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1 - Thank you ___ the beautiful flowers!

- Not at all.

A in B on C at D for 

2 Can you answer this question ___ English?

A by B in C with D from

3 Look ___ the map ___ China ___ the wall, please.

A after, of, in B at, of, in

C after, in, on D at, of, on 

4 - When did Mr Green arrive in London?

- He arrived there ___ the evening of December 6th.

A at B in C on D to

5 We won the relay race. And there was a big smile ___ our teacher's face.

A off B near C on D between

6 The twins got on well ___ their classmates.

A to B in C with D about

7 - Please remember to come to my birthday party.

- I see. I'll come ___ Saturday evening.

A in B at C on D for

8.Let's hurry, or we'll be late ___ school

A to B at C with D for

[答案] D.

[析] be late for, 而 come late to, 如: Don't come late to school

9 They will have a maths test ___ two days

A for B at C in D after

[答案] C.

[析] 三天之内应用in,而不要受中文影响用after, after three days 是个不定的时间范围,即没有一个准确的时间。5天、6天、10天全是after three days。

10 My brother joined the army ___

A 1989, March B in March, 1989

C March, 1989 D 1989, in March 

[答案] B.

[析] 在月份、年、前用介词in,而日子前用on。

11 He couldn't work out the maths problem ___ your help

A without B under C for D with

[答案] A.

[析] 在某人帮助下应用with, 如:With the help of the teacher I passed the exam easily 而要是没有你的帮助则用 without your help

12 Granny took one look at us ___ her glasses

A by B through C on D in

[答案] B.

[析] through 为穿过……。

13 We had our breakfast ___ a quarter ___ seven

A /, to B in, to C at, to D on, to

[答案] C.

[析] 具体时间点前用at,而差几分几点用to,这里应译为:我在差一刻七点吃的早饭。 14 I learn French ___ the radio every day

A on B in C from D at

[答案] A.

[析] 从收音机中听到某事应用词组 on the radio。

15 It's good manners to wait ___ line

A in B on C at D with

[答案] A.

[析] in line 为排队。

16 How many English words had you learnt ___ last term?

A by the end of B at the end of

C to the end of D till the end of 

[答案] A.

[析] by the end of 为动作的截止时间,与完成时态相配合

17 The manager was very satisfied ___ his work

A in B on C about D with

[答案] D.

[析] be satisfied with 为固定搭配。

18 John hit Jack ___ face

A on the B in the C on his D in his

[答案] B.

[析] 英文中的某些动词其后要接人,然后加介词+the+身体部位,如:He caught the boy by the arm。

19 I was born ___ the night ___ September 15, 1978

A in, on B at, on C at, in D on, of 

[答案] D.

[析] 在时间前加介词时应以最小的时间单位为准。

20 It's a bad manner to laugh ___ people when they are ___ trouble A over, in B at, in C in, at D at, for

[答案] B.

[析] laugh at 嘲笑某人, laugh over 笑着谈论某人或某事, in trouble 陷入困境。 21 I can't do this work well ___ Tom's help

A under B for C without D from

[答案] C.

22 Don't shout ___ the old woman。 You should be more polite ___ her A to, at B at, to C in, for D from, for

[答案] B.

[析] shout at 为"冲某人喊叫",而 be polite to somebody 为"对某人和气。" 23 We must be strict ___ our selves ___ everything

A with, in B in, with C with, to D to, of

[答案] A.

[析] be strict with 对某人严格要求。

24 He went to the football match ___ lunch last Sunday

A to B without C behind D between

[答案] B.

[析] without lunch 未吃午饭。

25 The people's Republic of China was founded ___ 1949

A with B on C since D in

[答案] D.

[析] 在年代前用in。因句子是过去时而不是完成时,所以不能用since。

26 Mr Black got to Hangzhou ___ a few days

A in B after C on D at

[答案] B.

[析] 这句话应译为:几天之后 Mr Black 到达了杭州。而不是在几天之内一定要做完某事,所以选B。

27 - Has the teacher given you any advice ___ your English study?

- Yes, he has

A from B with C on D in

[答案] C.

[析] 给予某一方面问题的忠告其介词用on。

28 You may depend ___ him He is ___ honest man

A on, a B in, an C on, an D at, the

[答案] C.

[析] depend on 为"依靠某人或某事",而 honest 的首字母 h 不发音。

29 ___ my joy, I can answer this question

A With B To C By D For

[答案] B.

[析] To one's joy 意为"使我高兴的是。"

30 The teacher asked the students to look ___ the word in the dictionary A for B at C up D after

[答案] C.

[析] look for 寻找, look at 看, look after 照顾, look up 查字典。

31 A little monkey is playing ___ a tree and there are a lot of bananas ___ it A on, on B in, on C on, in D in, in

[答案] B.

[析] 树上长出的果实为 on the tree 而其他外来之物要用 in the tree, 表达在树上。

32 I go to school ___ bus every morning.

A. in B. by C. on D. at

 [答案] B.

 [析] by后直接加交通工具,表示乘某种交通工具去某地。

33 No one likes a person ___ bad manners.

A. without B. on C. out of D. with

 [答案] D.

 [析] with bad manners 有不良习惯的人。

34 The policeman was surprised ___ the news.

A. into B. for C. at D. out of

 [答案] C.

 [析] be surprised at 对某事吃惊。

35 He had to sell newspapers ___ seven.

A. at an age of B. at the ages of C. at the age of D. at age of

 [答案] C.

 [析] at the age of 在几岁时。

36 The little girl couldn't help ___ when she saw a large dog.

A. cried B. to cry C. crying D. cries

 [答案] C.

 [析] couldn't help+动名词表示情不自禁地去做某事,或禁不住做某事。

37 Jack was born ___ March 1st, 1978.

A. on B. in C. at D. of

 [答案] A.

 [析] 日期,时间前的介词按其表达语中的最小单位计算。

38 Edison was very interested ___ science when he was a boy.

A. to B. on C. in D. about

 [答案] C.

 [析] be interested in something 对某事感兴趣。

39 The teacher was very satisfied ___ her answer.

A. in B. on C. for D. with

 [答案] D.

40 The story happened ___ Beijing. A. in B. with C. for D. on

 [答案] A.

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