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Unit 12 You’re supposed to shake hands.

2. ______________ dumplings at the Spring Festival is a traditional activity in China.

3. I was very embarrassed at the party because I ______________the wrong colthes.

4. He passed by without ______________ “hello” to me.

5. We usually make notes ______________ our friends.

6. More time______________, we should have done it much better.

3. We often walk together, ______________ about something we interested in.

4. He dances very well. He ______________ how to dance before.


The bus ______________ passengers outside the airport every day.

6. We ______________ by your house when we’re free.

7. Mr. Smith has been used to ______________up early since he was young.


1 to make 2 ate 3 talking 4 has learned 5 picks up

6 will drop 7 getting

综合填空B 选择适当的单词填空,每词仅限用一次, 其中有两项是多余的。

names? There can be many reasons. Hanna changed her name to Anne because she thought it would be 2 _______for people to remember. On the other hand, Joseph is thinking about changing his name 3 _______an unusual name because he wants to be different.

People have a lot of reasons for changing their names. Film stars, singers, sportsmen and some other famous people often change their names because they want names that are not 4 _______, or that have special sound. They chose the “new name” for themselves instead of the name their parents gave them when they were 5 _______.

Some people have 6 _______reason for changing their names. They have moved to a new country and want to use a name that is usual there. For example, Li Kaiming changed his name to Ken Lee when he moved to the United States. He uses the name Ken at his job and at school. But with his family and Chinese friends, he uses Li Kaiming. For some people, using different names makes life easier in their new country .

In many countries, a woman changes her family name to her husband’s after she gets married. But today, many women are 7_______their own family name and not using their husband’s. Sometimes , women use their own name in some situations (情况)and their husband’s in other situations . And some use 8_______their own name and their husband’s.


1 change 2 easier 3 to 4 ordinary 5 born 6 another 7 keeping 8 both

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