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Unit 2
Where is the post office?

an office

a restaurant



a library

a supermarket

a market

a bank

a park

a pay phone

a bridge

a street

a walking street

an avenue

a house

an airport

a hospital

a post office

Match: 1. post office ___ f 2. library ____ a 3. hotel ____ e 4. restaurant ___ i c 5. bank ____ 6. supermarket ___ b 7. street ____ h g 8. pay phone ___ 9. park ___ d




h g Is there a bank f d Yes, there’s near a bank on here? e Street. Center


-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s … the box.

on the box

in the box

under the box

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s ________ behind the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s _____ near the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s ________ next to the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s in _________ front of the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? -It’s across ___________ from the box.

-Where is the soccer ball? between the big box and the small box. -It’s _________________________________



on the street

next to
pay phone






between …and…

Fifth Ave
Bridge Street

post office


across from

behind in front of


Fifth Avenue


-Yes, there is. It’s … / No, there

Is there a bank near here?

Yes, there is. It’s on Center Street.

-where’s the supermarket? -It’s next to the library. i a b

h g f e d







Look at the picture. There’s a school in the picture. on behind It’s________ School Street. The book store is______ next _______ to the school. The bank is ______ the school. The pay phone is_______ between the school and the hospital. across from Can you see the post office? It’s_____ ______the school. There is a supermarket. It’s_____ ____ ____ in front of the park.

There be 句型 1. There is / are ... + 地点 ? 某地有某物 ? 2. Is /Are there... + 地点 ? 某地有某物吗?

这附近有银行吗? 有,在邮局的对面。 -- Is there a bank near here? --Yes, there’s a bank across from the post office.

附近有酒店吗? 有,中央大街有一家。 Is there a hotel in the neighborhood? Yes, there is a hotel on Center Street.

go straight

turn left

/ei /

turn right

Read and find Paul and Nancy in the picture. Paul: Excuse me. Is Country: there a hotel in the City: Toronto neighborhood?
Nancy: Yes, there is.Just go straight and turn left. It’s down Bridge Street on the right. It’s next to a supermarket. Paul: Thank you very much.

Nancy: You’re welcome.

a new house

an old house

a busy street

a quiet street



Welcome to the Garden District
Turn left on First Avenue and enjoy the city’s quiet streets and small parks. Take a walk through the park on Center Avenue. Across from the park is an old hotel. Next to the hotel is a small house with an interesting garden. This is the beginning of the garden tour.


come to the ______ District.
Turn ____ on First Avenue and _____ the city’s _____streets and ____ parks. ___ ____ ____ ____ the park ____ Center Avenue. Across from the park is ___ old hotel. Next to the hotel is a small house ______ ______interesting garden. This is the __________ of the garden _______.

Dear friend,

Read and draw!

I know you are arriving next Sunday. Let me tell you the way to my house. Take a taxi from the airport. You pass a bank on your right and then go down Long Street. You go through Six Avenue ,Seven Avenue, and Eighth Avenue. When you see a big market, turn left. Then go down Bridge Street and turn left at New park. Go down Center Street and my house is on your right. I hope you have a good trip. Yours, Mike

ake sentence.
(1) the, neighborhood, is, a, post, office, in, there ____________________________________? Is there a post office in the neighborhood (2) next, the, to, it, is, library It is next to the library _____________________. (3). bank, is, a,, there, the, park, between, pay phone, and, the Is there a pay phone between the bank and the park ____________________________________? (4)an old hotel ,there ,on ,is ,Bridge Street,the There is an old hotel on the Bridge Street ______________________________.

Complete the conversation in A: Excuse me, Is there a bank ____(1) the neighborhood? go B: Yes. Just _____(2) straight and ______(3) left. turn on It’s down the Second Avenue _____(4) the right. to (5) a post office. It’s next _____ Is A: ____(6) there a supermarket near it? across B: Yes. It’s _________(7)from the bank. A: Thank you very much. welcome B: You’re ___________(8).

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?



next to the library between the library and the bank near the library among on the bank / on the street on Center Street / on the road / on one’s way to on Baishi Street / at 22 Baishi Street across from= on the other side of 在…的对面 on the right 在右边; on the left 在左边 on the right of…在..的右边防 on the left of… 在…的左边 go down 和go up 的区别

welcome to… ? enjoy +sth/ doing sth ? be interested in… 对…感兴趣 ? the beginning of… …的开始 ? at the beginning of… …在…的 开始 ? be busy with sth 忙于某事 ? be busy (in) doing sth 忙于做某事

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