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( )1.Please call Nick ____ 758-6584.

A. on B. in C. at D. under

( )2. What do you usually do____Saturday evening,?

A in B on C at D to

( )3. Jim ____a new bike.

A have B has C There is D there are ( ) 4. A: Can you play the guitar_____ ?B: No, I can't. A good B bad C nice D well ( ) 5.Can you _____ the notebook to me? A.bring B.take C.takes D. brings ( ) 6.--Let’s play computer games. --Great! That sounds_______.

A.boring B.difficult C.interesting D. sad ( )7.Do you like green?

---No, I don’t. My favorite ____is blue.

A.clothes B.colours C.color D.movies ( )8.Ben ______ P.E. He thinks it’s boring.

A. Likes B.don’tlike C.doesn’t like D.doesn’tlikes

( )9. I usually A.look B.read C.watch D.see ( )10. Mr Green is _______ father.

A. Jim and Kate B. Jim’s and Kate’s C. Jim’s and Kate D. Jim and Kate’s

( )11. Do you want to play_____ tennis? ---Yes, I ______.

A.a,want B.the, do C.an, does D. /,do ( )12._______ does Tom like math? Because _____ fun.

A.Why, it’s B.When, it C.Why, It’s D. When, it

( )13. — When is Tom’s birthday? — ___________ birthday is May 6th. A. My B. Your C. His D. Her ( )14. I like these pants. ___________ nice. A. It’s B. That’s C. You’re D. They’re ( )15. ___________ Lili and Yaoyao have lunch at school? A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are ( )16. — When do you have P.E. ? —We have it ___________ Monday and Friday. A. in B. on C. at D. for ( )17. — I like that red T-shirt. ___________ is it? — It’s fifteen dollars. A. How old B. How many C. How much D. How long

( )18. — What’s your sister’s favorite ___________? — Red. A. movie B. fruit C. food D. color

( )19. A lot of people don’t play sports. They only ___________ them on TV. A. look B. watch C. read D. see

( )20. — Where are the socks? — ___________ A. They’re on the bed. B. They’re $ 5.

C. I’ll take them.

D. I can’t find them.

二.完形填空10分 。

This is a photo classroom. It’s a big room.In the photo, and two rulers are pencil case. A a chair.

The teacher is Miss Gao. English teacher. One student is are in Class 2, Grade7. They are good friends. math teacher is Mr. Green. He is not here.

( ) 16.A.to B.of C.for D.in

( ) 17. A.desk and chair B.desks and chair C.desk and chairs D.desks and chairs

( ) 18. A.too B.please C.yes D.OK

( ) 19. A.book B.my books C.books D.the book ( ) 20. A.the B.a C.my D./ ( ) 21. A.am B.are C.is D.does ( ) 22. A.Her B. She’s C.Her’s D.She ( ) 23. A.He B.He’s C.His D.His’. ( ) 24. A.He is B. She is C. They D.They’re

( ) 25. A.Hi B.Their C.Her D. They

三.阅读理解(每题2分 共30分)

( A)

Katen has two brothes,Dan and Andy, and one sister, Tina.

Karen’s mother gets up at five thirty. She takes a shower and then she eats breakfast at six o’clock. Karen and Tina get up at six thirty, but Dan and Andy get up at eight thirty. Karen and Tina take showers in the moring, but Dan and Andy don’t. Karen, her mother, Dan and Andy watch Tv in the evening. Tina does her homework and goes to bed early.


( )26.Karen’s mother gets up at six o’clock. ( )27.Karen and Tina eat breakfast at six thirty.

( )28.Karen, her mother,and her sister run in the morning. ( )29. Dan and Andy don’t take showers in the morning.


( )30.Tina watches Tv in the evening.

(B )

Mr Cool’s Clothes Store


( )31. Which is the cheapest(最便宜的) of all?

A. Hat. B. T-shirt. C. Socks. ( )32. How much are two pairs of pants and a hat? A. $22. B.$28. C.$14. ( )33. You can buy ____ in Mr. Cool's Clothes Store. A. black pants B. a blue sweater C. a green hat _______________________________________________________ ( )34. You like red and you only have $7. You can 3. What can you find in the Christmas tree? buy____. _______________________________________________________ A. a sweater B. a hat C. socks 4. Who brings presents to children? ( )35. You only have sixteen dollars. You can _______________________________________________________ A. a sweater and a pair of pants B. two T-shirts and 5. Do all the people enjoy all kinds of food on Christmas Day? a pair of socks C. two sweaters _______________________________________________________ ( C ) 语言综合运用(共20分)

It is a fine Saturday morning. Lily and Lucy get up at six 一. 根据句意,从方框中选择恰当的单词填空,注意大小写和词形变化。thirty. They want to go to the Great Wall(长城) with their (共

mother. At seven fifty they are in a big bus to the Great Wall. There are forty people in it. Some of them are Americans; 1. I like music. How ___________ you, Linda? some are English. There are two Chinese in the bus, too. One 2. ___________ me. Are you Mr White from America? is a woman. She is driving the bus. The other is a young man. 3. My brother often ___________ a shower at seven o’clock. He’s now talking about the Great Wall in English. They are 4. Oh, look at those green shorts. They are on ___________ for just listening to him. At about nine o’clock they get to the Great $ 25! Wall. 5. The basketball game is Oct. 10th ___________ the school trip is ( )36 .Lily and Lucy want to go to the Great Wall ______. Oct. 25th.

A. in a fine day B. on Sunday 二. 根据所给标点符号,将每组单词按照正确的顺序组成句子。(共morning 10分,每题1分) C. on Saturday morning D. in a cloudy 1. like , we , very , bananas , much morning ____________________________________________. ( )37. There are ______ English people in the bus. 2. have , a , do , computer , you A. forty B. two C.some D. few ____________________________________________? ( )38. The young Chinese man is _______. 3. birthday, June , his , mother’s , is , 29th

A. driving the bus B. talking to the ____________________________________________. people 4. these , pants , are , how much , orange C. listening to him D. doing nothing ____________________________________________? ( )39. They get to the Great Wall at about ________. 5. movies , kind of , do , they , what , like

A. nine o’clock B. seven fifty C. ten o’clock D. eight o’clock ____________________________________________? ( )40. There are two _______ in the bus.

八.书面表达。10分 A. Americans B. English girls C. Chinese D. Japanese girls

四. 阅读下面短文,回答问题。(可以用完整句子回答,也可简答)(共

10分,每题2分) December 25th is Christmas Day. In most countries it is the most important (重要的) day in the year. All the people come back to their homes. On Christmas Day bells ring everywhere. The ringing bell tells people Christmas is coming. People sing and dance day and night. They all have a good time.

Most families buy a Christmas tree for their children. And there are some presents in the tree here and there. People also put presents in children’s stockings (长统袜). In many places, Father Christmas himself brings presents to them. He is a kind man and in red clothes. There is a big bag on his back. In it there are a lot of presents. On Christmas Day people enjoy all kinds of food. But some poor

people have no houses to live in and have no food to eat. They die of

cold and hunger (死于饥寒交迫) on Christmas Day.

1. Is Christmas the most important festival in the year in most countries? _______________________________________________________

2. What does the ringing bell tell people?

请以Jane的身份写一封信给Lin Mei,告诉她关于你最喜欢的一天上学的日子(my favourite school day)的情况。字数50字左右。


参考 答案

I. 听录音,选择与所听句子意思相符的图画,念两遍(5分)

1. Mary plays the guitar very well.

2. I usually run after I get up.

3. My brother likes to see action movies.

4. Jim is doing his homework in the evening.

5. My mother often goes shopping at the mall.

II. 听录音,选择与所听对话意思相符的图画,对话念两遍。(5分)

1. A: Hello, Maria. What are you doing? B: I’m watching a video.

2. A: What club do you want to join? B: I want to join the music club.

3. A: What’s your favorite subject? B: My favorite subject is art.

4. A: What time do you eat breakfast? B: I eat breakfast at 7 o’clock.

5. A: What sport can he play? B: He can play basketball.

III.情景反应 ( 共5分)

根据你听到的句子内容, 从下列每小题的三个选项中选出一个适当的答语. 每小题读两遍.

11. Good evening, Alice!

12. Hello, Frank!

13. Hello, Alan, nice to meet you!

14. How are you, Eric?

15. Excuse me, is this your pen?



一. 单词识记:根据图画内容,选择适当的词(组)并把序号填入相应图画下的括号中(其中有两项是多余的)。(共5分,每项0.5分)

1-5 HKGJF 6-10 LBAIC


11-15 DBCBB 16-20 DACCB 21-25 CBDDA

三.阅读理解(A.B 每题1分 C.D 每题2分 共30分)

26-30 AACCC 31-35 BBBAB 36-40 CBABC 41-45 CCBAC

四.完形填空10% 。

46-50 BDACA 51-55 CDBCB

五、改错 (4分)把错的选项选在前面括弧里,答案改在后面横线上。

56 C your 57 C it is 58 B his 59 B an


60 help 61 please 62 sweater 63 color 64 Here 65 much

66 take 67 welcome 68 to 69 want 70 club

71 play 72 can’t 73 What’s 74 It’s 75 spell

76 Where’s 77 play 78 Does 79 plays





83 They can play volleyball. He takes a shower at seven. The cat is under the box.. Jack doesn’t like basketball.


请以Jane的身份写一封信给Lin Mei,告诉她关于你最喜欢的一天上学的日子(my favourite school day)的情况。字数50字左右。




一. 听对话,选择与对话内容相符的图片,将代表图片的字母填在相应的括号内。每段对话读两遍。(共5分,每小题1分)

1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. ( )

二. 听对话,根据对话内容判断下列句子正误。正确的写T,错误的写F。每段对话读两遍。(共5分,每小题1分) 请听第一段对话,判断第6、7、8小题。

( )6. Ben’s birthday party is on September 27th .

( )7. They have a school trip on November 16th .

( )8. They have a New Year’s party.


( )9. The man likes comedies and thrillers.

( )10. The man and the woman like documentaries.

三. 听短文,选择正确答案。(共5分,每小题1分)


( )11. Jim is from ___________.

A. China B. America C. England

( )12. Jim has breakfast at ___________.

A. 7:00 B. 7:30 C. 8:30

( )13. Jim’s favorite subject is ___________.

A. history B. math C. science

( )14. After school Jim likes to play ___________.

A. volleyball B. basketball C. the piano

( )15. Jim wants to go to a clothes store to buy ___________.

A. a present for his friend B. a sweater for himself C. a sweater for his mom

四. 听短文,完成下面的表格。短文读三遍。(共5分,每小题1分)


五. 单项填空(共15分,每小题1分)


( )21. — When is Tom’s birthday?

— ___________ birthday is May 6th.

A. My B. Your C. His D. Her

( )22. I like these pants. ___________ nice.

A. It’s B. That’s C. You’re D. They’re

( )23. ___________ Lili and Yaoyao have lunch at school?

A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Are

( )24. — Joy, can you sing for the school concert?

— Sorry, I can’t. ___________ I can play the piano.

A. And B. So C. But D. Or

( )25. — When do you have P.E. ?

—We have it ___________ Monday and Friday.


A. in B. on C. at D. for

( )26. — I like that red T-shirt. ___________ is it?

— It’s fifteen dollars.

A. How old B. How many

C. How much D. How long

( )27. — What’s your sister’s favorite ___________?

— Red.

A. movie B. fruit C. food D. color

( )28. A lot of people don’t play sports. They only ___________ them on TV.

A. look B. watch C. read D. see

( )29. — Where are the socks?

— ___________

A. They’re on the bed. B. They’re $ 5.

C. I’ll take them. D. I can’t find them.

( )30. — Can she speak Chinese?

— ___________

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t.

C. Yes, she is. D. No, she can’t.

六. 完形填空(共15分,每小题1分)



Scott works very long hours. He usually gets up at 17:00. He brushes his ______31______ and has a shower. Then he eats his breakfast. What a funny time to eat breakfast! ______32______ breakfast he plays his guitar, and then he goes to work. To get to work, he ______33______ the number 17 bus to a hotel. The bus usually takes him to work at 19:15. He works all ______34______. People love to listen to him! He gets home at 7:00, and he watches morning TV. He goes to bed at 8:30. Can you think ______35______ his job is?

( )31. A. feet B. teeth C. shoes D. clothes

( )32. A. At B. With C. Before D. After

( )33. A. takes B. goes C. gets D. wants

( )34. A. evening B. afternoon C. morning D. night

( )35. A. how B. why C. what D. when


Cinderella lives with a very mean (冷酷的) family. She has to do all the housework. She makes the beds. She does the dishes. She ______36______ the meals. She even takes ______37______ the garbage (垃圾).

One day the family goes to a ______38______ at the prince’s palace (皇宫). Cinderella is ______39______. She says, “I want to go and dance, too! ”

Suddenly a fairy princess comes and says, “I can ______40______ you. ” She gives Cinderella a party dress and a pair of glass ______41______. Then she says, “Come home early. My magic ends at midnight. I’m just learning this job. ”

Cinderella goes to the party and ______42______ with the prince. She forgets about ______43______. Then she sees a clock. It is almost midnight. Cinderella ______44______ home, but she loses one of her glass shoes on the way.

The prince wants to marry Cinderella, but all he has is the glass shoe. Many women try on the shoe, but it doesn’t fit. The prince ______45______, “Everyone has such big feet!” Then one day, Cinderella tries it on, and it fits!

The prince and Cinderella get married, and they live happily ever after.

( )36. A. eats B. cooks C. buys D. gives

( )37. A. with B. up C. in D. out

( )38. A. party B. movie C. picnic D. concert

( )39. A. happy B. sad C. excited D. tired

( )40. A. see B. take C. help D. bring

( )41. A. shoes B. hats C. pants D. gloves

( )42. A. sings B. dances C. plays D. talks

( )43. A. clothes B. food C. music D. time

( )44. A. goes B. walks C. runs D. gets

( )45. A. thinks B. hopes C. finds D. knows

七. 阅读理解(共20分,每小题2分)




Players Wanted

Are you good at playing ping-pong?

Can you play basketball?

Can you run very fast?

Then you can be on our school sports team.

Please call Jack at 87652390.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Do you want to go to a movie?

Then come and see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

It’s an exciting movie.

Time:8:30 am, January 20th

Place:XinXin Cinema

Please call Mary if you want to go. Her phone # 86743169.

( )46. You can buy a red T-shirt for ___________ yuan.

A. twenty B. fifteen C. fifty D. thirty

( )47. You play basketball well and want to join the sports team. Please call ___________.

A. 86743169

B. 88340921 C. 87652390 D. 85347219

( )48. The movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire is very ___________.

A. funny B. interesting C. exciting D. scary


Donald Duck was born on June 9, 1934. Now he is 71 years old. He is the oldest duck in the world. He is very funny. He makes a lot of people laugh again and again. Children around the world all like him.

He first appears (出现) in the cartoon The Wise Little Hen. The little hen works very hard. But Donald Duck and his friend Peter Pig do not want to work. Then the little her gives a lesson. She tells them that work is important.

Donald is like a little man in a big world. He has a good heart. He wants to help others. But things always go wrong for him. He doesn’t like it. He gets angry easily. Then his girl friend Daisy comes to help him. So he tries it again. He thinks there must be a better way to do things. But he does not know another way. It does not matter what other people think of him.

( )49. Children like Donald Duck because he is ___________.

A. old B. funny C. friendly D. little

( )50. The underlined word “them” refers to (指的是) ___________.

A. children B. Donald Duck and Daisy

C. people D. Donald Duck and Peter Pig

( )51. Which sentence about Donald Duck is NOT true?

A. He doesn’t want to work.

B. He doesn’t have any friends.


C. He makes people laugh again and again. D. He is angry when he does something wrong.


Which is better, Radio or Television?

About fifty years ago, when television first came out, people thought that radio was no longer useful. Television has both sounds (声音) and

pictures. It is much more real and interesting to watch television than to listen to the radio.

However, fifty years later radio is still very popular and it will be here for a long time. One reason is that we don’t need to see pictures when we listen to the music on the radio. In fact, listening with your eyes closed is the best way to listen to a piece of music. You can think yourself on a sandy beach or up high on a mountain. In other words, you can create (make) your own pictures.

Moreover, while listening to the radio, you don’t have to take your eyes off your work. For example, you can listen to the radio and drive at the same time. Or you can read a book and listen to the radio. Televlsion, on the other hand, doesn’t have this advantage (优势).

A radio is much smaller than a television. You can take a radio anywhere and turn it on anytime you want. In a quiet place you can use headphones to listen to the news or music on the radio. In this way (用这种方式) you won’t disturb (打扰) anybody. Moreover, a radio is much

cheaper than a television. For less than $ 20 you can buy a small radio and have fun with it.

( )52. What is the passage mainly about?

A. Music. B. Sound. C. Television. D. Radio.

( )53. It’s more interesting to watch TV because ___________.

A. people can make their own pictures

B. people can drive while watching it

C. it has both sounds and pictures

D. it’s the best way to listen to music

( )54. People use headphones in a quiet place because ___________.

A. they don’t want to listen to the news

B. they don’t want to disturb others

C. they can close their eyes

D. they can read a book

( )55. We learn from the passage that ___________.

A. people can take a radio anywhere

B. people can see pictures on the radio

C. a radio is bigger than a television

D. the radio is about 50 years old

三. 根据对话内容,完成对话,每空一词。(共6分,每空1分)

A: Hi, can I help you?

B: Yes, please. I want to _____1_____ the music club.

A: Good. Can I have your _____2_____?

B: John Smith.

A: How _____3_____ are you?

B: Twelve.

A: Can you sing?

B: _____4_____, a little. I like singing and dancing.

A: Do you have an _____5_____ address?

B: Yes, it’s A: Great. _____6_____ a lot.

B: Thank you.



五. 书面表达(12分)


(B)请你根据上述所填写的表格内容,给你的美国笔友Jim写一封短信,可以适当发挥。(共9分)(60词以上) Dear __________

I’m very happy to read your letter! Now let me tell you something about myself.








Best wishes, _________ 8



一. 听对话图(共5分,每小题1分)

1. B 2. A 3. F 4. C 5. E

二. 听对话判断正误。(共5分,每小题1分)

6. F 7. T 8. T 9. T 10. F

三. 听短文,选择正确答案。(共5分,每小题1分)

11. B 12. B 13. C 14. A 15. C

四. 听短文,完成下面的表格。(共5分,每小题1分)

16. December 17. brother 18. 15 (fifteen)

19. English 20. Drawing


五. 单项填空(共10分,每小题1分)

21. C 22. D 23. A 24. C 25. B 26. C 27. D 28. B 29. A 30. D

六. 完形填空(共15分,每小题1分)

31. B 32. D 33. A 34. D 35. C

36. B 37. D 38. A 39. B 40. C

41. A 42. B 43. D 44. C 45. A

七. 阅读理解(共20分,每小题2分)

46. B 47. C 48. C 49. B 50. D

51. B 52. D 53. C 54. B 55. A


一. 选词填空(共6分,每题1分)

1. about 2. Excuse 3. takes 4. sale 5. and 6. work

二. 连词成句(共6分,每题1分)

1. We like bananas very much.

2. Do you have a computer?

3. His mother’s birthday is June 29th.

4. How much are these orange pants?

5. What kind of movies do they like?

6. He does not often go to see Beijing Opera on weekends.

三. 完成对话,每空一词。(共6分,每空1分)

1. join 2. name 3. old 4. Yes 5. e-mail (email) 6. Thanks

四. 阅读下面短文,回答问题(共5分,每题1分)

1. Yes, it is.

2. Christmas is coming.

3. We can find presents.

4. Father Christmas brings presents to children.

5. No. (No, not all people. Some people don’t have food to eat.)

五. 书面表达(12分)


Possible Version

Dear Jim,

I’m very happy to read your letter! Now let me tell you something about myself.

My name is Li Hua. I am 12 years old. I usually go to school around seven o’clock. My favorite subject is music. I think it’s relaxing and I really like my music teacher, Miss Wang. She is very nice. I can sing songs and play the drums in music class. Can you play the drums? What’s your favorite subject? I also like sports and I often play basketball after class. What about you?


Li Hua


一. 听对话,选择与对话内容相符的图片,将代表图片的字母填在相应的序号内。每段对话读两遍。

Text 1

M: Do you like music?


W: Oh, yes. We can sing and we can dance.

Text 2

M: What time do you usually go to bed?

W: I usually go to bed at 10 o’clock.

Text 3

M:What’s your favorite subject?

W: My favorite subject is math.

Text 4

M:How much are these pants?

W:They are 9 dollars.

Text 5

M:Where are my keys?

W: They are on the floor.

二. 听对话,根据对话内容判断下列句子正误。正确的写T,错误的写F。每段对话读两遍。


W: Hey, Ben. Can you help me fill in my calendar?

M: Sure, Sally.

W: Ben, when is your birthday party?

M: My birthday party is October 5th.

W:OK, and when is the basketball game?

M: The basketball game? Oh, it’s September 27th.

W: Good. And how about the school trip?

M: The school trip is November 16th.

W: When is the New Year’s party?

M: Oh, sorry. I don’t know. Maybe we can ask Ms. Zhao.


W: Do you want to go to a movie?

M: Yes, that sounds good.

W: What kind of movies do you like?

M: Well, I like comedies because they’re funny. And I think thrillers are great.

W: How about documentaries?

M: No. Documentaries are boring.

W: I don’t like documentaries, either. And I don’t like thrillers because they’re too scary.

三. 听短文,选择正确答案。短文读三遍。你有10秒钟时间读题。

Hi! I’m Jim. It’s very exciting to have a Chinese friend!

In America, school starts at eight-thirty, so I usually get up around seven o’clock. What time does school start in China? I have breakfast at seven-thirty, but before that I take a shower. My favorite subject is science, because I think it’s interesting and I really like my teacher, Mr. Green. What’s your favorite subject?

My last class is at four o’clock, and after school I like to play volleyball. Can you play volleyball? I can also play the piano, but I can’t play it very well. What are your hobbies?

Today is my mom’s birthday. And I want to go to a clothes store and buy her a beautiful sweater. Do you often buy birthday presents for your mom?

四. 听短文,完成下面的表格。短文读三遍。你有10秒钟时间读题。


Polo is my new classmate. He is 15 years old, and his birthday is December 24th, the day before Christmas Day.

His father works in an office and his mother is a nurse. He has two sisters, a brother and an uncle. He also has a good friend called Mary. She is the same age as Polo. Mary’s home is near Polo’s, so he can often visit her.

He goes to school every day and he’s in Class Six, Grade Nine. His favorite subject is English, and he is very interested in the history of China. He also likes math a lot. He hopes to go to university and becomes a teacher. His hobbies are drawing and taking photos.


初 一 英 语 测 试 题



1. There is o______ one telephone in my home.

2. Is she good at d________ pictures?

3. Ma Lin and Mang Nam are good table tennis p___________.

4. Mrs Smith is very W _______ . She can’t find her purse.

5. I don’t like my aunt. She is not f _________.


1. Skating is my ________ (最爱) sport.

2. Don’t _______ (跟随)me.

3. She is learning Chinese ________ (医学) in her room.

4 . Lucy and Lily are Listening to their teacher ___________ (仔细).

5. His school isn’t far from his home. But he has a ________ (问题).


1. I like doing some ________ (clean) in the morning.

2. Mr Green is a good teacher. He is very _________ (help).

3. Mr Brown works in a ________ (child) hospital in Chongqing.

4. Please look at the two photos. Can you find any _________ (different)?

5. These _______ (Canada) can speak some French.


( )1. The paper plane is ________ the tree. It’s too ________.

A. on, high B. in, tall C. on, tall D. in, high

( )2. They ______ their homework in the evening.

A. don’t do B. don’t C. do, not D. not do

( )3. Tom and Lily learn _______ each other and help each other.

A. of B. at C. from D. to

( )4. There are many _______ in the fridge.

A. bottle apple juice B. bottles of apple juice C. bottle of apples juice D. bottle of apple juice

( )5. _______ is his English teacher.

A. Some of the men B. One of the man C. One of the men D. One of man

( )6. These are ____ and _____ rooms.

A. Lily, Lucy’s B. Lily’s, Lucy’s C. Lily’s, Lucy D. Lily, Lucy

( )7. I can see only one sock. Where’s my _______ one ?

A. others B. other C. the other D. the others

( )8. There is something wrong _______ my bike. Can you help me?

A. of B. with C. in D. for

( )9. Li Ping’s Uncle isn’t a worker ________ a doctor. He’s a postman.

A. and B. but C. or D. no

( )10. How old is Miss Lin? Do you know?

—— Sorry, I don’t know. But she is not old. She ______.

A. look young B. looks fine C. looks very young D. is not young

( )11. There is not _________ in the purse.

A. some money B. some money’s C. any money D. any moneys

( )12. It’s time to go to school. Let ___________.

A. he go B. him go C. he to go D. him to go

( )13. Are you and Li Lei in the same school? -- _________

A. Yes, he is B. Yes, We are C. Yes, they are D. Yes, I am

( )14. Wang Hai goes to school _______ every morning.

A. in, car B. in, bus C. by a bus D. by bus


( )15. ____does Lily like England and ____ does she like about England?

A. How, how B. What, what C. What, how D. How,what

( )16. _____ do the doctors do ______ your machines? Oh, a lot of things.

A. How, of B. What, on C. What, with D. How, for

( )17. Hi, Mary. Here’s a post card ________ you, Who is it _________?

A. to, for B. for, from C. for, for D. to, to

( )18. That is ______ old photo of _______ Green family. It’s a family of three people.

A. am, / B. the, / C. the, a D. an, the

( )19. There is no orang in the bottle. Would you like ______ to drink?

A. Something else B. else something C. else D. something

( )20. He doesn’t want red flowers. He want _______.

A. purple ones B. purple one C. the purple D. purple


1. Li Ping, _______ (not be) late next time, please.

2. What about __________ (run) up the tree?

3. Listen! Some one _______ (sing) in the next room.

4. Let’s ______ (play) class after school.

5. He ______ (do) his homework in the evening. But he ______ (not do) it at this time.

6. He usually likes _____ (dance), but he’d like ________ (go)fishing today.

7. ______ (walk)is good for health.

8. They must ________ (work) hard at English.


1. Can you help him?(同义句转换)

Can you _______ _______ _______ ________ ?

2. They work six days a week. (同上)

They work ________ Monday _______ Saturday.

3. He goes to work in a car. (同上)

He _______ a ________ to work. 划线部分提问)

_______ ________ does it take by plane?

5. He usually gets up at 5:30 in the morning.(现在进行时)

He ________ ________ ________ now. 划线部分提问)

_______ ________ is the meat a kilo?

7. Throw it like this, please.(否定祈使句)

______ _____ ________ like this, please.

8. He isn’t good at math. He ________ _______ well in math.


1.让我们谈谈这幅图片。Let’s _______ _______ the picture.

2.现在轮到你扫了,吉姆。It’s ______ _______ ______ ______ now,Jim.


It ______ _______ two hors _____ finish my homework.

4.谁教我们法语?Who _______ _________ French?

5.他们拼命干活挣钱。They work hard to ________ _______.


Please ______ the English Chinese ______ _______ to me tomorrow.

7.你们为什么不看央视新闻? ______ _______ you watch CCTV news?

8.别担心,学英语要花时间。 Don’t worry. _______English _____ ____.


I’m always very busy (忙的) every day. I usually up early at 6:30 in the morning. But . I’m still sleepy (睡着的) . I 12

put on my clothes, I wash my hands face…Do this! Do that. I have my . I go go school. I usually leave home at 7:00. At school we all study . We study English. Chinese, maths and so on (等等). 中午) I get home and have homework. I go to bed at 10:00 and I go to sleep (入睡.

( )1. A. get B. gets C. getting D. getting

( )2. A. often B. usually C. sometimes D. always

( )3. A. and B. or C. but D. so

( )4. A. Before B. After C. When D. If

( )5. A. lunch B. supper C. breakfast D. meal

( )6. A. easy B. different C. difficult D. hard

( )7. A. on B. On C. at D. At

( )8. A. the B. × C. a D. an

( )9. A. many B. a lot of C. any D. a lot

( )10. A. next B. soon C. first D. last



It’s Sunday. There are many people in the bus. And an old man is looking here and there. He wants to find an empty seat(座位). Then he finds one. He goes to it. A small bag is on the seat. And a young man is sitting beside it.

“Is this seat empty?” asks the old man.

“No, it’s for a woman. She goes to buy some bananas.” Says the young man.

“Well,” says the old man, “Let me sit here please. When she comes back, I will(将) leave here.”

The bus starts(启动).

“She doesn’t come, but her bag is here. Let me give her the bag.” Then the old man throws the bag out of the bus window. The young man jumps up and shouts, “Don’t throw! It’s my bag!”

( )1. The old man wants to find an empty seat _____.

A. in the room B. in the bus C. beside the driver D. in a car

( )2. The old man finds an empty seat. He goes there and finds there is ____ on it.

A. a man B. woman C. a bag D. a coat

( )3. The young man says the seat is for ________.

A. a man B. a woman C. a boy D. a girl

( )4. The bus starts. The old man ______.

A. asks the woman to sit on the seat B. takes the bag to the woman

C. throws the bag to the young man D. throws the bag out of the window

( )5. The bag is ________. The young man doesn’t want the old man to throw it away.

A. the woman’s B. the old man’s C. the driver’s D. the young man’s


Four friends live in a small town. Their names are Cook, Miller, Smith, and Carter. They have different jobs. One is a policeman, one is a carpenter, one is a farmer, one is a doctor. One day Cook’s sonbroke his right leg, and Cook took him to the doctor. The doctor’s sister is Smith’s wife. The farmer isn’t married(结婚). He has a lot of good hens. Miller always buys eggs from the farmer. The policeman sees Smith every day for they are neighbours.

( )1. Who is farmer?

A. Cook B. Smith C. Carter D. Miller

( )2. Cook’s son is taken to _______.

A. Miller B. Smith C. Smith’s wife D. Carter

( )3. If you need, you can get ______ to repair (修理)your desk.

A. Cook B. Carter C. Miller D. Smith

( )4. Smith’s neighbour is ________.

A. the doctor’s wife B. Smith C. Carter D. Cook

( )5. Who is a policeman?

A. Cook B. Smith C. Miller D. cart



Wang Ping and Wang Bin are the twins. They are students. They go to school five days a week. They don’t have classes on Saturday and Sundays.

Today is Sunday. They want to go to the shop. Wang Ping wants to buy(买) a pen and Wang Bin wants to buy a pencil—box. In the shop there are many nice things and a lot of people . Some of them buy apples and bananas. And some of them buy food and clothes. The people in the shop are very friendly. Wang Ping and Wang Bin are very glad(高兴)to come back home with their things.

( )1. The twins go to school from Monday to Friday.

( )2. They go to the shop on Sunday.

( )3. Wang Bin wants to buy a pen.

( )4. The twins want to buy some food, too.

( )5. They are very glad today.


It is in autumn(秋天). A young man comes to a forest(森林). He’s walking beside the forest. On his right is a river. On his left is the forest. Suddenly(突然)he sees two green eyes looking at him from the trees. A tiger(老虎)is getting ready(准备)to jump on him.

What does he do? He must jump into the river. But in the river there is a big crocodile(鳄鱼). Its mouth(嘴)is very big. The young man closes his eyes. The tiger jumps over him. And the young man opens his eyes. The tiger jumps over him. And the young man opens his eyes. The tiger is now in the mouth of the crocodile.

( )1. When does the story take place(发生)? ______.

A. In winter B. In spring C. In summer D. In autumn

( )2. Where is he walking? _______.

A. Near the river B. Beside a forest C. By the river D. Be the lake

( )3. What does he see looking at him? _______.

A. Two green eyes B. A tiger C. A crocodile D. A man

( )4. Does he close his eyes at first(起初)? _________.

A. Yes, he does B. No, he does not C. Yes, he must D. No, he mustn’t

( )5. What does the man see at last(最后)?__________.

A. The tiger is in the mouth of the crocodile B. The crocodile is in the mouth of the tiger

C. A fish in the mouth of the crocodile D. A ship is in the mouth of the crocodile


games in the park. They are having a good t Miss Gao begins to C ,” Tom answers. “Han Meimei!” “Yes,” answers Han Meimei. “Liu Ming!” There’s no a. “Liu Ming” Miss Gao calls again. “W Liu Ming ?” Miss Gao asks. The children don’t k.

Well, Liu Ming is behind a big tree! He’s eating a big apple. He doesn’t wto let the other children know. Could Miss Gao f him?

1 ________ 2 __________ 3 __________ 4 __________ 5 _____________

6 ________ 7 ___________ 8 __________ 9___________ 10 ___________

答 案:

一、A. only drowing players worried friendly

B. favoutite follow medicine carefully problem

C. cleaning helpful children’s differences Canadians

二、1-5 DACBC 6-10 BCBCC

11-15 CBBDD 16-20 CBDAA

三、1.don’t be 2. running 3. is singing 4. play

5. cloes/isn’t doing 6.dancing to to 7. Walking 8.work

四、1. give him a hand 2. from, to 3. takes car

4. How long 5. is getting up 6. How much

7. Don’t throw it 8. doesn’t do

五、1. talk about 2. your turn to clean


3. takes me to 4. teaches us

5. make money 6. give back to

7. Why don’t 8. learning takes time

六、1-5 ACABC 6-10 DDBBB


八、playing, time,home,call,here,answer,where’s,know,want,find


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