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牛津8A Unit1 Grammar1

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A Description


This is my favorite film star. She has long black hair and big black eyes. She also has a long face, a big mouth and white teeth. She is tall and slim. I think she is very beautiful.

She has short hair. Her hair is short.

Study the use of adjectives
This is a lazy cat.

This cat is lazy.

We use adjectives to describe someone or something. We can put an adjective ______ before a noun (名词) or ______ after a linking verb (系动词).

Linking verbs
be get become grow feel keep




sound taste

Form sentences and tell the use of the adjectives 1. short/ Millie/ hair/ has Millie has short hair. ___________________________ 2. wears/ Sandy/ glasses/ round Sandy wears round glasses. ___________________________ 3. is/ funny/ Amy/ and cheerful Amy is funny and cheerful. ___________________________ 4. like/ Millie/ not/ hair/ does/ long Millie does not like long hair. ___________________________ 5. is/ Sandy/ hair/ tall/ long/ and has Sandy is tall and has long hair. ______________________________

Find out the difference
This girl is beautiful.

That girl is singing beautifully.

We use an adjective with a noun or a linking verb while we use an adverb with a notional verb(实意动词).

The bike is ______. fast
The tractor is ______ faster . The car is ________ the fastest .
Compare them

Compare them
The white dog is very happy.

The yellow dog is still happier.

The black and white dog is the happiest of the three.

The first pig is quite fat.

The second pig is much fatter.

The third pig is the fattest of all.

Compare them

1. We use comparatives to compare two people or things when we see … in the sentence than, much, even, of the two , Which/Who is …, A or B? etc. 2. We use superlatives to compare three or more people or things when we see … the, of…, in …,

Which/Who is …, A, B or C? etc.
We add ‘the’ before the superlatives.

Form Comparatives and Superlatives
构成方法 原级 比较级 最高级

大部分单音节词 在词尾加-er或-est 以字母e结尾的词, 加-r或-st 重读闭音节词只有 一个辅音字母时, 应先双写辅音字母, 再加-er或-est 以辅音字母+y结 尾的双音节词, 先改“y”为“i”, 再加-er或-est

long few cheap nice safe late big hot thin pretty unhappy heavy

longer fewer cheaper nicer safer later bigger hotter thinner prettier unhappier heavier

longest fewest cheapest nicest safest latest biggest hottest thinnest prettiest unhappiest heaviest





部分双音节 词和多音节 词在前面加 more或most

nervous clearly dangerous frightened good / well bad /badly/ill many / much little far old

more nervous more clearly more dangerous more frightened better worse more less farther(更远的) further(进一步的) older / elder

most nervous most clearly most dangerous most frightened best wors

t most least farthest furthest oldest / eldest


We add -er / -est to short adjectives. We use more/ most for long adjectives. (Short adjectives are adjectives of one or two syllables(音节). Long adjectives are adjectives of three or more syllables.)

Complete the table .
adjective funny
good happy


funniest best happiest



more interesting most interesting larger smarter thinner largest smartest thinnest


1. Simon is __________ taller than (tall) Kitty.
2. Peter is __________ the tallest (tall) student of the six students. 3. Sandy is _____________ heavier than (heavy) Millie. 4. Peter is ____________ the heaviest (heavy) student of the six students. 5. Millie is __________ the slowest (slow) swimmer of the six students. Report

6. Amy is ___________ the fastest (fast) swimmer of the six students. 7. Millie’s drawing is ___________________ more beautiful than (beautiful) Simon’s. 8. Sandy’s drawing is ___________________ the most beautiful (beautiful) in the drawing competition. 9. Millie’s English is _____________ better than (good) the best Amy’s. Millie’s English is __________ (good).


Multiple Choice
( B ) 1. My mother is _______ in our family. A.busiest B.the busiest C.busier D.busy ( C ) 2. This apple is _______ of all. A.redder B.the redest C.the reddest D.reddest ( D ) 3.Which pen is _______ , this one or that one? A.dear B.dearest C.the dearest D. dearer ( B ) 4. Kate is ______ than all the other girls. She is _______ of all. A.taller , tallest B. taller , the tallest C. the tallest , tallest D. tallest , the tallest ( A ) 5. _______ of the two men is my uncle. A. The older B. Old C. The oldest D. Oldest

1. 格林先生是这四个人当中最高最胖的。
the tallest and _______________________. fattest of the four Mr Green is ______________ 2. 小香蕉往往比大香蕉好。 Small bananas are often _______________________. better than big ones 3. 我的铅笔比你的短得多。

My pencil is ______________________. much shorter than yours
4. 在中国,哪一条河流最长? the longest Which river is __________________ in China? 5. 他的观点比我的新。 His idea is ____________________. newer than mine

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