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外研版九年级下英语 Module 10 Unit 1

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Module 10 My future life
Unit 1 I’m going to miss my classmates.

New words





请再说一遍 举起

pardon int. raise v.

1 Look at the picture. Answer the questions.

1. What’s the special event? 2. What is everybody doing? 3. Are you going to have a school leavers’ party?

2 Listen and answer the questions. Use the words and expressions to help you.
beat 节奏 floor 地板 ceiling excuse me fetch flag 天花板 抱歉 去拿来 旗帜 hang menu vacation 假期 悬挂 菜单

Questions and Answers
1. What is Betty doing? She’s dancing. 2. What does Betty’s mum think will happen? She thinks the ceiling will fall down. 3. What does Betty refuse to eat, and why? A sandwich. Because there’s going to be a menu of international food.

4. How are they going to decorate the hall?

They’re going to hang up international flags. 5. What will Betty’s mum do at the end of the
evening? She’ll fetch Betty. 6. What happens after the end of term? She’ll have a vacation.

3 Listen and read.
Pre-listening questions:
1. What’s Lingling feeling at the party?

Enjoyable, but a bit sad.
2. Who will give a speech? Betty.

4 Listen again and make notes about:
Their feelings enjoyable, a bit sad The decorations wonderful, international flags

The music Their plans

The menu Their hopes for the future

cool, great beat, a bit noisy Tony: stay in China Betty: finish high school education in China, then go home Daming: become an English teacher hot dog, ice cream, sandwich
always stay friends

5 Read the questions and decide if we know the answers. Do you know … If you know, answer the questions.
1. What Lingling’s plans are? No, we don’t. 2. What people think of the music? Yes, we do. It’s cool, with a good beat, but a bit noisy. 3. What Tony’s plans are?
Yes, we do. He hopes to say in China.

4. What’s on the menu? Yes, we do. Hot dogs, ice cream and sandwiches. 5. What they wish for when they raise their glasses?

Yes, we do, their friendship and the future. 6. What Betty’s speech about is?
No, we don’t.

6 Answer the questions.
1. How long does your summer vacation last? 2. Where do you hang your coat? 3. What colour is our bedroom ceiling? 4. What is / was on the menu at your school today?

Students’ own answers

5. When do you say “Excuse me”?

When you want to interrupt someone, ask a question of a stranger or you make a mistake.
6. What colours are the American flag?

Red white and blue.

Discuss with your partner about the questions bellow.
1. What will be your feeling when w graduate? 2. Do you have any plan for your future? What is it?

Language points
1. beat n. (音乐、诗歌等的)主节奏,节拍 The beat of the music was so fast that I couldn’t follow it. 音乐节奏太快,我跟不上。

2. a bit 一点,一些?? ? a bit + adj. / adv. I felt a bit frightened when seeing the

dog. ? a bit of + n. 一点,一些?? There is a bit of water in the glass. = There is a little water in the glass.

3. I’m going to miss my classmates. be going to 可以表示打算、意图,也可 以表示可能性。如:It’s going to rain. 这 句话中的 be going to 表示可能。

4. intend to do sth 打算做某事 = plan to do = be going to do He intended to give a party in his home, but his mother didn’t allow him to. Annie intends to go to Australia next year if everything goes well.

5. for long = for a long time 很长时间 Have you been waiting for long? 你等了很久了吗? She went out into the garden but she didn’t stay for long. 她去了花园,但是没有呆多久。

6. And we’ll always stay friends. 我们永远是朋友。 stay 意为“保持;使处于??状态”。如: The shops stay open until 9 pm. 商店一直营业到晚9点。

7. fetch (去)拿来 Please fetch me my glasses. 请把我的眼镜拿来。 8. Here’s to our friendship, everyone. Here’s to … 祝酒的常用语,意为“为?? 干杯”。

Useful expressions
1. You look great! 你看起来很棒! 想念某人 2. miss sb 再说一遍 3. Pardon? 4. intend to do sth 打算做某事 5. for long 很长时间 6. I hope so. 我希望如此。 7. stay friends 永远做朋友 8. Here’s to 现在为了… 9. excuse me 抱歉,对不起 10. Cheers! 干杯!

Pronunciation and speaking
7 Listen and repeat the passage from the conversation.
Yes, it’s very enjoyable, / but I feel a bit
sad. / I don’t know when / we’ll be back

in this hall / all together again. / I’m
going to miss my classmates.

8 Say this passage aloud. Make sure you pause at the end of each sense group.
Let’s raise our glasses. Here’s to our friendship, everyone… and the future! And now, excuse me. I must make a speech!

Now listen and check.

9 Work in pairs. Think about your plans for the future. Talk about your answers to the questions.
What are your plans and hopes for the future? Are you going to have a school leavers’ party? What will you do on vacation? Will you miss your friends and classmates?
Next year I’m going to senior high school. It’s in…now, so I hope to see all my friends there…

1. ―How much oil do you want? ―_____. C (2006?上海) A. A few B. A bit of C. A little D. Many 2. — Tommy, do you know if Frank ____ A to the zoo this Sunday if it ___? — Sorry, I have no idea. (2009年湖北省孝感市 ) A. will go; is fine B. goes; is fine C. will go; is going to be fine D. goes; will be fine

Finish the exercises in the

workbook Ex. 5, 6, 11,12 & 13.

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