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宾 语 从 句


1.在句中担当宾语的从句叫宾语从句,宾语从句可作谓语动词的宾语,也可做介词的宾语。eg, He said he was good at drawing. (动词宾语)

He asks him how long Mike has been down . (动词宾语)

Miss Zhang is angry at what you said. (介词宾语)

2. 宾语从句的引导词有三类:

(1) 以that 引导的宾语从句,主要用来引导句形式的宾语从句, that可以省略。eg, The

radio says (that) the clouds will lift later on.

She told me (that) she would like to go with us.

(2) 以连接代词which, what, who等或连接副词how, where, why 等引导的宾语从句,


eg, Could you tell me what’s the matter with u?

I want to know how soon it will begin.

(3) 以 whether 或 if 引导的宾语从句, 主要用来引导一般疑问句意思或选择疑问句


eg, I wonder if /whether u have told the new to Li Lei .


(1) 当主句为一般现在时态、现在进行时态、或一般将来时态时,从句可用所需要的任

何时态。 eg, I want to know what time he got up this morning.

You are telling me that you won’t stop until tomorrow?

(2) 当主句为一般过去时态时, 从句要用于过去有关的时态。

eg,They asked what Jean was doing now .

Linda said that the train had left.

(3) 当从句表述的是客观真理或自然现象时,宾语从句要使用一般现在时。

eg, Lisa asked whether light travels faster than sound.

Polly said no news is a good news

注意:一般情况下,whether 和if 可以互用, 但有些情况例外。

1. 当从句做介词的宾于是只用whether 不用if

eg, We are talking about whether we’ll go on the pinic.

2. 引导词与动词不定式或 not 连用时, 只用whether.

eg, Please let me know what to do next.


Could you tell me whether u go or not?

3. if当如果讲时, 引导的是条件状语从句, 这时不能用whether.

eg, You can’t work the plan out if you don’t have the meeting .


1. The teacher asked the students ________.

A. if they were interested in dinosaurs B. when was Albert Einstein born

C. what they will do with the computers D. how many trees they have planted

解析:宾语从句中从句应保持陈述语序,答案B首先删去,主句一般过去式,从句要用于过去有关的时态,删去答案C和D,答案A中的if 意为如果.


2. Could you tell me _______ ?

A. what the matter is with you B. what was the matter with you

C. hat’s the matter with you D. what’s the wrong with you .

解析:what 就是从句的主语,what’s the matter with you 本身就是陈述语序,因此删掉A; 主句可看作是委婉的请求,并是一般过去式,可删去答案B; wrong 前不用加the, 因此此题选


3.He asked me _______ I could sing the song “My Heart will Go On.”

A. if B. weather C.what D. that

解析:此句应选含有疑问意思的关系代词, 故删去D;weather 意为天气,根据句意应选


4.Our teacher told us that the moon _________ round the earth.

A. went B. turned C.go D. turns

解析:从句是一个客观真理,因此从句的时态不受主句影响。 应选 D

5. It makes no difference __________.

A. whether will you come tomorrow.

B. Whether or not will be pass the exam

C. If he will come to the meeting or not

D. Whether he will come to the meeting or not

解析:答案A和B从句不是陈述语序先删掉,if 不能与 not 连用。因此此题选D

6. They don’t know _______ their parents are.

A.that B. what C. why D. which

解析:what 表示职业, 因此选B.

7. I am sure _______ you said is true.

A. what B. that C. which D. who


解析:根据句意应用what , 做said 的内容, 你所说的话。应选A.

8. The old man told us _______ and ________.

A. to do what , to do how B. what to do it, how to do it

C. what to do, how to do it D. what to do , how to do

解析: 疑问词what 即连接不定式,又做 do 的宾语; 而在how 引导的不定式短语中, how 表示方式, do 为及物动词, 因此需接宾语才正确



1.---Do you know when the World Cup ________ next week?

--- Next Friday. When it ________, I will ring you.

A. begins, begins B. begins, will begin C. will begin, will begin D. will begin, begins

2.--- Today or tomorrow?

--- What are you talking about?

--- We are talking about _______ to give a talk on WTO.

A. how B. where C. when D. what

3. I wonder _________.

A. where does he live B. where he live

C. he lives where D. where he lives

4. --- Are you sure you have to ? It's been very late.

--- I don't know _____ I can do it if not now.

A. where B. why C. when D. how

5. ---Would you please tell me _________?

--- In a small village near Niingbo.

A. where was your mother born B. where your mother was born

C. when was your mother born D. when your mother was born

6. The photograph will show you ________.

A. what does our village look like B. what our village looks like

C. how does our village look like D. how our village looks like

7. --- Can you guess if they _______ to play basketball with us?

--- I think they'll come if they _________ free.

A.will come, will be B. will come, are C. come, are D. come, will be

8. ---Where does he come from ?

--- Pardon?


--- I asked where_________.

A…. did he come from B. he came from

C. he comes from D. does he come from

9. She wondered __________.

A. how much he cost the computer B. how much he paid for the computer

C. how much the computer will cost him D. how much did he spend on the computer

10. ---Do you know ________?

--- I'm not sure. Maybe he is a businessman.

A. who he is B. who is he C. what he does

1-5 DCDCB 6-10 BBBBA


D. what does he do

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