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牛津9A Unit 6 复习

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Unit 6 Revision Detective stories

Task 1: Key words

1.侦探 detective 3.职业,工作 occupation 5.报酬,奖金 reward 7.证实,确认(vt.) confirm 9.攻击者 attacker 11.指纹,脚印 fingerprint 13.犯罪,罪行 crime 15.血 blood 17.枪 gun 19.危险,风险 risk 21.监狱 prison 21.老板,上司 boss 24.钻石 diamond 26.安全,保险 safety

2.杀人犯 murderer 4.售货员 salesman 6.门口 doorway 8. 死,死亡 death 10.工程师 engnieer 12.敌人,仇人 enemy 14.系统 system 16.法律 law 18.小偷 thief(thieves) 20.记录 record 22.进口,输入 import 23.行列,长队 queue 25.珠宝 jewellery



27.聪明的 bright 29.流血,出血 bleed 31.补充,增加 add 33.几个 several

28.犯罪的,犯法的 criminal 30.斗争,搏斗struggle 32.指控,控告 charge

36.猛烈地,沉重地heavily 38.反对,违反 against

35.呼吸 breathe
37.证明 prove 39.敢于,胆敢 dare

40.是否 if 42.震惊的 shocked

41.进步progress 43.有关联,参与

犯罪类型 noun. 抢劫

犯罪分子或人 犯罪行为 noun. verb. robber shoplifter kidnapper thief/thieves murderer rob shoplift kidnap steal murder

robbery shoplifting kidnapping theft

入店行窃 绑架 偷窃


Exercise one
1 Don’t blame them any more. They are all victims (受害者). ________ 2 The police are trying to search for the _________ murderer (凶手). somewhere(某处). 3 I’ve just left my bag ___________ But I can’t find it. detective 4 My little cousin Tom likes ___________ (侦探) stories very much. He asks me to tell him one every evening. breathing 5 After the long race, John was __________ (呼吸) heavily.

Exercise two
? ? ?


1.In old days people built the Great Wall to prevent enemies e . 2.Look !The little boy’s nose is b bleeding . 3.The d death of a beautiful young girl made me sad . 4.The thief t had stolen lots of things and he was finally arrested. 5.Someone b into his house last night broke and took away a lot of things. 6. She broke the ______ record (记录) of high jump at the sports meeting .

Exercise three
prove 证明) that 1.How can you ______( you have finished it? blood 血)on his shirt. 2. Tom had _______( 3. My uncle is able and hard working, so he is well-paid __________ (待遇丰厚). engineer 工程师)was found 4. The bright young________( dead in the room. 5.I don’t dare ______to go out alone at night because there’s a risk ______(风险)of getting killed

Task 2: Phrases

much more serious 1.严重的多 be wanted for murder 2.因谋杀而被通缉 medium height 3.中等身材 break into 4.强行闯入 breathe heavily/hard=out of breath 5.气喘吁吁 attack sb. with a knife 6.用小刀攻击人 某人被人用小刀攻击 sb. be attacked with a knife evidence of a struggle 7.打斗的迹象 be charged with sth. 8.因某事而被控告 make sb some enemies

9.使某人树敌 go missing 10.失踪,不见 11.做些违反法律的事 do sth.against the law dare (not) to do ath. 12.敢做某事 in one's mid-fifties 13.在某人55岁时 14. 对某事/某物很熟悉 be familiar with sth.

rob sb. of sth. 15.抢某人某物 steal sth. from sb. 16.偷某人某物 in prison 17.在狱中 do sth. for a living 18.做某事为了谋生 be under arrest for sth. 19.因为某事而被逮捕 20.进行激烈的搏斗 put up a good fight 21.注意到某人做某事 notice sb. do (doing) sth. offer a reward of 22.悬赏(酬金.) 23.与某人相处、进展 get along/on (well) with a well-paid job 24.一份报酬丰厚的工作 25.有---罪 be guilty of somewhere else 26.别的某个地方 lead to 27.导致 28.看见某人正在做 see sb. doing sth./sb.be seen doing s 看见某人经常做 see sb. do sth./ sb.be seen to do sth.

29.对….特别感兴趣 ? 30.排队等候 ? 31.向某人告发(举报) ? 32.没有犯罪纪录 ? 33.被绑架的男孩 ? 34.有证据证明 ? 35.到目前为止


be particularly interested in ? Wait in the queue ? report sb/sth to sb ? have no criminal record ? The boy who was kidnapped ? have evidence to prove ? so far

首字母填空 ? Last night ,the b___________ of a 22-year-old young ody man was f___________ in the doorway of a clothes ound onfirmed shop .Police have c___________ the victim was a rogrammer He told others he was going computer p___________. to visit his parents when he was last s___________ een leaving his office. ? The murder took p___________ between 9p.m. and 1 lace am .They don’t know if the victim was k___________ illed somewhere else and then b___________ to Valley rought Town . Perhaps he was killed at the place ttacked w___________ he was found. He was a___________ here eath with a knife and bled to d___________ as a result and there was also e___________ of a struggle. It’s vidence ttackers possible there was more than one a ___________ bviously because the victim o___________ put up a good fight. The police are now checking the scene for ingerprints and other clues. f___________

ell-paid He has many good friends and a w___________ job, but the police didn’t know if he had any enemies uilty e___________ . The victim was g___________ of computer crimes in the past, he was c___________ harged with breaking into several computer s___________. ystems etective Lu said they were not sure D___________ w___________ this had made him some enemies . So hether far , there was only one s___________ . uspect itness ? A w___________ reported that he was running down the street ,breathing h___________ and had blood on eavily his shirt. But the suspect proved that he was at another place at the time of the crime and nsisted that he was innocent.(清白的) . i___________ eward ? The victim’s parents have offered a r___________ of ¥50,000 for any information that leads to the rrest a___________ of the murderer. Any

one who has information can c___________ the police on 5550 ontact 1212

Complete the following sentences.
he was guilty of the murder 1 . We were not surewhether __________________

(他是否犯有谋杀罪). will be arrested 2 .He ________________ (他将被逮捕) for computer crimes. he bled to death as a result 3 . Unluckily, _______________________
(他最后因为失血过多而死亡). 4. 昨天晚上一名22岁的年轻男人被谋杀了. Last night a _______________ young man _____ _ 22-year-old _______ . was murdered

5. Who ___________________ broke into your house (闯入你们家) last night? He was seen playing tennis (他被看见在 打网球) at ten 6. ________________________ p.m. last night. He had evidence to prove that (他有证据证实) he was 7. __________________________ not there at that time. gone missing 8.My food has _______________ (已失踪了)。 get on /along with 9.We want to know how he ___________________ his neighbour.(和邻居相处的怎样)? What does that woman look like (长的什么样子)? 10.__________ _________

Task 3: Grammar

Direct speech 直接引语 人称的变化 语序的变化
Reported speech 间接引语



直接引语变间接引语的重要步骤和注意事项。(引导词、语序、 时态、人称、时间状语四个方面的变化) 1.根据要转述的句子的的类型确定引导词 (1) 陈述句和感叹句用that .

He says , ‘china is great .’

→ He says that china is great .
(2)一般疑问句, 选择疑问句, 反意疑问句等用 whether / if

He says, ‘ is Tom English ?’

→ He asked if / whether Tom is English .

She asked , ‘ When is he going there ?’

→ She asked when she was going there .

(4) 祈使句要变为ask / tell / order sb (not ) to do sth.
The teacher said to the students , ‘ open your books .’

→ The teacher asked the students to open their books . 2. 连接词后跟陈述句的语序
The man asks me , ‘Where do you live ?’

→ The man asks me where I live .
She asked the boy , “ Is it raining ?

→ She asked the boy if / whether it was raining .


注意是否需要改变时态 (时态不改变的)

1) 主句是现在时态的, 间接引语不要改变时态

he says , “ I often watch TV .” → he says he often watches TV .

2) 主句是过去时态,而引述的是客观事实、科学真理、现在习惯 动作以及格言等时,不必改变时态。

She said , “ I am ten .” → She said she is ten .

The teacher said , “ the earth goes around the sun .”

→ The teacher said that the earth goes around the sun .

3)当直接引语中有具体的过去时间时,如当天,当时引述, 或有 when 引导的时间状语从句时。

He said , “I joined the army in 1998.”

→ He said that he joined the army in 1998 .

一般现在时 现在

进行时 现在完成时

一般过去时 过去进行时 过去完成时 过去将来时 过去完成时


now today tonight this week three days ago yesterday evening last week yesterday in two months the day after tomorrow the day before yesterday tomorrow tomorrow morning next week/month/year

then that day that night that week three days before the evening before the week before the day before two months after two days later/after two days before the next day the next morning the next week/month/year

? 指示代词
? 动词 ? 副词

this that these those come bring here go


1.He said: “I’ve left my book in my room.” he had left his ? He told me that_______ book in___room. ? 2.She said to Tom, “Can you help me?” ? She asked Tom if /whether he could help her. . ? 3.The teacher said, “The earth goes round the sun.” goes ? The teacher said the earth _____round the sun. ? 4.She said to us,“ I’ll go home tomorrow.” she would the next day ? She told us___________go home___________. ? 5.“What did you do here yesterday?” the old man asked my brother. ? he had ? The old man asked my brother what_________ ?done there the day before.

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

♀He said , “ I’ve left my book in your room” He told me that he had left his book in my room. ♀George said , “ I like maths very much.” George said that _____ he ______ liked math very much. ♀Lucy said , “ I’ll come here tomorrow .” she would go there the next day Lucy said that ______________________________. ♀Peter said , “ I can answer this question.” Peter said (that) ______________________________. he could answer that question ♀They said , “ We are cleaning the classroom.” they were cleaning the classroom They said ______________________________. ♀Tom said , “ I will go to the park tomorrow.” he would go to the park the next day Tom said ______________________________. ♀Tony said to the teacher , “ I’m sorry I haven’t brought my maths exercises-book.” was sorry he hadn’t taken his maths Tom told the teacher he ______________________________. exercises-book

? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

♀She asked us , “ Have you seen the film before?” if we had seen the film before She asked us ______________________________ . ♀ He said to Rose, “ Where did you buy this watch ?” asked Rose where she had bought that watch He ______________________________ . ♀He said , “ Do you like the film, Mary?” asked if she liked the film He ______________________________. ♀The teacher asked , “ How did you repair it?” how I had repaired it The teacher asked ______________________________. ♀Mother said , “ Wash your hands before meals.” me to wash my hands before meals Mother t

old ______________________________. ♀He said to Dr.Bethune , “ Don’t go on operating any more.” He ______________________________. not to go on operating any more ♀The policeman said to the children , “ Don’t play in the street.” The policeman told the children ______________________________. not to play in the street

Task 4: Languages

1.He was last seen leaving his office… be seen to do sth. see sb. do sth. 我经常看到一个老人沿着这条路跑步。 I often ____an ________the down road. see old manrun seen to The old man is often ________run down the road. be seen doing sth. see sb. doing sth. 老师看见两个男孩正在那儿讲话。 The teacher saw the two boys talking ______there The two boys__________________there. were seen talking

(C ) 1. The girl was often seen ____ here.

C.to read

D. reads

(C ) 2. The boy was heard _____ at 10p.m.

last night.
A. sang C.singing B. to sing D. sung

2.连词whether在句中表示”是否”,有 时和if可以交换使用,但whether后面可 跟or not,而 if 却不能.
D I don’t know ______ he will come or not. A.if B. that C.why D.whether

3.bleed vi 流血,出血 bled bled bleed to death 流血过多而死

blood n.
? The old lady was knocked down by a bled car and _______a lot. ? We must take her to hospital bleed right now, or she will ______to death.

blood the accident. ? He lost a lot of ______in

4.the death of this bright young engineer 年轻聪明的工程师之死

dying man missed his death n. ?The _____old dead _______ wife very much. die v. death of the boy made dead adj. ?The _____ his parents sad. dying

died three years ago. ?His grandpa ______ His grandpa __________for three years. has been dead

5.be guilty of computer crimes in the past 犯有电脑罪前科
犯….罪 be guilty of sth./ doing sth. The man was guilty ________ his wife. A.of murder B.in murder C.of murdering

D. in murdering



He was charged with breaking into several computer systems over the last year. charge sb with + sth./ doing sth.
鲁侦探指控那个嫌疑犯谋杀。 警察指控那位司机鲁莽驾驶。

with murder chargedthe suspect _________ Detective Lu_____ charged the driver_________ The police________ with _______________. careless driving

7.break into闯入,强行进入 broke broken ?Last night someone the shop and took away a number of watches. A.broke out B.broke up C.broke into was broken into between ? The house ________________ midnight and 5 a.m

8.breath n. 呼吸 out of breath He ran back home out of breath. breathe v. 呼吸 breathe heavily He ran back home, breathing heavily.

breathe 1.)We can’ t ________ without air.
breath 2.)He often takes a deep ________.
breathe 3.)Tom went out to ______some fresh air.


中考点击 1.Look ! Can you see the man sitting ______(sit ) under the tree ? take 2.I saw him _________(take) your book awa

y this morning. 3.He is often heard to ______(sing) in sing the room. lying 4.I saw a wallet _______(lie) on the floor when I got to the school gate. to play 5.He was often seen _______(play) football on the ground.


? ? ?



1.The radio says it ________ the day after tomorrow. A A. is going to snow B. is raining C. will come D. is coming C a lot . 2. He was attacked with a knife and he _____ A. bleed B. blood C. bled D. bleeded 3. What _______ to you ? B ---- I ______ by a car and hurt my left leg . A. took place , hit B. happened , was hit C. took place , was hit D. happened , hit 4.The famous writer ______ for a few years. C A.died B.has death C.has been dead D.is dying D 5.It is surprising that one of the suspects is a _____ schoolboy. A.16 years B.16-year C.16-year-olds D.16-year-old

6.Anyone with information about the robbery should C ______ the police ____ 110. ? A.call, with B.calls, with C.call, on D.to call, on A ? 7.When we hurried to theatre, the concert ______ for 5 minutes. ? A.had been on B.had begun C.had begun on D.began D the shop and took ? 8.Yesterday night someone _____ away lots of clothes. ? A.broke out B.broke up ? C.broke off D.broke into

Task 5 : Writing
阳光镇凌晨发生一起凶杀案 。 请你根据以提示,写一篇 80字左右的文章。 1. 被害者是一名出租车司机,年纪约30岁。 2. 案件大约发生在凌晨2点至3点间,被害者被人用小刀 袭击,因失血过多死亡。 3.被害者是死后被转移到阳光镇。

4. 警方悬赏一万人民币寻找破案线索。

A terrible murder took place in Sunny Town this morning .The police are working at the scene of the crime . The victim was a taxi driver . He was about thirty years old .The murder happened between 1 a.m. and 3a.m. this morning . The victim was attacked with a knife and bled to death . He was killed somewhere else and then brought to Sunny Town . The police are asking anyone who saw anything unusual this morning to contact them and offer a reward of 10,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of the murder .

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