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Unit4 Our World

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Unit4 Our World Date:12/20/2013 Topic 1 Which do you like better, plants or animals? Designer: Mr. Lee 一:自主学习目标: Section A

1.词汇:sky, river, clear, beauty, nature, horse, sheep, hen, cow, laugh, cheap, language, information,

headmaster,website, online, good-better-best,bad-worse-worst,thin-thinner-thinnest,make a face,

2.句子:①-Which do you like better, plants or animals? –I like plants better. (比较级的构成)


1. 学习下列单词并且拼读(Ten minutes)21

爱好背诵_______ 诗人_______ 马_______ 可能(副)_______ 天空_______ 喜爱_______ 植物_______ 美丽_______ 小河_______ 自然________ 收集(n.)________语言_________ 信息_________ 在线_______校长 good-_______-_______ bad-_______-_______thin-_______-_______clever-_______-_______many-____

2.学习下列短语并且拼读 9

喜爱____ _____ of 对...感兴趣be ______ ____ 在农场_______ the______ 越来越壮_________ and_________ 学习下列句子:(5 minutes)

①. –我非常喜欢农村是因为那里空气更清新,天空更蓝并且河流更清澈。

②. 我认为农村比城市安静的多。

③. 我认为狮子是所有动物中最好看的。 面对面_______ ____ _____ 做鬼脸_____ a ______ 旅行_____ ______ 自然之美 _______ ___ _______爬山

④. 多么清澈的河水啊! _________ _________ the water of the river it is

⑤. 这头猪越来越懒了。

⑥.-你对什么感兴趣? -我对养动物感兴趣。

4. Turn to your page 81 to read 1a and finish 1b and 1c in your group. (5 minutes)

5. Turn to your page 81 to finish 2a according to the listening materials. (5 minutes)

6. Turn to your page 82 to finish 2b in your group according to the page of testbook’s 124(形容词的比较级). 课后作业:


1. My house is the ________(big) of the houses.

2. –The Yangtze River is the _________(long) river in China.

3. There are _________(few) books in our library than those in your library.

4. Winter is the ________(cold) of the four seasons.

5. Is the box ________(heavy) than that one?

6. Tom has the _________(many) story books of all.

7. This skirt is _________(nice) than that one.

8. He is the _________(good) student in our school.


1. Look at the blue _________(天空). What a fine day!

2. The water of the lake is _________(清澈的). We can see fishes swimming in it.

3. Xu Beihong is good at drawing _________(马).

4. In Jiu Zhaigou, people can enjoy the beauties of _________(自然) there..

5. –What does your brother look like? –He is tall and _________(瘦).

Ⅲ. 单项选择:

1. –Who is ____student in our class? –Zhang Lei is.

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

2. –Do you know these animals in the picture? –Yes, they are ____ .

A. pig B. goose C. sheep D. cow

3. –Where did you go ____ your last summer holiday? -____ a farm.

A. for; On B. for; In C. with; On D. with; In

4. –This room is ____bigger than that one. –You are right.

A. very B. quite C. much D. more

5. –What were you doing when I called you yesterday morning? –I ____ the flowers in the garden.

A. water B. watered C. am watering D. was watering

IV. 从方框中选词并用其适当形式填空:

sing, fresh, quiet, life, clear

A: Where were you born?

B: I was born in a village not far from here.

A: How do you like the __1__ ion your hometown?

B: Oh, I like it very much. The air there is __2__, the sky is bluer and there are also greener trees and __3__ rivers. And I can hear birds __4__ in the trees.

B: Yes, it’s much __5__ in the countryside than in the cities.


能力拓展提升: Ⅰ.综合填空:

Bruce lives o__1__ a farm. He grows rice and wheat w__2__ a tractor(拖拉机). It works f__3__ and better. The air in the countryside is cleaner than t__4__ in the city. The sky is b__5__, and the trees are greener. He likes the country b__6__ than the city. His friend John lives in the city. His friend John a __7__ with him. John lives in the city. Every year he goes to Bruce’s farm. He likes working, playing, eating and staying in the open a__8__. He thinks the vegetables there are the m__9__ delicious of all. So he says living in the country is more interesting than l__10__ in the city.




There are thousands of animals in the world. __1__ of them become our friends; some even become our family __2__. Cats and dogs, for example, eating and sleeping in our houses. Dogs __3__ take care of the house when we are __4__. Other animals such as cows and horses work with __5__ in the fields. __6__ they are strong, they often __7__ heavy things for their master(主人). However, __8__ still some animals that are not friendly to us. They are so afraid of us when they see us, they __9__ run away or attack (进攻) us. __10__ fact, if we can find a way to make them understand us, they will also become our friends.

( ) 1. A. Most B. Much C. More D. All

( ) 2. A. children B. brother C. sisters D. members

( ) 3. A. too B. also C. either D. never

( ) 4. A. home B. in C. out D. over

( ) 5. A. parents B. friends C. farmers D. workers

( ) 6. A. Though B. Because C. If D. When

( ) 7. A. carry B. take C. get D. give

( ) 8. A. they be B. they have C. there is D. there are

( ) 9. A. either B. both C. all D. or

( ) 10. A. On B. In C. At D. above

Unit4 Our World Date:12/24/2013 Topic 1 Which do you like better, plants or animals? Designer: Mr. Lee 一:自主学习目标: Section B

1.词汇:sky, river, clear, beauty, nature, horse, sheep, hen, cow, laugh, cheap, language, information,

headmaster,website, online, good-better-best,bad-worse-worst,thin-thinner-thinnest,make a face,

2.句子:①-Which do you like better, plants or animals? –I like plants better. (比较级的构成)


2. 学习下列单词并且拼读(Ten minutes)22

爱好背诵_______ 记者_______ 火星______ 比萨饼_______ 雨林_______ 网址_______ 植物_______ 美丽______ 玫瑰______ 自然_______ 昆虫_______语言________ 信息________ 在线______狐狸 校长 much-_______-_______little-_______-_______far-_______-_______clever-_______-_______well-____

3.学习下列短语并且拼读 7 -_______-_______ (表示程度)

面对面_______ ____ _____ 做鬼脸_____ a ______ 越来越美丽______ and ______ ______ 越来越高 越快越好the _____, the _____ 比较级句型: 最高级句型:

学习下列句子:(5 minutes)

①. 植物和动物,你比较喜欢哪个?

②. 你的母亲是教师,医生还是经理?

③. 众所周知, 动植物对我们都很重要。

④. 我们与它们共享一个世界。

⑤. 我喜欢猫,因为他们比其他动物都可爱。


4. Turn to your page 83 to read 1a and finish 1b and 1c in your group. (5 minutes)


Ⅰ.选词填空: rose, make, well, cute, both

1. Mr. Li made faces to ________ the baby laugh.

2. Peter and Ann can ________ sing English songs.

3. Wu Peng does ________ in English than me.

4. There are some ________ in my garden. They are beautiful.

5. Little Tong is very ________. We all like him.


1. 英语和数学你较喜欢哪个? ________ do you like _______, English _____ ?

2. 我认为在所有的动物中老虎最壮。I think tigers are ______ _______ _______ _____ ______ the animals.

3. 众所周知,动物是我们的好朋友。______ ________ ________ ______ animals are our good friends.

4. 你愿意与我们一起分享快乐吗? Would you like to ________ happiness ________ us?

5. 他经常和他的宠物狗在一起玩。 He often ________ ________ his pet dog.

6. 信心对我们大家都很重要。Confidence ________ ________ ________ all of us.

7. 康康认为动物比植物友好得多。Kangkang thinks that animals are _______ _______ _______ plants. Ⅲ. 单项选择:

1. -What do you do ____, sing ____ dance? -Both, I think.

A. better; and B. better; or C. well; or D. best; and

2. -Is this story ____ of all? -I’m not sure.

A. the most interesting B. more interesting C. interestinger D. the interestingest

3. -I’ll ____ the cost ____ you. -Thank you.

A. share ; for B. give ; for C. share ; with D. play ; with

4. -Do you think Shanghai is larger than ____ in China? -Certainly.

A. any cities B. any other cities C. other cities D. other city

5. -____ animals ____ plants can’t live without water. -Quite right!

A. Between; and B. Both; or C. Either; or D. Both; and

IV. 将下列句子按顺序排列,组成一段完整的对话:

A: Would you like to watch them in the zoo? B: OK, let’s go.

C: Which animal do you like best?

D: Because they are the most lovely of all the animals.

E: Yes, I do. They usually eat bamboo.

F: I like pandas best.

G: What do they eat? Do you know?

H: Why do you like them best? _____________________________________ 能力拓展提升:( A )

Let’s meet our friends Toto. She is a __1__ elephant. Her trunk(象鼻) is only one meter long. She saw her mother eating leaves __2__ the top of the trees. She tried to reach them but she __3__. So her father __4__ help her. Toto was __5__ that she could eat the leaves. It was a __6__ day, and some insects(昆虫) sat around Toto’s eyes. She shook (摇动) her head, __7__ the flies(苍蝇) still stayed there. Her mother came to __8__ her. Then the elephants walked to a river. Toto’s father helped her have a __9__ . He put the water in his trunk and poured(注入) it onto Toto’s __10__. She felt cool. And the flies flew away at last.

( ) 1. A. big B. good C. baby D. old

( ) 2. A. from B. with C. in D. for

( ) 3. A. can B. can’t C. couldn’t D. could

( ) 4. A. had to B. have to C. must D. should

( ) 5. A. unhappy B. happy C. angry D. interesting

( ) 6. A. cold B. good C. hot D. new

( ) 7. A. and B. but C. or D. so

( ) 8. A. help B. look C. watch D. see

( ) 9. A. bath B. swim C. rest D. meal

( ) 10. A. mouth B. nose C. hand D. back

( B )

so people can live there and grow food. They are learning a lot about the deserts. But __3__ land is becoming desert all the time. Scientists may not be able __4__ the deserts. They think that people __5__ deserts. People are doing bad things to the earth.

Some places on the earth don’t get __6__ rain. But they still don’t become deserts. This is because some green plants __7__ there. Small green p;ants and grass __8__ very important to dry p;aces. Plants don’t let the hot sun make the earth drier. Plants don’t let the wind __9__ the sand away. If a little rain falls, the plants hold the water. __10__ plants, the land will become a desert much more easily.



Unit4 Our World Date:12/25/2013 Topic 1 Which do you like better, plants or animals? Designer: Mr. Lee 一:自主学习目标: Section C

1.词汇: thin, thick, forest, ground, wet, dry, cover, earth, surface, nowhere, control, climate, die, wood,

protect, perfect, safely, true, cheat, correct, knowledge, die out, thousands of,

2.句子:① They are cuter than other animals. (比较级和最高级的构成)


3. 学习下列单词并且拼读(Ten minutes)26

薄的理由r_______ 记者_______ 厚的______ 森林_______ 雨林_______ 覆盖_______ 发现_______ 表面______ 地球______ 自然_______ 控制_______语言________ 信息________ 气候______木材 搜寻 保护______ 完美的_______ 安全地______真的______欺骗______纠正______知识________湿的______干的___

4.学习下列短语并且拼读 7

面对面_______ ____ _____ 做鬼脸_____ a ______ 越来越小_________ and _________ 为…提供…

越快越好the _____, the ____ 数以千计的________ of 在…中起重要作用______ ____ important _____ in 学习下列句子:(5 minutes)

①. 热带雨林覆盖地球表面的百分之六。

②. 成千上万的动物生活在热带雨林。

③. 它们在控制气候方面发挥了重要作用。

④. 如果没有热带雨林,很多漂亮的动物和植物就会灭绝。

⑤. 但是现在雨林变得越来越小。因此,我们应该保护它们。


4. Turn to your page 85 to read 1a and finish 1b and 1c in your group. (5 minutes)



1. -Be careful not to fall down. The floor is w_________. -Thank you.

2. One tree can’t make a f_________. So we must plant more trees.

3. Tom looked around and found a wallet lying on the g_________.

4. We should p_________ the earth and make it more beautiful.

5. Be cool! You should try to c_________ yourself.


1. 水对于所有的生物都很重要。 Water is _______ to all _______ things.

2. 快要下雨了,数以千计的蚂蚁正在搬家。

It’s raining soon. Look! ________ ________ ________ ________ ants are moving their home.

3. 没有森林,许多种动物都会消失。Many kinds of animals will ________ ________ without forests.

4. 陆老师在解决这道难题中起了重要作用。

My. Lu ______ ______ ______ ______ in solving the difficult problems.

5. 有些动物栖息在离地面20多米高的树上。

Some animals live in the trees _______ 20 meters _______ the ground.

Ⅲ. 单项选择:

1. Five ____ people are waiting for the train. They all look worried.

A. hundred of B. hundreds C. hundred D. hundreds of

2. As summer is coming, the day is coming ____.

A. long and long B. longer and longer C. cold and cold D. colder and colder

3. We should protect this kind of animals at once, or they will ____ in a few years.

A. go out B. take out C. come out D. die out

4. We should plant more trees because they play an important ____ in protecting the environment.

A. part B. game C. role D. tape

5. I look for my watch here and there. ____, I found it under my bed.

A. At once B. At times C. At last D. At first


1. Pudong International Airport is one of ____ airports in the world. (2012.上海)

A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. the biggest

2. This T-shirt is not large enough. Please show me a ____ one. (2012.成都)

A. large B. larger C. largest D. the largest

3. You should practice more to improve your English, then you’ll be ____at it. (2012.南昌)

A. good B. better C. best D. the best

4. You are doing great! I’e never had ____ answer before. (2012.河北)

A. better B. best C. a better D. the best

5. Giraffe is ____ than any other ____ in the world. (2012.内蒙集宁)

A. tall; animals B. taller; animals C. taller; animal D. the tallest; animal

能力拓展提升:( A )

Plants are very important. This is because plants can make food from air, water and sunlight. Animals and man can’t make food from air, water and sunlight. Animals can get their food by eating plants and other animals. Man gets his food by eating plants and animals, too, so animals and man need plants in order to live. This is why there are so many plants around us.

There are two kinds of plants-flowering plants and non-flowering plants. Almost all the trees around us are flowering plants. You can know some trees from their flowers and fruits. Non-flowering plants don’t grow flowers. You can’t see many non-flowering plants around us.

If you look at the plants around you carefully, you’ll find that there are many kinds of plants. Some plants are large and some are small. Most of them are green. Without the plants around us, we can’t live on the earth.

( ) 1. Which of the flowering is the most important to man? A. Fruits B. Plants C. Animals D. Flowers

( ) 2. We need many plants around us because

A. Plants can grow easily B. Plants are green C. We can get what we need from plants

( ) 3. There are much ____ non-flowering plants than flowering plants around us. A. fewer B. more C.larger

( ) 4. The best title of the passage is ____.

A. Food and Plants B. Plants and Man C. Plants around Us D. Man and Animals

5. Plants can’t make food without ________, ________ and ________.

( B ) 综合填空:

The mobile phone is a useful thing, but maybe I don’t know h__1__ to use it. Sometimes it makes things difficult for me.

One day I want to see my friend nearby. I could a__2__ at his house, but I looked at my mobile phone and thought i__3__ would be better to ring him up. I r__4__ him for the first time, but the was busy. Five minutes later, there was an answer, but it was a wrong number. Then I tried a__5__ and this time I got an answer from him.

I asked him if he was at home in the afternoon. And he said-at least I thought he said-he would be at home a__6__ afternoon. So I went to his house, but I found n__7__ in. I called him for the fourth time. This time I got so angry that I s__8__,”You are not at home? But you just told me over the phone that you would be at home all afternoon!”

I went back to my home, sat down in front of the mobile phone and looked it. What e__10__ could I do? Nothing!



Unit4 Our World Date:12/28/2013 Topic 1 Which do you like better, plants or animals? Designer: Mr. Lee 一:自主学习目标: Section D

1.词汇: southwest, feed, bamboo, less, land, whale, sea, ocean, fur, bone, feature, grammar, improve,

redwood, lake, drop, pleasure, tear, lose oneself in, look up, in danger, feed on, less and less

2.句子:① They are cuter than other animals. (形容词和副词的比较级和最高级的构成)


4. 学习下列单词并且拼读(Ten minutes)26

东北理由r_______ 记者r______ 提高______ 竹子_______ 雨林_______ 覆盖_______ 发现_______ 表面______ 海洋______ 骨头_______ 控制_______语言________ 特征________ 气候______红木 搜寻 保护______ 完美的_______ 安全地______水滴______眼泪______纠正______知识________湿的______干的___

5.学习下列短语并且拼读 7

以...为食_______ ____ 沉迷于_____ oneself ____ 越来越少_________ and _________ 为…提供…

一些是...另一些是... _____...____... 数以百万计的________ of 扮演...的角色______ a _____ in 濒临灭绝 学习下列句子:(5 minutes)

①. 他们以竹子为食。

②. 现在他们可以居住的地方越来越少。

③. 它们在控制气候方面发挥了重要作用。

④. 他们现在也正处于危险之中。

⑤. 医生说他脱离了生命危险。


4. Turn to your page 87 to read 1a and finish Grammar and functions in your group. (5 minutes)

5. Turn to your page 88 to read 1 and finish the questions below in your group. (5 minutes)



feed, bamboo, little, sea, south

1. As we know, pandas love eating_________.

2. Can you see many ships in the _________?

3. Hainan is in the ________ of China.

4. My uncle is _________ his pigs on the farm now.

5. There is _________ water in this bottle than in that one.


1. This shool looks beautiful. That school looks very beautiful. (用比较级连成一句话)

That school looks _______ _______ _______ this one. 对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ ________ animal do you think is the most dangerous?

3. The Changjiang River is the longest river in China. (同义句)

The Changjiang River is _______ _______ ________ _______ river in China.

4. Jim is the tallest boy in his class. (同义句)

Jim is the tallest ________ of all the boys.

5. Many birds live in the trees over 50 meters from the ground.

Many birds live in the trees ________ _______ 50 meters from the ground.

Ⅲ. 单项选择:

1. -Which do you like ____, pandas____ tigers? -Pandas.

A. better; and B. better; or C. best; or D. best; and

2. Tigers don’t eat plants. They ____ the small animals, such as rabbits and monkeys.

A. feed on B. go on C. hold on D. put on

3. -Why are whales ____ now? -Because some people kill them for their meat.

A. in time B. in danger C. in public D. in fact

4. Lions have ____ land to live on than before. So they are becoming ____ in number.

A. less; less B. fewer; fewer C. less; fewer D. fewer; less

5. -Are elephants ____ animals in the world? -No, the blue whales are.

A. heavy B. heavier C. heaviest D. the heaviest

能力拓展提升:( A )

The polar bear(北极熊) is a kind of a big white bear. It get its __1__ because it lives near the North Pole(北极) of the earth. There are __2__ polar bears at the South Pole. At the North Pole , snow, ice and water__3__ all the surface of the ground. There isn’t __4__. The weather there is much __5__ than that in any other place.

A polar bear is about three meters __6__ and it weights 700-1000 kilos. The polar bears can __7__ very fast in the ocean. It catches fish and sea animals __8__ their food.

People kill polar bears for __9__ beautiful white fur and bones. So polar bears are __10__ now. The government of Canada, the USA and Russia stop people killing them now.

( ) 1. A. color B. name C. hobby D. life

( ) 2. A. no B. not C. a lot D. a little

( ) 3. A. take B. bring C. put D. cover

( ) 4. A. many B. some C. any D. a

( ) 5. A. cold B. colder C. warm D. warmer

( ) 6. A. long B. tall C. short D. wide

( ) 7. A. run B. walk C. fly D. swim

( ) 8. A. to B. at C. for D. with

( ) 9. A. our B. their C. your D. theirs

( ) 10. A. safe B. dead C. happy D. in danger ( B ) 阅读理解:

Panda is one of the rarest(珍贵的)animals in the world. It’s only found in China.It is one of the national treasures(国宝). Many people in the world like it very much. It’s one of the most popular animals all over the world. There used to be many pandas in China, They feed on bamboo. They usually live in the mountains. Because people destroyed(破坏) the balance of nature and the weather was getting warmer and warmer. The number of the pandas became less.

In these days, the biggest natural parks for pandas in China is in Sichuan. There is also a research center for nature and wildlife (自然野生动物研究中心)。Scientists hope that one day they will have enough pandas and let them live in the wild again. I think it will come true soon.

1. Which animals only live in China?

2. Where do pandas live now?

3. Why did the number of pandas become lass?

4. Where is the biggest natural park for pandas?

5. What do the scientists hope to do in the future?

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