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? 什么是定语从句 ? 掌握who whom whose that which 引导的 定语从句 ? 掌握用that 不用which 的情况 ? 突破 of which /whom+ the+名词 替换 whose 的情况

Getting to know the attributive clause (定语从句)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. I saw a film yesterday 2. The film is interesting. 3.The cell phone is broken again. 4. I had it repaired yesterday.
5.The film that I saw yesterday is interesting 6.The cell phone that I had repaired yesterday. is broken again.

1. 定义:在复句中修饰某一名词或代词的从句叫做定语从句。 2. 先行词:被定语从句所修饰的词 (名词或代词) 叫先行词。 定语从句放在先行词的后边。

3. 定语从句由于关系代词和关系副词引导,关系代词或关系副词放在先行词和定语 从句之间,有三个作用 (1)连接主从句 (2)作从句中的一个成分, (3) 意义是先行词的词义。 先行词(名词或代词) 关系代词 关系副词 从句其他成分

分析 The film that I saw yesterday is interesting. 其中:the film是先行词;that是关联词; that在从句做宾语。
The cell phone that I had repaired yesterday. is broken again. 其中: The cell phone是先行词;that是 关联词;that在从句做宾语。

关系代词 that


指代作用 指人或指物
指人(可与 that 互换) 指人 指人或指物

主语、宾语(口语或 非正式文体)或表语 宾语(动宾或介宾) 定语

whom whose


主语或宾 语

指物(有时可 与that 互换)

1. who指人, 作主语、宾语 和表语 (作宾语可省略) I like musicians who play different kinds of music. (主语) The man who you met just now is my uncle. (宾语) 2. whom指人,作宾语 (作宾语可省略,如介词提前 则不能省) The man (whom/who) I talked to is Mr. Li. The man to whom I talked is Mr. Li. 3. Who / whom 作表语 John is no longer the boy who he used to be.

5. that 指人或物,作主语、宾语或表语 (作宾语可省略)
The man that (who / whom )you met just now is my uncle.

A plane is a machine that / which can fly.
China is no longer the old China that it used to be.

6. which 指物,作主语或宾语 (作宾语可省 略, 如介词提前则不能省)
These are the trees which were planted last year. The cakes which my mum cooked were tasty. Is this the library (which) you borrow books from? Is this the library from which you borrow books?

4. whose 作定语
I know the girl whose mother is a famous doctor.

我来翻译歌词 :
村里有个姑娘叫小芳 我们都有一个家,名字叫中国。

There is a girl in the village whose name is Xiaofang

We have a family whose name is called China.

理解介词短语+which 的情况
Join the following pair of sentences.

The house is mine. The window of the house is broken.

the window of which is broken

The house

is mine.

of which the window is broken
whose(window) =the house’s( window) The house whose window is broken is mine.

在定语从句中,只用 that 不用 which 的情况 1〉当先行词前有序数词,形容词最高级,或限定 词:the only,the same,the last, the very 等修 饰时,只用that,不用 which
1.This is my first trip _____I that have made in my life. that 2.The most beautiful place ______he has visited is Guilin. that have got from him. 3.This is the only gift _____I that I am looking for. 4. It is the very pen _____ that 5. The last place _____they visited in China was Mount Hua. 6. This is the very book ______ that belongs to him.

2〉当先行词为不定代词时,如:anything, all,no, some, every, everything, nothing, none,much, little等词时,只用that,不用which
that 1. She took away everything _________belongs to her. that you want to read. 2.You can borrow any book ________ that 3.I’m sure she has something _______ you can borrow. 4. I’ve read all the books_______ that I borrowed from Betty. 3〉当有两个以上的先行词,且先行词中有人也有物 时,只用that, 不用which。 The old man talked about the persons and things ______he could remember. that that you talked about just The writer and his novel _____ now are really well known.

4) .当主句以who 或which 开头时, 只用that, 不用which: that Who is the girl _____spoke to you just now? Which is the car _______was made in China? that

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