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Unit 3 必背词组

1,bad / badly/ill – worse 2,many / much – more 3,good / well – better

4.old—older/elder 5.far – farther / further 6.little – less

1. play better than somebody 比某人打得更好

2. sing more loudly\ clearly than somebody 唱得比某人更大声\清楚

3. run faster than somebody 跑得比某人更快

4. jump much\ a little higher than somebody跳得比某人高得多\ 高一点儿

5. work much\ a little harder than somebody工作比某人努力得多\努力一点儿

6. be much less hard-working 更不努力得多

7. be much more hard-working努力得多

8. get up earlier than somebody比某人起得更早

9. work as hard as somebody和某人一样工作努力

10. be as friendly as somebody和某人一样友好

11. the singing competition yesterday昨天的唱歌比赛

12. sing so well唱得如此好

13. Which one…?哪一个?

14. the one with shorter hair留着更短的头发的那一个

15. want to win想赢

16. the most important thing最重要的事情

17. learn something new学新东西

18. have cool clothes穿漂亮衣服

19. be talented in (doing)something在某方面有天赋

20. do the same things as somebody (do) 和某人做一样的事情

21. be the same as somebody和某人一样

22. truly care about somebody真正地关心某人

23. make somebody laugh让某人大笑

24. a good listener一个好的倾听者

25. enjoy studying together喜欢一起学习

26. be different from…与……不同

27. help to bring out the best \ worst in somebody帮助激发出某人身上最好的\最坏的品质

28. get better at something\ doing something变得擅长于做……

29. be better at something \ doing something than somebody比某人更擅长于……

30. broke my arm把我的手臂弄折了

31. feel better感到更好了

32. talk about and share everything谈论和分享一切

33. be similar to…与……相似

34. a friend who is similar to me与我相似的一个朋友

35. a friend who is different from me与我不同的一个朋友

36. weekend student helper周末学生助手

37. primary school小学

38. have a good grade in English有很高的英语等级

39. get more information获得更多信息


1. Sam has longer hair than Tom. = Sam’s hair is longer than Tom’s. Sam 的头发比Tom的长

2. I’m taller now than I was 2 years ago = I was shorter 2 years ago than I am now.现在的我比两年前更高了。

3. I study harder now than I did 2 years ago. 现在的我比两年前学习更努力了。

4. I studied harder 2 years ago than I do now.两年前的我比现在学习更努力。

5. Who is smarter, your mother or your father?谁更聪明,你的老爸还是老妈?

6. My mother told me a good friend is like a mirror.妈妈告诉我好朋友像一面镜子。

7. That’s why I like reading books.那就是我为什么喜欢读书。

8. I think friends are like books —— you don’t need a lot of them as long as they’re good.我认为朋友像书,只要是好的就不必需要太多。

9. I’m shy so it’s not easy for me to make friends.我很害羞,所以交朋友对于我来说不容易。

10. It’s not necessary to be the same.没有必要一样。

11. I don’t really care if my friends are the same as me or different.我不太关心朋友是否与我一样。

12. A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.真朋友在你需要是帮助你,打动你。

13. In fact, she’s funnier than anyone.事实上,她比任何人都更幽默。

14. In what ways are you different? 你们在哪些方面不同?

15. Is he different from you in any way? 在某方面他与你不同吗?

16. She’s always there to listen. 她总是准备着倾听。

17. Huang Lei isn’t as good at tennis as Larry. Huang Lei打网球不如Larry。

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