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牛津8A Unit1 Friends welcome

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Unit 1 Friends

Questionnaire Who will you talk to when you are in such situations?
Situations Teacher Parents Friends

1. You are very happy.
2. You are very sad. 3. You have a secret. And you want to tell someone. 4. You have problems. 5. You want to go shopping.

1. Do you have a good friend? 2. How old is your friend? 3. What is your friend like? teenager good-looking, handsome musical

4. What is your friend good at?

5. Why do you choose him/her as your good friend?

keep secrets
share my joy

be honest


a b

Do you want some? Can I have some more food? Can I have something to drink?

Do you think Eddie and Hobo are good friends? Why?

teenager : a person who is between the age of 13 and 19 good-looking : handsome musical : good at making music secret : something that you do not or must not tell other people

honest : a person who is true
joy : a very happy feeling

quality : how good or bad something/somebody is

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