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1..The box is too heavy. Can you do me a f_________?

2.The naughty(淘气)boy is so c_____that he often forgets his schoolbag.

3. I'm sorry for (lose) your book.

4. We believe you can do (well) next time.

5. Who (invent) basketball in 1891?

6.We will stay at home instead of__________ ?(travel)

7. Jane enjoys playing tennis in different ______(country)

8. I always have great fun_______ (run)every morning.

9. Would you mind ______( give ) me another mooncake

10. My pen is broken. So I use a pencil i______.

11. May I help you with the homework?

-It's very nice of you, but I think I can m______ it myself.

12. My mother f ____ ill yesterday evening, so my father stays at home to look after her today

13. What do you mean by ________ (shout) at me?

14. She always practices _______ (sing) every morning.

15. We should build _______ (we) up.


( ) 1. Would you mind _________ the door? A. open B. opens C. opening

( ) 2. ---Will you join us? ---Yes, _________ A. I'll B. I won't C. I will

( ) 3. I am very sorry _________ what I said A. with B. at C. for

( ) 4. The interesting book kept her __________ for an hour. A. read B. reading C. to read

( ) 5. Would you ___________smoking here? A. mind not B. not mind C. to mind not

( ) 6. You shouldn't shout _____your parents A. at B. to C. with

( ) 7. We will have a football game __________ Class Three this Sunday. A. with B. and C. against

( ) 8. This is a ____ passage(短文). Can you read it for me? A. 200 word B. 200-word C. 200-words D. 200 of words

( )10.I can't swim, she can't ,____. A. too B. also C. but D either.

( )11 ____ my teacher's help ,I passed the exam. A. Under B By C With D .On 1

( )12. Please keep ___.I'm trying to study. A.quietly Bquite Cquiet Dquietly

( )13. -- ____ you ___ me carry the bag? -Certainly, I'm coming. A Do, help B Will, help C Did, help

D May, help

( )14. He is not the best, but he is ___ very famous. A too B also C either D as well

( )15. I often help my mother ___ the house. A to clean B cleaning C cleans D cleaned ( )16. Jim got up early ___ he can catch the bus. A that B instead of C so that D then

( )17. -Would you mind ____ my pet dog? A look after B to looking after C to look after D looking after

( )18. Learning English well is important___ you. A for B with C of D to

( )20.It is a ____ river. A 2.5- meters-wide B 2.5- meter-wide C wide- 2.5 -meters D wide- 2.5 -meter

( )21. Playing soccer can make your body _____. A strong B strongly C to strong D to be strong

( ) 22. -Do you mind my smoking here? - A. Yes, you can B. Yes, I do C. Not at all D. No. you'd better not.

( ) 23. I guess borrow the book. A. somebody other B. other somebody C. somebody else D. else somebody

( ) 24. -Would you mind ______ here? -Sorry. I'll go somewhere else.

A. my smoking B. to smoke C. not to smoke D. not smoking

( ) 25. She is girl A. a 15 years B. a 15-years C. a 15-years-old D. a 15-year-old

( ) 26. Your father is sleeping. Please the radio a little. A. turn on B. turn up C. turn off D. turn down

( ) 27.They have fun in the lake here.A.swim B.swims Cswimming D. to swim

( ) 28. Let's practice A. play B. to play C. playing D. played

( ) 29. Are you still angry_____ me?A .with B. for C. at

( )30. I'm sorry I'm late for class . __________ A. It's doesn't matter B. It doesn't matter C. You're welcome

( )31.Li Ping didn't go shopping.He went skating_____ A.of instead B.inetead of C.instead

( )32.You should study instead of ______out . A.play B.to play C.playing

( )33.There are forty students in my class,one of us____from Canada. A.were B.is C.are D.was

( )34.The boy was ill,____,he went to school at last. A.and B.or C.but D.however

1. -Would you like ________?-Thank you, but I’m not thirsty.

A. some sandwiches B. some mooncakesC. some bread D. some orange

2. -What can I do for you?-I’m looking for _______. A. a pair of shoes B. a pair of T-shirt


C. two pairs of hat D. two pair of trousers

3. There are ________ on the table.

A. a glass of water B. a glass of milk C. two glasses of milk D. a glass of orange

4. How many _________ can you see in the picture? A. box B. books C. man D. woman

5. Lucy put a lot of ________ in ________ of tea.

A. sugar, the two cup B. sugars, the two cups C. sugar, the two cups D. sugars, the cups

6. I’m hungry. Please give me ________.

A. two turkey sandwich B. three turkey sandwiches C. two turkeys sandwich D. three turkeys sandwiches

7. Here’s a recipe ________ super chicken sandwich. A. about B. at C. for D. of

8. I don’t like the color of the T-shirt. Would you show me _______ one?

A. other B. the other C. another D. others

9. He added three slices _________ chicken to it. A. from B. of C. for D. about

10. I want to see a TV play. Can you _______ the TV set?A. turn on B. turn off C. turn up D. turn down

11. If you want to make a banana smoothie, you should _______ the blender.

A. open B. close C. turn on D. turn off

12. Can we _________ our books here? A. put B. puts C. putting D. is putting

13. We must cut _________ the tomatoes and put them _______ the blender.

A. off…in B. up…into C. down…into D. over…in

14. How to eat an apple? First _________ it, then eat it. A. cut B. peel C. turn D. drink

15. He is very tired and he ________ to have a good rest. A. need B. needs C. needed D. needn’t

16. All the ingredients are in the bowl. What do we do then? It’s easy. Mix them all _______.

A. on B. down C. up D. with

17. Give me two _______ of bread and a glass of milk. A. slice B. slices C. a slice D. some slice

18. Do you know ________ women teachers are there in your school?

A. how many B. how much C. how D. how often

19. Don’t ________ water everywhere. A. pour B. put C. pours D. puts

1、How ______ relish do we need for the shake? A some B any C many D much

2、_______ the books in the bookcase, Jerry. A Put B To put C Putting D Puts

3、How ______ your mother _______ fruit salad? A do, do B does, make C does, do D do, make

4、If you add three _______ nine, you get twelve. A up B on C to D in

5、I want to watch the ball game. Can you ___ the TV? A turn on B turn off C open D close

6、Look! There are __________ on the desk.

A four glasses of milk B four glasses of milks C four glass of milk D four glass of milks

7、Which of the following is a healthy drink? A cola B coffee C shake D tea

8、— Why not have a drink in the bar? — ____ . A Right. B It’s OK. C You’re welcome.D Good idea.

9.Would you like some yogurt? —____.


A Yes, I would. B .No, thanks. C Thank you.D It doesn’t matter.

10、Do I need ______ for London tonight? A leave B to leave C leaving D leaves

11、_____ are all the gifts? A How many B How much C How long D How often

12、Put the ingredients in the container and ____, please.

A mix up it B mix it up C mix up them D mix them up

13、Which is a good eating habit?

A Not washing hands before eating B Eating different foods

C Talking much during meals(餐,饭) D Eating chocolates before meals

14、There is some snow on __________ of the mountain. A ground B top C floor D foot

15. You should ___the bananas and put them in the blender. A. cut down B. cut up C. cut in

16. Mon, can I turn ____the TV? I want to watch the soccer game .A. on B. off C. up

17. How _______ yogurt do you need? A. many B. a little C. much

18. I need _____________. A. two slices of breadB. two slices bread C. two slice of bread

19. How ____ cups of milk do you drink every day? A. much B. many C. a little

20. You can ______ some sugar ______ the water.A. add; / B. add; into C. add; to D. add up to; / 21The baby can eat ____________ bread for breakfast. A.two B.many of C.two slices of

22.I have ____________ bananas in the fridge. A.a lot B.many C.much

23. -______girls are there in your class? -Twenty.A. How often B. How far C. How much D. How many

24. Don't______the milk into the cup. It's full. A. peel B. pour C. leave D. drink

25. Would you like to drink the smoothie? -__.

A. Yes, I'd love to B. No, I'd love to C. Don't ask me D. Sorry, I can't

26. There is ______ smoothie in the cup. A. any B. much C. a few D. many

27. -The banana is too big. -You can ______ first. A. cut up them B. cut them up C. cut it up D. cut up it

28. Do you like lettuce ______ sandwiches? A. of B. in C. at D. with

29. -I'd like to eat ______ bread. -Here you are. A. many B. a C. a slice of D. two

30. -Let's make fruit salad. -______.A. No, I'm not B. Thank you C. That's all right D. That's a good idea


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