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Book 14 Unit 9

Good Health

Lesson 34 What should I eat to keep healthy? (B)

What did you learn yesterday? 上节课重点
1. Many teenagers find it difficult to eat healthily. 2. Over two-thirds of the students didn’t follow a healthy diet. 3. They preferred to eat food with a lot of salt, sugar, or fat. 4. Teenagers shouldn’t eat too much junk food. 5. Salt can cause high blood pressure in the future. 6. Teenagers need to eat some fruit and vegetables every day. 7. Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins and have little fat. 8. This is good for their body and mind.

What will you learn today? 本课学习目标

1.学习谈论健康饮食和膳食平衡问题 2.学会在疑问句中should do和need to do

需要 1. need _________. 作为情态动词的用法: 人称和数 (1) 没有________________的变化。 动词原形 need do的形式 (2) 其后要接_____________,

否定句 疑问句 中. (3) 通常用于____________ 或___________
needn’t eat (eat) much junk food. Children ___________

needn’t ,疑问式 need 提到主语之前。 (4) 否定式用___________


人称和数 (1) 有_______________ 的变化。 不定式 (2) 其后要接_____________ ,need to do

(3) 否定式用助动词don’t/doesn’t/didn’t等。

(2.1) Match the questions about healthy
eating with the answers. Answers: 3-1-2

(2.3) In pairs, write more questions about healthy eating. Then have your partner answer them. A: Does it matter if I eat a lot in the evening? B: It’s not good. Because…

Group Work

假如你是医生, 请根据下面三位同学的问 题和问题后的提示词语, 给他们提出有关 健康方面的建议。 Tom: I am overweight. What can I do? (first of all, change your diet, also, do more exercise, finally, talk to a doctor) Mary: I often hurry to school without having breakfast. (get up early, eat breakfast, every day)

Jerry: I drink lots of soda instead of

water. (a lot of sugar, drink more
water )

Suggestions for Tom:
_____________________________ First of all, you should

_____________________________ change your diet. You should
_____________________________ also do more exercise. Finally, _____________________________ you should talk to a doctor.

Advice for Mary:
_______________________________ You should get up early and eat ____________________ breakfast every day. Suggestions for Jerry: _______________________________ Soda has a lot of sugar. You should _________________ drink more water.

What are the main points today?
1. What do I need to do? You need to drink more milk. 2. What do I need to change? You need to change your diet. 3. What do I need to eat every day? You need to eat breakfast. 4. How many fruits and vegetables do I need to eat? You need to eat some every day. 5. But at the same time, you should pay attention to your

health. 6. Your ability to work and learn depends on the sugar in your blood.

Have you understood everything today? 本课当堂训练

? 用所给词的正确形式填空 ? 1. Many teenagers are overweight because of their bad __________ (eat) habits. eating ? 2. Many teenagers find it difficult to give __________(give) up junk food. healthily (health) is good for us ? 3. Eating __________ to keep __________ healthy (health). ? 4. Tom _______ (prefer) eating food with lots preferred of fat, but now he likes vegetables better.

? 5. Drinking ________ (drink) enough water can help (to) stay ( stay) healthy. your body ___________ to drink (drink) ? 6. Mum oftens tells me _________ some milk before going to sleep. ? 7. My aunt______ weighs (weigh)over 70 kilograms and she worries about her______ weight(weigh). ? 8. – Do you do much __________ exercise ? – Not much. I only do morning exercises _________ (exercise) every day.

Today’s Homework

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