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cute/young thin/tall Xiao Xing heavy Tom much younger/… Xiao Xing is _______________ than any other one. Tom is __________________ of all. the thinnest/… the heaviest/… Jim is ___________________of all.
J im


funnier than/…Yao Ming. Pang Changjiang is ________________ more athletic Yao Ming is __________________________ Liu Qian than/… Liu Qian is _________________________of the three the most popular/…

tall/fast/friendly/interesting/cute/short/dangerous… … taller/… Giraffes are ________than Cheetahs.

the fastest /… Cheetahs are___________ of them. more interesting/… than any Dogs are_________________ other one .

dirty/ beautiful/…… The water in Picture 2 is dirtier than that in Picture 1.

Better environment makes us happier and healthier,so we should try to protect our environment.


Work in a group and discuss these things as much as possible. :movies,books,famous people,shops,restaurants,schools,animals,sports,countr ies,classmates,……


The more sentences you make,the greater you are! Who will be the greatest?” Come on!Everybody!

Summary 1 形容词的比较等级 1. 构成
1) 规则变化


long tall
nice large busy easy big hot useful

longer taller nicer larger busier

longest tallest Nicest largest Busiest

单音节词 和 少数双音 节词

bigger hotter


More useful

Most useful

2) 不规则变化

good/well bad/badly/ill

better worse more less

best worst most least

little far

farther/further farthest/furthest

Summary 2

2. 用法
1) 和…一样 as + adj + as Eg:Tom is as old as Kate. He is not so tall as his father. 她的头发和我的一样长。 Her hair is _____________mine. as long as 他不是和 我一样外向。 He ___________________me. isn’t so outgoing as

2) 只能修饰原级的词有very,quite,so,too

quite good/very interesting/… 3)表示“越来越??”比较级+and+比较级
Eg:It’s getting darker and darker. The flowers are more and more beautiful. 越来越年轻、越来越强壮、….. youger and younger,stronger and stronger,……

4)表示“越……,越……” the + 比较级,the + 比较级

The more careful you are,the fewer mistakes you’ll make. 你笑得越多,你越年轻。 The more you smile,the younger you are.
你吃得越多,你就会越胖。 The more you eat,the heavier you are.

可以修饰比较级的词有much,a lot,far,even… 5) . 的多. a little,a bit,…一点儿
easier (容易得多) than Lesson One is much __________ Lesson Two. a little younger Tom looks ________________(年轻一点) than before.

6)系动词 be/feel/get/turn/become/smell/look/sou nd/seem/keep/grow/remain/go+adj.
7)表示“……是……中最……之一”。 one of the + 形容词

最高级 + 复数名词
茶是世界上最受欢迎的饮料之一。 Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

翻译句子: 1.

本书跟那本书一样有趣。This as interesting as book is _____ _____ _____ that one. much ______ colder 2. 今天比昨天冷的多。It is _____ today than it was yesterday. 3. 这个故事不如那个有趣。 not as interesting This story is _____ _____ _____ as ______ that one. 4. 她的身体状况一天天好起来。He is getting _____ ______ every day. better ______ and better 5.他吃的越多,人越胖。The more he eats, heavier he gets. the _______ 6.茶是世界上最受欢迎的饮料之一。Tea is the most popular drinks in the world one of _________________.

【例1】 —Which is_________ D season in Beijing? —I think it's autumn.  A.good B.better C.best D.the best 【例2】 It is_________today than yesterday.Shall we go D swimming this afternoon? A.the hottest B.hot C.hottest D.hotter C 【例3】 Hainan is a very large island.It’s the second____island in China.  A.large B.larger C.largest D.most 【例4】 Her mother was out.She stayed at home______, A large but she didn't feel _________.  A.alone,lonely B.lonely lonely C.alone,alone D.lonely,alone 【例5】 —Is the physics problem_________? A —Yes,I can work it out _________. A.easy,easily B.easy,easy C.easily,easy D.easily,easily

? 典型例题解析

? 课时训练
Ⅰ.写出下列词的比较级和最高级。  1.badly /bad/ill worse—worst 2.early 3.difficult 4.thin 5.hard earlier—earliest more difficult—most difficult

thinner—thinnest  —hardest harder 

? ? ?

6.athletic 7.funny 8.many/much

more athletic---most athletic funnier -----funniest more----most dirtier----dirtiest



 fatter---fattest

Online shopping booms (迅速发展) China
Shi Fang spends more than 4000 yuan a month shopping,but she rarely goes to a shopping mall. “Who needs a shopping mall if you have Taobao(淘宝)?I am a Taobaoer,”says Shi,28,a writer in Beijing. Taobao,China’s largest online shopping site(网点),has become an important part of Shi Fang`s life. She spends half of her monthly salary on Taobao. A growing number of Chnese Internet users like Shi have found the joys of online shopping.Most online shoppers are students or young workers aged 18 to 30.More women shop online than men. Clothing and home-use products are the most popular goods bought online. It was reported that more than 250 billion yuan was spent on online shopping last year,80% through Taobao .com.

Taobao,meaning”hunting for treasure” in Chinese,is owned by the A libaba Group,a global e-commerce(电子商务) site for small and medium businesses connecting buyers with sellers.People can find almost everything they need on Taobao,from clothes to books,from candy toDVD players. The biggest attraction for buyers is the low price

of online goods.Buyers can also check the information easily.They can compare the prices of the same kind of goods from different sellers,and choose the cheapest one. While some may question the security of online shopping,Shi Fang said,”It’s very safe and conveninent.Unless you receive the goods from the sellers and are satisfied with them,the shop owner will not get the money.You can also get a refund(退款)if you want to return the goods.” “Online shopping provides a convenient way for customers who want to shop for variety(多样化),”said Professor Liu,an expert on Internet economy. The growing purchasing power (购买力)of China’s online shoppers has been noted by traditional brands(品牌)from home and abroad.For example,China’s biggest Xinhua Book Store has an outlet on Taobao.

Questions: 1.What goods are the most popular online? 2.Have you shopped online?What do you think of online shopping?(要求用到形容词 比较级和最高级,不少于10句话)词汇: shopping mall,advantages,disadvantages

Thank you! Goodbye!

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