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Period 7

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Unit 1 Friendship
Period 7

Summing Up and Assessment

I Reading task Friendship in Hawaii
1. Discuss: what do you know about Hawaii? ? Where is Hawaii? Which country does it belong to? ? What is the weather like in Hawaii? ? What is it famous for?

2. Look at the picture on page 44 and discuss what you might expect to see in Hawaii.

Reading task

Beautiful beach

Hula dance flowers

Reading task
3. Read the passage as quickly as possible and try to find out what each of the following words means in the language of the Hawaiians.

Words aloha lokahi kokua ohana lei


Reading task
aloha lokahi kokua ohana lei


to be with happiness /goodbye/our hearts singing together oneness with all people help family a circle of flowers worn around the neck

Reading task
4. Find the answers to the following questions.

? What are the ways Hawaiians show friendship? Hawaiians say “aloha” to each other to show friendship. They welcome people with “lokahi” which means “oneness with all people”. They give visitors a “lei” to make them feel at home.

Reading task
? Why do many different peoples call Hawaii their home?
It is because Hawaii is a place where many cultures are encouraged to live together peacefully and cooperate with each other.

Reading task
? How do people in Hawaii get on with each other? They try to help each other so that all feel stronger. They solve problems with understanding and treat all people as if they are part of the same family.

Reading task

5. Discuss in pairs:
Which idea or action would you like to make into law to improve the friendliness of people towards each other?

Write down what you’ve learned about friends and friendship. _____________________________________ From Unit 1 you’ve also learned: ?useful verbs: ?useful nouns: ?useful expressions: ?a new grammar item:

III Self Evaluation
Things I can do I can read and spell most of the new words and expressions. I have learned about the Second World War and the background of The Diary of Anne Frank. I can use some vocabularies from the reading text to my writing. I can make sentences by using some new words or phrases. I have learned to summarize the main idea of the text by finding key words or key phrases. I have learned to write a letter of advice and a story. I have learned some useful proverbs, poems about friendship. I have learned a new way—brainstorm for more ideas. There are still something I need practice in ________________________________________________ Evaluation 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1

IV Self Test For Unit One

1.Match the correct expressions:
1) Do you agree that playing football is better than watching it on TV? 2) Could I ask you a rather personal question? 3) Would you like to go for a picnic this weekend? 4) Do you mind if I open the window? 5) It’s getting late. I’m afraid I must be going now. A.Ok. See you. B. Of course,

go ahead. C. I couldn’t agree more. D. Yes, a good idea.

E. I’d rather you didn’t. I feel a bit cold.

2. Complete the sentences by selecting the proper words or expressions below in their proper forms.
in order to; get along/on well with; ignore communicate; recover; upset; pack up; suffer; go through; be concerned about; on purpose

1) Jim, who has grown up in a circus, is able to ______ with all the animals. 2) The villagers _______ a lot after the flood, because they had no homes to live in. 3) It made her _______ that she didn’t do well in the final exam.

4) Air pollution is one of the problems that we can’t afford to ______. 5) Was it an accident or did David do it _______? 6) After taking this medicine, injured people will soon __________. 7) She __________ everybody in our class, so she was appointed as monitor. 8) Mary said that she would ________ her suitcase right away because she was leaving the next day. 9) _______ catch the first bus, he gets up early. 10) He thought that no one ________ his future.

3. Complete the short passage by using suitable words or phrases you have learned from the reading text. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be ___1)___ for so long that I’ve grown so ___2)___ about everything to do with ___3)____.... For example, when it was so warm, I stayed awake ___4)___ until half past eleven one evening ___5)___ have a good look at the moon for once by myself. I didn’t ___6)____ open a window ….It was the first time in a year and a half that I’d seen the night ___7)___.

4. Change the following sentences from direct speech into indirect speech or from indirect speech into direct speech. 1) Mr. Wang said, “ I will leave for Shanghai on business tomorrow morning, children.” _________________________________________ 2) The geography teacher said to us, “ The moon moves around the earth and the earth goes around the sun.” _________________________________________

3) “Where are you going?” the father asked his son. ________________________________________ 4) She said, “ Did you meet this man at the station two hours ago, Mr. Li?” ________________________________________ 5) She said that she would finish her work the next day. ________________________________________

6) My teacher asked whether he was coming. ________________________________________ 7) The scientist asked me what I was doing. ________________________________________

5. 语法填空
Dear Xiaodong, Some people like talking with others, but others may be shy. If you fall into the second group, it can not be easy to make __1)__. But you can change the situation. What are you __2)__ (interest) in? If you like basketball, for example, you could talk with some of your classmates who like___3)__. The easiest way to start talking to people is to find something you have in common. If you are standing beside a group of your classmates, ___4)__(join) in their discussion if you know something about the su

bject they are discussing. But if you don’t, you shouldn’t feel ___5)___to say, for example, “ That sounds interesting. What is it about?” __6)__ you start talking to one person, it will get easier to talk to others. Find one person you have something in common with, and once you become friends with him, his friends will start talking to you, ___7)___. Good luck! Editor

6. 基础写作: 请根据下面内容,用英语给你的朋友李明写一封信。
下星期五是你的生日。你准备在家里开一个生日晚会,并 邀请一些好朋友和同学参加。晚会8:00开始。你家住在解放路 24号,乘30路在解放路站下车或乘搭地铁在解放站下车,然后 向南走50米。你家的房子是黄色的,门是白色的。很容易找到。 写作要求: 必须使用5个句子介绍所给的全部内容; 句子要连贯; 文章开头已给出。 Dear Li Ming, Next Friday is my birthday. …

V Homework
1.Review all of the language points and grammar item in Unit One, and sum them up in your notebooks. 2.Finish the writing. 3.Listen to the tape and learn the pronunciation of the new words in Unit Two.

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