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Unit 10 If you go to the party , you’ll have a great time.导学案

一、教学目标: 1.熟练运用“be going to”和“will”表达将来的用法 2掌握含“ If ” 引导的条件状语从句的基本结构 二、重难点:if 引导的条件状语从句的使用。 三、学法指导:以学生自学为主,教师点拨,习题巩固。 课前准备 假设你的好友本周六晚上要举行生日聚会,你打算去参加。请试着回答下列问题:How are you going there? ________________________________________________ Whom are you going with? ________________________________________________ What time are you going? ________________________________________________ What clothes will you wear________________________________________________ What will you bring? ________________________________________________ What will you do there? _________________________________________________ 教学过程: Step1

1.Warm-up 2.导入 Step2

1.学习if 引到的条件状语从句 2.句子接龙 3.对话练习 Eg:—What will you wear if you go to the party? —If I go to the party, I will wear? —How will you go there if you go to the party? —If I go to the party, I will go there ... ... ... ... Step3 听力训练 I think I’ll wear jeans to the party. If you do, the teachers won’t ________ . I think I’ll stay at home. If you do, you’ll_________. I think I’ll take the bus to the party. If you do, you’ll________. I think I’ll go to the party with Karen and Anna. If you do, you’ll_________________. Step4 达标测评 1连词成句(需要变化的啊!) 1)she, call me, I, tell her about it

2)he, come, next weekend, I, tell you

3)it,not rain, I,go hiking, this afternoon 4)is,no war,there, the world, more beautiful 5)he, have free time, go to Shanghai 2.单项选择 1)If Tom______the game,we will give him a surprise. A.win B.wins C.won D.winning 2)Mary spend a lot of money on clothes________her family is not rich. A.because B.though C.if D. so 3)Will you go to the park if it ____ fine?

A. will be B. was C. is D / 4)If you __to school late, your teacher _____ angry with you. A. come; are B. come, will be

C. will come; are D. will come; will be 5)If you _____ hard, you will ___ successful. A. work, are B. works, is C. to work, be D. work, be Step5课堂反思(总结)

1.本单元我们学习了用__________________来谈论因果关系。我们应注意以下几点: 2.if引导的条件状语从句位置灵活,可直接放在主句后面。若if引导的从句在前时,应在句中加__________。 .3.在以 if 引导的条件状语从句,如果主句是______________,那么if 引导的从句用_______________来表示将来可能发生的动作或存在的状态,也就是所谓的___________。 Step6 作业 1.用if引导的条件状语从句编对话。 2.练习册SectionA1a—2b 3.预习SectionA


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