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人教版九年级英语Unit 2课件.2

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Go for it !
授课教师:唐乐丽 清华大学附属中学

Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark 句型讲解

Brain storm

Appearance tall,

Personality serious,

tall, short

serious, funny,

long straight hair short curly hair

shy, outgoing noisy, calm

heavy, slim, thin, quiet,

finish Ex. P10/ 1a

I used to be…

? Appearance

1. He was short. He used to be short. 2. I was thin. I used to be thin.


? I was shy. I used to be shy. ? I was afraid of the dark. I used to be afraid of the dark. ? I was serious. I used to be serious.

I / he/ she/ used to be +形容词 过去曾经…(现在不这样了)

Ex. I used to be …, now I am …

? Short tall, ? thin heavy, ? quiet noisy, ? serious funny, ? upset calm, ? shy outgoing,

used to do (动词原 形)+ 名词

I had short hair.

I used to have short hair.

?I used to have curly hair.

I had curly hair.

Ex. used to …

? short hair long hair, ? straight hair curly hair, ? black hair red hair, ? have a pet dog have a pet cat

Did you use to have straight hair?

Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.

Ex. : 介绍外貌 的变化.

In the past Short, straight hair



Tall, curly hair

Coco Li used to …, now …

In the past Now Play football Play basketball

I didn’t use to wear glasses.
In the past Not wear glasses Now Wear glasses

Key points

? I used to be afraid of flying in an airplane. ? You used to have long hair, didn’t you? ? Yes, I did./ No, I didn’t . ? Did you use to have straight hair?

UNIT 2 I used to be afraid of the dark.
Section B 3a Reading class

? 本课教学目标: 会用used to do 句型描述 自己或他人在学习、生活方式 上的变化。
? 本课重点句型: Did she use to …? She used to …


I used to be afraid of the dark.

Main task: Talk about what you used to do.

Unit 2 Section B, 3a

1.Where dose Rose Tang study ?

She studies in a high school.

2.Who is Rose Tang?
She is a high school student.

3.What is Rose Tang’s biggest problem?

Her biggest problem is that she is too busy.

4.What did she use to do before she started high school?

She used to spend a lot of time playing games with friends.

5.What did she use to do in the evening?
She used to watch TV or chat with her grandmother.

6. Did she use to go to concerts with her father?

Yes, she did.

7.Dose she still have time for concerts? What does she usually do now?
She hardly ever has time for concerts now. She usually studies and does her homework.

Rose Tang then

Rose Tang now

had so much time, spent a lot of time playing with friends, watched TV or chatted with her grandmother , went to concerts with her father

gets up early, stays in school all day, no time for playing games, has to study , no time for concerts, does homework and goes to bed

My biggest problem


My biggest problem is that I’m too ______.

? When I was young, I used to have ___ ____ time, but these days I get up _____ and stay in school all day. Then I go right home and eat dinner.

Text ? Before I __________ high school, I used to ______ a lot of time ____________ with my friends, but I just don’t have the time _________.

? In the evening, I used to _____ or ______ with my grandmother, but now I have to___.


? I love _______, and my father used to ______ me to ___________. These ____, I ___________ ever have time for _____.

I do my ________ and go to bed. ?I really __________ the old days.

My biggest problem :too busy

used to …
so much time,

get up early, stay in school all day, go right home, eat dinner not, have time, anymore have to, study hardly ever, do homework, go to bed

spend time, play games, watch TV , chat
take ..to concerts,

How I ‘ve changed !
My life has changed a lot ……For example, I __________ like tests. Now I don’t mind them. I ______. Now it’s my favorite class. I used to play _____. Now, _________. I _______to school. Now , I ________.

1.评价手册P3-4 2.Write the passage on your homework book.

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