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Unit 4 What did you do last weekend? Section A 1a — 1c

教师寄语:If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. 想要懂得今天,就必须研究昨天。


-- What did you do last weekend? -- Well, on Saturday morning, I played badminton.






1. 做作业__________________ 2. 去海滩______________________

4. go boating________________ 5. 打羽毛球____________________

3. 去电影院 ________________ 6. camp by the lake_______________



Step1 Review & Lead-in Ask several students one by one: What did you do last weekend?

Step2 Presentation

1. Learn the phrases in 1a. 2. Finish 1a, then check the answers.

3. Look at the conversation, and learn the drills:

-- What did you do last weekend? -- Well, on Saturday morning, I played badminton.

Step3 Listening Listen and finish 1b. Check the answers.

Step4 Pair work

Practice the conversation in 1c . Then make your own conversations.

II、合作交流 Group work: 尝试用一般过去时造句 + 表过去的时间状语。




I、时态大考验 ((写出下列动词的过去式))

1. camp____________ 2.work_______________ 3. feed_______________

4. play ____________ 6. study ______________

7. tell _____________ 8. lose _______________ 9. hear_______________

10. run ____________ 11.shout______________ 12. answer_____________

II、看图造句 (使用一般过去时,最好加上表示过去的时间.)

1.I __________________________________________________________________



4.We _______________________________________________________________


【快乐链接】: 动词过去式不规则变化之一:

“AA 制”


put?put, cut?cut, let?let, cost?cost, hurt?hurt, read?read, beat?beat (注意:read写法相同,读音不同。其它写法和读音都相同。)


成功&收获: 失败&不足:


Unit 4 What did you do last weekend? Section A 2a — 2d


教师寄语:If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. 想要懂得今天,就必须研究昨天。

【学习目标】【学习重点】:继续学习谈论过去事件; 学会用疑问词who, what, when。 【体验学习】:

I、 预习交流


II、 翻译官

1. visit my grandma_______________ 2.备考 _____________________

3. work as a guide _________________ 4. over______________________

5. How interesting! ________________ 6. living habit_________________

7. kind of _______________________ 8. 熬夜 _____________________



Step1 Review and Lead-in Quick action: The phrases in 1a or the past forms of the verbs.

Step2 Presentation Show some pictures, ask and learn. eg:

--What did you/he/ she/they do? --Where did you/he/she/they go?--Who…?

Step3 Listening

1. Go through the sentences in 2a. 2. Listen to 2a and underline the words you hear.

3. Listen again. Write C for Carol, J for Jack or B for Becky next to the statements in 2b. Then

check the answers.

Step4 Pair work

1. Student A asks questions with who, what or where and Student B answers. Finish 2c. 2. Role-play the conversations in 2d.


Group work:模仿2d编写对话,谈论过去事件。





( ) 1. -- Did you have a ___________ at school last week? -- Yes, we did. I got an A.

A. test B. look C. walk

( ) 2. -- How long did Helen __________ in Changsha? -- For a week.

A. sit B. stay C. feel

( ) 3. Lucy __________ go to the movies. She watched TV at home.

A. isn’t B. didn’t C. wasn’t


A: Hi, Mike! 1. _______________ B: It was pretty good.

A: 2._________________ B: I went to the Summer Palace last weekend.

A: 3. ____________________ B: I went with my parents.

A: 4. ___________________ B: It was cloudy and cool.

A: 5.___________________ B: The people there were very friendly. We had so much fun.


i?a: sing ? sang ~ew: fly ?flew

ring ? rang draw?drew

swim ? swam grow?grew

drink ? drank know?knew

begin ? began throw? threw


成功&收获: 失败&不足:


Unit 4 What did you do last weekend? Section A Grammar Focus— 3c


教师寄语:If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. 想要懂得今天,就必须研


【学习目标】【学习重点】:1、总结归纳Section A部分语法重点;2、并将所学知识学以致用。



1.根据Grammar Focus, 归纳Section A部分语法重点;2.自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。


1. 跑开______________________ 2.shout at_____________________

3. mouse(复数)_________________ 4. 语言______________________



Step1 Grammar Focus 1. Give a summary about it. 2. Try to recite it.

Step2 Presentation

1. Go through 3a&3b quickly.

2. Finish 3a. Fill in the blanks with who, what, when, where or how.

3. Complete the blanks in 3b with the correct forms of the words in the box.

4. Check the answers and then read together.

Step4 Group work Think of two things you did last weekend. Draw pictures of them. Your classmates guess what you did.


Group work: 归纳疑问词who, what, when, where, how的区别,并造句。







I、 完美呈现

1. The streets _________ (be) crowded last weekend.

2. Jim _________ (visit) his uncle the day before yesterday.

3. Larry’s MP4 was _____________(lose) yesterday.

4. Maria __________ (find) a girl crying when she went home.

5. Jenny ____________ (stay) at home and __________(study) f or the test last Saturday.

II、最佳选择 (用所给词适当形式填空)

write, sleep, welcome, walk, rain

1. Hello, Susan! ____________ to our school!

2. Be quiet! Your father __________________ now.

3. Tom’s house is near his school. He always __________ to school.

4. Last weekend, Tony ___________ a letter to h is pen friend in England.

5. Can you tell me what you usually do on ___________ days?

【快乐链接】 动词过去式不规则变化之三:

d?t: build ? built ~ught: buy ? bought

send ? sent bring ? brought

spend ? spent think ? thought

eep? ept: keep ? kept fight ? fought

sleep? slept teach ? taught

sweep? swept catch ? caught


成功&收获: 失败&不足:


Unit 4 What did you do last weekend? Section B 1a — 1e

教师寄语:Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. 别让昨天耽误今天。



I、预习交流 1.根据图片和对话等,预测新课内容;2.根据音标拼读单词并牢记;3.自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。


1. 弹吉它____________________ 2. 去图书馆_____________________

3. 放风筝 ___________________ 4. 和朋友共进晚餐 ______________

5. swimming pool ______________ 6. Not really. _____________________



Step1 Review & Lead-in Grammar Focus

Step2 Presentation

1. Learn and finish 1a. Then try to remember the phrase. 2. Game: Quick action about the


3. Do you think the activities in 1a are fun? Draw a happy face or an unhappy face under each line. Step3 Listening 1. Listen. What did Sally and Jim do last weekend? Complete the chart in 1b.

2. Listen again and check the answers.

Step4 Pair work

Make a conversation with a partner. Talk about what Sally and Jim did last weekend. Then ask what your partner did last weekend.eg:

--Who went to the library? – Sally did.

--Did you do anything interesting last weekend? – Not really, but I….


Group work: 回顾听力考试题型,总结归纳提高听力的方法。



【快乐阅读】: New York City

―If you love somebody, send him to New York for it’s Heaven; if you hate somebody, also send him to New York for it’s Hell.‖ This is a famous line from the TV play Beijingers in New York in 1990s. Many people learned a lot about New York City from the TV play.

As the biggest city in America, New York is the biggest centre of the finance, trade and culture of the country. It’s an important centre for international affairs because the headquarters of the UN are also here.

When you think of New York, what comes to your mind first? Broadway, Times Square, Central Park, Wall Street or the Statue of Liberty? Different people will give different answers. However, few people will think of its nickname —―the big Apple‖.

Why do people call New York ―the big Apple‖? There are different stories about that. Which one is true? No New Yorkers seem to care about it. They are happy to be able to have a real taste of the exciting ―Apple‖.

判断正误, 正确写 “T”, 错误写 “F”

( ) 1. Many Chinese people didn’t know New York City in 1990s.

( ) 2. New York is the biggest city in the USA.

( ) 3. The headquarters of the UN are in New York.

( ) 4. The Statue of Liberty is not in New York.

( ) 5. There is only one story about the New York’s nickname—―the big apple‖.







成功&收获: 失败&不足:


Unit 4 What did you do last weekend? Section B 2a —2c 教师寄语:Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. 别让昨天耽误今天。 【学习目标】【学习重点】:根据文章找寻关键信息,提高阅读能力。 【体验学习】: I、预习交流 1. 根据图片和文章标题等,预测新课内容; 2. 根据音标拼读单词并牢记; 3. 自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。 II、翻译官 1. 高中___________________ 2. 搭帐篷 _____________________ 3. 生火___________________ 4. each other ____________________ 5. so…that…_______________ 6. look out of ___________________ 7. 上上下下 _______________ 8. 把…弄醒 ___________________ 9. 对…喊__________________ 10. learn from ___________________ 11. 吃惊 __________________ 12. useful lesson _________________ 【课堂导学】: I、 新课呈现 Step1 Review & Lead-in What kinds of animals are people sometimes afraid of? Why? Make a list. Step2 Presentation 1. Read about Lisa’s weekend and answer the questions in 2b. 2. Group work: read the ad again, try to find the key points. Then say them out one by one. eg: <1> middle school/high school/… <2> ago… <3> …. Step3 Consolidation 1. Read the key points and the article together. 2. Read again and complete 2c. Put the phrases in order. 3. Group work: Retell the story according to 2c. II、合作交流 Group work: 回顾阅读考试题型,总结归纳提高阅读的方法。 Notes:_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 【快乐阅读】: Tony’s Sunday Tony got up at eight o’clock and then had his breakfast. His mother cooked his favorite food---chicken noodles for him. After breakfast, Tony began to do his homework. He didn’t have too much homework, because teachers wanted them to have a good rest during weekends. At thirty past nine, Tony read his favorite book Harry Potter. It was really a great book. After that, he listened to Jay’s songs. At eleven, he went to his friend Mike’s party at KFC. They were very happy because they ate their favorite food- hamburgers. Lunch was over at about one thirty in the afternoon. Then they all went to see a new movie. This was Tony’s Sunday. He really had a good time. ( ) 1. What food did Tony like best? A. Milk and eggs. B. Egg noodles. C. Chicken noodles ( ) 2. When did Tony read his favorite book? A. At 9:30 am. B. At 9:00 am. C. At 8:30 am. ( ) 3. Tony and all his friends all liked _______ best. A. vegetables B. fruit C. hamburgers ( ) 4. What did Tony and his best friend do after lunch? A. They went to KFC. B. They listened to Jay’s songs. C. They watched a movie. ( ) 5. Which of the following is true? A. Tony had too much homework. B. Tony’s favorite book is Harry Potter.C. Tony went to Mike’s party at 9:00. 【快乐链接】: 记忆口决 记忆的根本在于背诵, 记忆的基础在于理解; 记忆的窍门在于重复, 记忆的措施在于整理; 记忆的助手在于联想, 记忆的动力在于应用。 【学习体会】 成功&收获: 失败&不足:


Unit 4 What did you do last weekend? Section B 3a — Self Check

教师寄语:Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. 别让昨天耽误今天。

【学习目标】【学习重点】: 学习用一般过去时写作,提高写作能力。



1. 根据图片和文章等,预测新课内容;

2. 自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。


1. 呆在家________________ 2. cook dinner___________________

3. 脱口秀 _______________ 4. firefighter ___________________


I、 新课呈现

Step1 Review & Lead-in

1. Read 2b on P71 together. 2. Complete the conversation. Finish Self Check: Ex.2.

3. Read the conversation together.

4. Finish Self Check: Ex.1: Complete the phrases. Then use some of them in the past forms to write a story. Step2 Presentation

1. Look at the pictures in 3a. Ask Ss as following:

--What did he do in Picture 1? -- He cleaned his room.

--What did he do in Picture…? -- He ….

2. Complete the passage. Finish 3a. Then check the answers. 3. Read 3a together. Step3 Writing Write about what you did last weekend.


Group work: 回顾本学期所写作文,总结归纳提高写作的方法。




Love, sometimes we can’t see it!

This is an old story. One day, a man was not happy when his 7-year-old daughter made a box with some paper. The family didn’t have much money. So the father thought his daughter wasted(浪费)the paper. The next day, the little girl gave the box to her father and said,―Dad, today is your birthday. This box is for you.‖

The man was happy. But he was not happy again when he found there was nothing in the box. ―Why didn’t you put anything for me in the box?‖ He asked his daughter. The little girl looked at him and cried, ―Dad, I put my love in the box. It’s all for you!‖

The man felt sad and said sorry to his daughter. Sometimes, we can’t see love with our eyes.

( ) 1. How old was the daughter? A. Six years old. B. Seven years old. C. Eight years old.

( ) 2. What did the daughter do the next day?

A. She gave the box to her father. B. She put some money in the box. C. She gave some paper to her father.

( ) 3. Why was the father was not happy again when he opened the box?

A. Because he didn’t like the box. B. Because there was nothing in the box.

C. Because he thought his daughter wasted paper.

( ) 4. How did the father feel at last? A. Happy. B. Sorry. C. Bored.

( ) 5. Which of the following is true?

A. The family had lots of money. B. The daughter loved her father. C. The father didn’t like his daughter.



坚定信心入考场, 心里千万别多想; 先把试题看一遍, 缺页少题赶紧换;

快把听力试题看, 题目意思心中现; 此时精神要集中, 同时心理要放松;

关键词语要速记, 简单符号替长句; 做完听力细审题, 须按要求心莫急;

做题当然要认真, 多方考虑要细心; 做题先拣会做的, 务求全对有把握;

易题做完心放宽, 充满信心攻难关; 做完之后细复查, 漏网之鱼要擒拿;

英语选择比较多, 不会千万别空着; 书写一定要规范, 卷面整洁才好看;

百战将军喜迎考, 方寸之间展才华; 按照上面所说做, 相信成绩会不错。


成功&收获: 失败&不足:


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