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牛津8A Unit1 Revision课件

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8A Unit1 Friends Revision

Sayings about friends
A friend in need is a friend indeed. A life without a friend is a life without a sun. A friend is a second self. A father is a treasure, a brother is a comfort, but a friend is both.

I have two close friends. One is a girl called Tracy and the other is a boy called James. traight Tracy is a good-looking girl with s_______and shoulderlim as I am. She always wears a length hair. She is as s____ mile on her face. When something w______ orries me , she can s_____ rue friend who can always make me happy. She is also a t_____ ecrets and never says a bad w____ keep s______ ord about anyone. She ocial uture wants to be a s_____ worker in the f______ and she also ravel wants to t______ around the world when she grows up.

yesight because of working on the James has very poor e_______ ound glasses, computer too much, so he wears a pair of r_____ mart James has a very good sense and it makes him look s______. umour When we feel b____, ored he always tells funny j____ of h_____. okes to make us l_____.augh However, James has some p______ with his study and he is not w_____ to study illing hard. Can you give roblems him some a______? dvice

Translate some phrases
tell funny jokes 1.说有趣的笑话 as slim as I 2.和我一样苗条 make sb. do sth. 3. 让某人做某事 4. 想成为一个社会工作者
want to be a social worker 5. 让我担心 worry me

straight and shoulder-length hair

6. 直的的披肩发

7.路过我们的课桌 walk past our desk 8.学习上有些问题
have problems with study

has a sense of humour 9.有好的幽默感 keep secrets 10. 保守秘密 11. 感到无聊、紧张 feel bored / nervous 12. 和某人分享某物 share sth. with sb. 13. 视力很差 have poor eyesight 14. 因为太多的电脑工作 because of too much computer work 15. 周游世界 travel around the world 16. 说某人的坏话 say a bad word about sb 17. 给建议 give advice/suggestions 18. 面带微笑 wear a smile on one’s face 19. 户外活动 outdoor activities

Choose the right answers: ( C )1.The film was very _____,so I felt ___. A.bored,bored B.boring;boring C.boring;bored D.bored;boring ( A )2.I don’t know how ________to my

new classmates.
A.to talk B.talking C.talks D.talked

( D )3.We often hear him____this song.
A.sings B.singing C.to sing D.sing

( D )4.He tells funny jokes and always

makes me_________.
A.to laugh B.laughs C.laughing D.laugh

( C )5.I saw Tom _________

basketball when I left school yesterday.
A.play B.plays C.playing D.played

1. 他今天上学迟到了,是因为下大雨。

He was late for school because of the heavy rain.
He was late for school because it rained heavily. Max is so generous that he is willing/ready to share everything with good friends. 3. 什么让她如此与众不同? 是她的幽默感。 ---What makes her so different? ---Her good sense of humour.

2. Max 是如此的慷慨以至于他愿意和好朋友分享一切。

The first pig is quite fat.

The second pig is much fatter.

The third pig is of all.

the fattest

Compare them

1. We use comparatives to compare two people or things than, much, even, a little, of the two , Which/Who is …, A or B? etc. 2. We use superlatives to compare three or more the, of…, in …,

Which/Who is …, A, B or C? etc.
We add ‘the’ before the superlatives.

Complete the table .

smarter larger happier thinner more interesting

smartest largest happiest thinnest most interesting best


以辅音字母+y结尾的双音节词,先改“y” 为“i”,再加-er或-est

happy thin

重读闭音节词只有一个辅音字母时,应先双 写辅音字母,再加-er或-est

部分双音节词和多音节词在前面加more 或most




Form Comparatives and Superlatives
more nervous most nervous nervous ____________ _____________ heavier heaviest heavy ____________ _____________ cheaper cheapest cheap ____________ _____________ most clearly more clearly clearly ____________ _____________ safest safer safe ____________ _____________ more most much ____________ _____________ hotter hottest hot ____________ _____________ more dangerous ______________ most dangerous dangerous ___________ worse bad ___________ _____________ worst farthest/furthest farther/further far ___________ _____________

taller than (tall) Kitty. 1. Simon is __________ the reddest (red) of 2. This apple is _________ all. the busiest 3. My mother is _______ (busy)in our family. dearer (dear),this 4.Which pen is _______ one or that one? The older (old)of the two men is 5. _______ my uncle.

1. 格林先生是这四个人当中最高最胖的。
the tallest and _______________________. fattest of the four Mr Green is ______________ 2. 小香蕉往往比大香蕉好。 Small bananas are often _______________________. better than big ones 3. 我的铅笔比你的短得多。

My pencil is ______________________. much shorter than yours
4. 在中国,哪一条河流最长? the longest Which river is __________________ in China? 5. 他的观点比我的新。 His idea is ____________________. newer than mine

Liu Xiang is as handsome as Yao Ming. Liu Xiang is not as tall as Yao Ming.

I think Cai is as beautif as Zhong.

as…as 和……一样

否定:not as…as

Discussion :What should a true friend be like?

A true friend is someone who may be forgotten when you are happy A true friend is someone who may be most wanted while you are unhappy A true friend needn't apology when he is disturbed;

A true friend needn't reward if he helps you.

Thank you !

Goodbye !

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