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( ) 1. A. fashion B. chat C. change D. lamp(划线是a)

( ) 2. A. pretty B. below C. wallet D. zero(划线是e)

( ) 3. A. silk B. light C. child D. arrive(划线是i)

( ) 4. A. worry B. most C. hope D. note(划线是o)

( ) 5. A. supermarket B. cut C. number D. hundred(划线是u)


( ) 6. It is evening.The girl's shadow is ______. A.small B.short C.long

( ) 7. The ______ are behind the cat.

A.mouse B.mice C.mouses

( )8. Miss Li ______ a bag. I ______a sketch book.

A.have,has B.is ,have C.has,have

( )9. The pair of glasses ______ in my handbag.

A.is B.are C.am

( ) 10. I can't see______durians,but l can see ______pineapple.

A.some,some B.any,some C.any,any

( )11. Eric _______ his bicycle to the shop.

A.rides B.ride C. is riding

( )12. ______ are your English books ? Eighteen yuan.

A.what B.How many C.How much

( ) 13.Mary and Kitty are ______ awake in their bedroom.

A.all B.both C.two

( ) 14.Let's draw a ______ face.

A.cat B.cats C.cat's

( ) 15.Mog ______ like his cushion.It's very hard.

A.don't B.doesn't C.isn't

( )16. Helen wants to be _________ actor or _________ singer in the future.

A. a, a B. the, the C. a , an D. an, a

( )17. –Would you have a drink? -- Yes. Two ________, please.

A. cup of tea B. cups of tea C. cup of teas D. cups of teas

( )18. –Which of the following animals live in the forest? -- _________.

A. Tigers B. Ducks C. Chickens D. Cats

( )19. Dalian is famous for ________ sea food and beautiful beach.

A. it’s B. it C. is D. its

( )20. The park is near the hospital. We can also say it’s ________ the hospital.

A. between B. far from C. next to D. in


21、What color are (this) clothes?

22、He (want) to live in Fujian.

23、I can speak English very well, but I can speak Chinese (little).

24、Please give these books to Tom and Jack. I don’t know (they).

25、Jane (help) me with English.

26、What______ (do) you do last weekend ?

27、I went _____ (swim) yesterday.

28、Did you ______ (see) Amy ?

29、My legs are _____ (long) than Amy’s.

30、I feel sick. My nose _____ (hurt).

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