

5. You like talking to one or two people rather than to a group. 你喜欢和一个或两个人交谈,而不是一群人。

6. You must always hide medicine from children.


Unit 5

1、If you have any idea where might be please call me.


2、It’s crucial that I study for it because it counts 30%to the final exam. 关键是我必须学,因为它占期末考试的 30%。

3、What do you think “anxious” means?


4、He could be running for exercise.他可能是跑步锻炼身体。

5、He might be running to catch a bus.


6、Why do you think the man is running?


7、No more mystery in Bell Tower neighborhood.


8、One finger can’t left a small stone.独木难支。

9、When an ant says“ocean”,he is talking about a small pool. 井底之蛙。

10、It is less of a problem to be poor than to be dishonest.宁穷勿贱。

11、Be careful of the person who does not talk, and the dog that does not bark. 明抢易挡,暗箭难防。

12、You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. 真人不露相。

13、Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Let me try, and I’ll understand. 有亲身体验才能明白其中的道理。

14、Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.


15、He who would do great things should not attempt them all along. 一个好汉三个帮。

Unit 6

1.I love singers who write their own music.


2.We prefer music that has great lyrics.


3.What do you dislike about this CD.你不喜欢这张 CD 的什么?

4.What does it remind you of?它使你想起了什么?

5.The music reminds me of Brazilian dance music.


6.It does have a few good features, though.


7.She really has something for everyone.


8.Whatever you do, don’t miss this exhibition.


9.As the name suggests, the band has a lot of energy.

正如乐队名字所暗示的那样,这支乐队很 有活力。

10. Some people say they are boring, but others say they are great.

11.If I were you, I’d eat nuts instead.如果我是你,我会改吃坚果。 Unit7

1. where would you like to go on vacation? I’d like to trek through the jungle.

2. l like places where the weather is always warm.

3. I like to go somewhere relaxing 我喜欢去休闲的地方

4. For your next vacation, why not consider visiting Paris?


5. Traveling around Paris by taxi can cost a lot of money.


6. So unless you speak French yourself, it’s best to travel with someone who can translate things for you. 因此,除非你自己会讲法语,否则最好与一个能为你翻译的人一起去。

7. We’d like to be away for three weeks. 我们大约要去三个星期.

8. The person has a lot of money to spend on the vacation.


9.I hope you can provide me with some information about the kinds of vacations that your firm can offer


10.Could you please give me some suggestions for vacation spots?你能给我一些有关度假地的建议吗?

11.You need to pack some warm clothes if you go there.


12.I’d love to sail across the Pacific.我想横渡太平洋。

Unit 8

1.We can’t put off making a plan. Clean-up Day is only two weeks from now. 我们不能推迟制 订计划,清洁日离现在只有两周了。

2. She puts this love to good use by working in the after-school care centre at her local elementary school. 她在当地的一所小学的课后辅导中心工作,使这个爱好得到较好的利用

3.Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time doing what I love to do. 帮助别人不但自己感到快乐,而且我开始花时间做自己喜欢做的事了。

4.The three students plan to set up a student volunteer project at heir school. 这三个学生计划在 他们校开展一个学生志愿者项目。

5.He also put up some sign asking for old bikes.


6.The strategies that he came up with worked out fine.


7.He did a radio interview. 他接受了电台的采访。

8.We need to come up with a plan. 我们需要指定一个计划。

9.You could help clean up the city parks.


10.He now has sixteen bikes to fix up and give away to children who don’t have bikes. 他现在 有 16 辆要修理的自行车,并准备把这些修好的自行车赠送给那些没有自行车的孩子。

Unit 9

When was the car invented?小汽车是什么时候被发明的?

When were electric slippers invented?


Who were they invented by?他们是被谁发明的?

What are they used for?他们被用来做什么?

Unit 10

By the time she got up,her brother had already gone into the bathroom 在她起床之前,她的哥哥已经进入到浴室里去了。

By the time she went outside,the bus had already left


By the time she got to class,the teacher had already started teaching 在她到达班级之前,老师已经开始讲课了。

When she got to school,she realized she had left her backpack at home 在她到达学校之前,她已经意识到她的背包落在家里了。

Unit 11

Could you please tell me where the rest-rooms are?


Could you tell me how to get to the post office?


Could you please tell me where I can get a dictionary?


Can you tell me where center street is? 你能告诉我中央大街在哪吗? Do you know if there are any public restrooms around here?


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