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3.hot _____________



1. Jane is ________ than Betty.

A. less taller B. less tallest C. less tall D. not as tall

2. China is ________ country in the world.

A. the third largest B. the largest third

C. the third large D. a third largest

3、Which is ____ season in Beijing? --I think it's autumn.

A.good B.better C.best D.the best

4、Which is__________ , the sun, the moon or the earth?-- Of course, the moon is.

A.small B.smaller C.smallest D.the smallest

5.The air in Beijing is getting much _____ now than a few years ago.

A. clean B. cleaner C. cleanest D. the cleanest

6. Mobile phones(手机) are very popular(流行) now and they are _____ than before.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest

7.I study English as_______as my brother.

A.hard B. harder C. hardest

8. The Yellow River is one of ______rivers in China.

A long B longer C the longest

三. 选择填空。

1.Birds can fly _____________, eagles can fly_______________than birds. They fly _____________ in the world. ( high, higher, highest )

2. I am _____________ than my brother, but my little sister is the ______________ of us. (fat, fatter, fattest )

3. Which can swim ______________, fish or sharks? ( well,better, best )

4. The green book is a _______________ book, but the red one is much _____________ than the green one. It’s the______________ book in the bookshop. (nice, nicer, nicest )

5. Look at that boy, he is running ______________ (fast, faster).

6. I think that book is ______________ (good, better) for you.

7. The new library has ______________ (many, more) books than the old one.

8. Sally is ______________ (tall, taller) than her cousin.

9. Our school is much ______________ (large, larger) than yours.

10. Look, Janet is jumping ______________ (high, higher) than Mike.

11.Mr Hare runs much ______________ (fast, faster) than

Mr Turtle. Mr Hare needn’t run______________ (fast, faster) now.

12. In the gym, Tommy is playing table tennis ______________

(well, better) than Jimmy.

13. It’s summer now. The weather is getting _______________.

(hot and hot, hotter and hotter, hottest and hottest)

14. The U.S.A. is one of _________________ (richer, most rich,

the richest) countries in the world.

四. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. My school is ______________, but Tom’s school is______________ than mine. (small)

2. Rabbits can run ______________, but tigers can run______________ than rabbits, and cheetahs can run______________ of the three. (fast)

五. 汉译英。




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