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2013年九年级英语新目标第三单元Section A 2课件

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新目标 九年级
Unit 3

根据中文完成句子。 1. 应该允许青少年选择自己的服装。 Teenagers ______ ___ _______ to choose should be allowed their own clothes.

2. 安娜想穿耳洞。
Anna wants to ___ ___ ears _______. get her ____ pierced

3. 我认为不应该允许16岁的孩子开车。 sixteen-year-olds I think ________________ shouldn’t be

allowed to drive.

Read the conversation between Sun Fei and Wu Yu and answer the questions.

1. Can Sun Fei go out on school nights? No, she can’t. 2. Can Sun Fei study at a friend’s house? Yes, she can. 3. Who is allowed to go to the movies with friends on Friday? Both Sun Fei and Wu Yu.

4. Does Sun Fei have to be home by

10:00 p.m? Yes, she does. 5. What isn’t Wu Yu allowed to do?
She isn’t allowed to get her ears pierced.

Read the conversation again. Then write Sun Fei’s and Wu Yu’s rules in the chart. Use “Don’t” and “You can”.

Sun Fei Don’t go out on school nights. You can study at a friend’s house.

Wu Yu Don’t go out on school nights.

You can go to the movies with friends on Friday nights.

Sun Fei

Wu Yu

You can go shopping You can go to the movies with friends with friends on Saturday afternoon. on Friday nights. Don’t get home after 10:00 pm. You can choose your own clothes.

Don’t get your ears pierced.

Useful sentences and expressions 1. have a lot of rules 2. at one’s house 3. for example 4. stay at home 5. on school nights 6. study at a friend’s house

7. go to the movies
8. on Friday nights 9. to be home by 10:00 pm 10. on Saturday afternoons 11. go shopping with … 12. choose one’s own … 13. get one’s ears pierced

1. — We have a lot of rules at my house. — So do we. [考例] Jim works hard on his Chinese, and ____. A. so Lucy does B. so is Lucy C. so does Lucy D. so Lucy is [答案和解析] C。当后者的情况和前者一样 时,常用“so + 系动词/助动词/情态动词 + 主语”结构,意为“……也……”。

So do we. 我们家也是(有)。

1) 用副词 too多用于口语, 句末, 肯定句/
问句。either多用于口语, 句末, 否定 句表“……也一样”, also多用正式 文体。 2) 用倒装陈述部分肯定用“so + 谓动 + 主语” 陈述部分否定用“nor/neither +谓动 + 主语”。

1) Li Ming have a good holiday, _____ I. so do so can 2) He can swim, _________ I. so is 3) I’m a teacher, _______ he.

2. though(虽然)与but (但是); because (因为) 与 so (所以)不能同时用在同一个句子。

____ I am allowed to choose my own \ clothes, but I’m not allowed to get my ears pierced yet. = Though I am allowed to choose my own clothes, ____ I’m not allowed to \ get my ears pierced.
3. stay up 不去睡, 熬夜

Role play. Cover the conversation in 3a and

practice. Use the information in the chart.

A: What rules do you have at home? B: Well, I’m not allowed to go out on school nights. How about you? A: I’m not

allowed to go out on school nights either. But I can … (e.g. study at a friend’s house)

Talk to other students in the class and find three people who have to follow these rules. Write their names in the chart. Find someone who … Name Name Name

has to stay at home on
school nights

is allowed to stay up until
11:00 pm

Find someone who …
has to get up early on weekends is allowed to watch TV every night has to clean up his or her room every morning

Name Name Name

Section A总结
1. go out with sb. 与某人一起外出 2. have part-time jobs 从事业余工作 3. get one’s ears pierced 打耳眼 4. choose one’s own clothes 选择自己的衣服 5. a driver’s license 驾驶执照 6. go to the mall 去市场 7. serious enough 足够严肃 old enough 年纪足够大 calm enough 足够沉着 8. sixteen-year-olds 十六岁的孩子们

9. allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 allow doing sth. 允许做某事 10. cut one’s hair = have one’s hair cut 理发 11. stop doing sth. 停止做某事 stop to do sth. 停下手中的事去做另一件事 stop sb./sth. from doing sth. 阻止某物/某人 做某事 can’t stop doing sth. 禁不住做某事 12. on weekends 在周末 13. need to do sth. 需要做某事

14. instead of doing sth. 代替做某事 instead of sth./sb. 代替某物/某人 15. at that age 在那个年龄 at the age of 在某人多大时 16. seem + 形容词/名词/介词 看上去…… seem to do sth. 看上去要做某事 It seems + that从句 看上去…… 17. look/ feel/ sound/ taste/ smell等感官动 词后接形容词

18. so + 助动词 + 主语 和……一样 相关:so + 主语 + 助动词 确实如此 19. on school nights 在上学期间的晚上 20. what about/how about doing sth. ……怎么样?(表示建议) 21. go shopping 去购物 22. stay up 熬夜 23. clean up 打扫、清除 24. stay at home 待在家里

I. 根据句意及首字母提示补全下列句中 所缺单词。 1. His temperature s seems to be all right. 2. He is s silly because he often does foolish things like this. 3. Most of the students think they should be allowed to design their own school uniforms . u

4. You’ve driven too fast. Please show me your license. l 5. We call the persons who are between 13 and 19 t teenagers .

II. 根据句意及所给汉语提示完成下列句 子。 1. I’m too tired now. I’d like to have a rest instead of at home _________ (而不是) playing soccer outside. is good for 2. Doing morning exercises _________ (对 ……有益) your health. stay up 3. You’d better not _______ (熬夜) tonight, because you’ll have to take a test tomorrow.

On / At weekends 4. (在周末) ________________, I often go to the movies / cinema ______________________ (去看电 影). 5. Children under 18 should not be allowed to drink __________________ (允许喝酒) here.

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