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1.These flowers are from Guangdong. He said.

He said _______ these flowers _______ from Guangdong.

2. Light travels faster than sound. My teacher told me.

My teacher told me _____ light _______ faster than sound.

3.There will be a meeting in five days. Jack didn’t know.

Jack didn’t know _____ there _____ ____ a meeting in five days.

4.Can they speak French? I want to know.

I want to know ______ _______ _______ _______ French.

5.Are the children playing games? Tell me.

Tell me ______ the children ______ ______ games.

6.Have you finished your homework yet? Mr. Zhao asked Ma Gang. Mr. Zhao asked Ma Gang ____ _____ ____ ____ ___ homework yet.

7.How many people can you see in the picture? Who knows?

Who knows ______ _____ _____ ____ _____ ______ in the picture?

8.Where did she park her car? Do you know?

Do you know _____ _____ ____ her car?

9.What does he often talk about? The girl wondered.

The girl wondered _____ _____ often ________ about.

10.Who knocked at the door so loudly? I don’t know. I don’ t know ____ _______ at the door so loudly.

11. Does he still live in that street? I don't know.

I don't know ______ he still _______ in that street.

12. What's his name? I asked him.

I asked him what _____ _____ _____.

13. When does the train arrive? Please tell me.

Please tell me ________ _________ ________ _________.

14. Do they want fried chicken? He asked the boys.

He asked the boys _______ they ______ fried chicken.

15. Was the watch made in Shanghai? I don't know.

I don't know _______ the watch _______ made in Shanghai.


( ) 1. What did Mike say? He said ____________________.

A. if you are free the next week B. what colour was it

C. the weather is fine D. summer comes after spring

( ) 2. Tom asked my friend ________________.

A. where was he from B. that the earth is bigger than the moon

C. when did he come back D. not to be so angry

( ) 3. Let me tell you __________________.

A. how much is the car B. how much does the car cost

C. how much did I pay for the car D. how much I spent on the car

( ) 4. Peter knew _______________.

A. whether he has finished reading the book

B. why the boy had so many questions

C. there were 12 months in a year D. when they will leave for Paris

( )5. Could you tell me ___________?

A. where do you live B. who you are waiting for

C. who were you waiting for D. where you live in

( )6. I can't understand ______the boy alone.

A. why she left B. why did she leave

C. why she had left D. why had she left

( )7. She told me the sun ______ in the east.

A. rise B. rose C. rises D. had risen

( )8.I don't know ________ up so early last Sunday.

A. why did he get B.why he gets C.why does he get D. why he got

( )9. The manager came up to see __________.

A. what was the matter B. what the matter was

C. what the matter is D. what's the matter

( )10. He asked his father _______.

A. where it happens B. where did it happen

C. how it happened D. how did it happen

( )11. No one tells us______, so we need your help.

A. how we should do B. what should we do

C. how to do it D. what to do it

( )12. Could you please teach me _______ the computer.

A. how check B. to check C. how to check D. to how checking

( )13.They don't know _______their parents are.

A that B what C why D which

( )14. ─Where do you think ______ he _____ the TV set?

─ Sorry, I've no idea.

A./, bought B. has, bought C. did, buy D. did bought

( ) 15. Our homework has changed a lot. Who can tell _____ it would be like in _____ five years.

A. how, another B. what, more C. how ,other D. what, another

( )16. ─ Could you tell me ______? ─ Yes. He ____ to the USA.

A. where is he/ has been B. where he is/ has gone

C. where was he/ has been D. where he was/ has gone

( )17. ─Mike wants to know if ____ a picnic tomorrow.

─Yes. But if it _______, we'll visit the museum instead.

A. you have/ will rain B. you will have/ will rain

C. you will have/ rains D. will you have/ rains

( )18. I really don't know if she _______ it when she ________.

A. finds/ arrives B. finds/ will arrive

C. will find/ will arrive D. will find/ arrives

( )19.Miss Liu said ______ she would leave the message on the

headmaster”s desk.

A. that B. where C. which D. what

( )20. He asked me _______.

A. who will kick the first goal in the World Cup

B. when was the APEC meeting held

C. when China became a member of the WTO

D. where the 2008 Olympics will be held

( )21. In the bookshop , a reader asked the shopkeeper ______ Who Moved My Cheese was an interesting book.

A. that B. how C. what D. if

( )22. You must remember _______.

A. what your teacher said B. what did your teacher say

C. your teacher said what D. what has your teacher said

( )23. I don”t know ______ .

A. which room I can live B. which room can I live

C. which room I can live in D. which room can I live in

( )24.--Do you know when he ______ back ?

--Sorry , I don”t . When he _______back , I”ll tell you .

A. comes ; comes B. comes ; will come

C. will come ; comes D. will come ; will come

( )25 The girls asked if they ____ some food and drink with them.

A. took B. take C. takes D. will take

( )26 Mary said that she ___ to Guangzhou.

A. has never gone B. had never gone

C. has never been D. had never been

( )27 The students want to know whether they___ a PE class today.

A. had B. has C. will have D. are

( )28. Can you tell me___ you were born, Betty?

A. who B. what C. when D. that

( )29.I don't know ___ they have passed the exam.

A. what B. if C. when D. where

( )30. Do you know _____ they listened to yesterday evening?

A. what B when C why D how

( ) 31. I don’t know ___________________

A. what does he like best B. what he like best C. what he does like best D. what he likes best

( ) 32. Can you tell me ______________________?

A. where she lives B. where does she live C. she lives where D. where she live

( ) 33. He asked me _______________________________.

A. what time is it B. what time it is C. what time was it D. what time it was

( ) 34. Do you know _______________________?

A. how much did it cost B. how much it did cost C. how much it cost D. how much does it cost

( ) 35. The man asked her _______________________.

A. why did she do it B. why she did it C. why she does D. why does she do it

( ) 36. Nobody knows _________________________.

A. when will she come back B. when she come back

C. when she will come back D. when does she come back

( ) 37. Mum asked _______________________________.

A. where he was B. where was he C. where he is D. where is he

( ) 38. Do you know _______________________________?

A. what they are looking for B. what are they looking for

C, they are looking for what D. what do they look for

( ) 39. The teacher asked ________________________________.

A, who can answer this question B. who could answer the question

C. what question did she ask D. she answered this question

( ) 40. I asked her ______________________________.

A. whether he has been to Australia B. whether has he been to Australia

C. whether he had been to Australia D. whether he goes to Australia

( ) 41. The teacher told us ________________________________.

A. that light traveled faster than sound B. if light traveled faster than sound.

C. that light travels faster than sound D. if light travels faster than sound

( ) 42. He said that __________________________________.

A. he is doing his homework B. he does his homework

C. he was doing his homework D. he do his homework

( ) 43. I asked him _________________________.

A. where did he go B. where he went C. where does he go D. where he did go

( ) 44. --Excuse me, could you tell me _____ get to the plane? --Certainly. Go straight alone here.

A. how can we B. how we can C. when can we D. when we can

( ) 45. Do you know ____________he will ride here at 8 tomorrow morning?

A. when B. where C. whether D. how

( ) 46. --Can you tell me why __________________? --Because I want to help the people there.

A. do you go to Tibet B. did you go to Tibet C. are you going to Tibet D. you are going to Tibet

( ) 47. Do you know _______________________________?

A. what time does the train leave B. what time leaves the train

C. what time the train leave D. what time the train leaves

( ) 48. Did he tell you ____________________at the school gate?

A. who he waited for B. who he is waiting C. who did he wait for D. who he was waiting

( ) 49. Could you tell me _______________________?

A. who is he B. where’s the nearest restaurant

C. if he will come tomorrow D. which way is to the underground station

( ) 50. --Do you know ___________? --Sorry. I don’t know. You may ask the woman over there.

A. when the shop opens B. when is the shop open

C. when does the shop open D. when will the shop open

( ) 51. I don’t feel well. Mum asked me ______________-this morning.

A. what the matter is B. what is wrong C. what was the matter D. what wrong was

( ) 52. You must remember ________________________.

A. what your teacher said B. what did your teacher say

C. your teacher said what D. what has your teacher said

( ) 53. Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me __________________________?

A. where is the bank nearest B. where is the nearest bank

C. where the nearest bank is D. the nearest bank is where

( ) 54. We want to know ____________________in the future.

A. what is our life like B. what our life is like

C. what will our life like D. what our life will be like

( ) 55 --Dad, do you know ______________________? --In half an hour.

A. when will the football game start B when the football game will start

C. when is the football game going to start D. when shall we start the football game

( ) 56. Could you tell me _______________________?

A. which bus they are waiting for B. which bus are they waiting for

C. they’re waiting for which bus D. which bus they wait

( ) 57. I asked her __________________________.

A. whether did she like the red one B. whether she likes the red one

C. whether does she like the red one D. whether she liked the red one

( ) 58. I shall take back __________________just now.

A. that I said B. what did I say C. how I said D, what I said

( ) 59. He asked me ____________he had come here or not.

A. why B. how C. that D. whether

( ) 60. Can you guess ___________________the people in the picture are ?

A. when B. whom C. whose D. who

( ) 61. I’m thinking about ________________________________.

A. if I’ll help her B. whether I’ll help her C. what I’ll help her D. that I help her

( ) 62. --We never know _____________. --They say he is a teacher.

A. what the old man is B. what is the old man C. who is the old man D. which the old man is

( ) 63. --Can I help you? --Yes, can you tell me ___________________?

A. how can I use the telephone B. where is the washing room

C. which is the most popular book D. when is the shop closed

( ) 64. --Do you know ____ Mr. Black’s address?

--He may live at NO. 28 or No. 19 of Bridge Street. I’m not sure of ____________.

A. where, which B. where, what C. what, which D. what, where


1. Jim told me ____ he didn't go fishing yesterday afternoon.(how, why)

2. Do you know ______ else is going to be on duty today?(who, whom)

3. She said _____ it wouldn't matter much.(that, if)

4. He always thinks ______ he can do better.(how, who)

5. I really don't know ________ the bridge will be finished.(how long, how soon)

6. They don't know _______ to go or wait. (if, whether)

7. We are talking about ______ we’ll go back tomorrow. (whether, if)

8. I was really surprised at ______ I saw. (where, what)

9. I don't know ____ so many people are looking at him. (how, why)

10. Do you know ______ you are studying for? (why, what)


1. “Do you want to try it?” Tom's mother asked him.(同义句)→

Tom's mother asked him _______ _______ ______ to try it.

2. I think this is a good idea.(改为否定句) →

I _______ ________ this ________ a good idea.

3. Lucy hasn't decided which trousers to buy.(改为复合句) →

Lucy hasn't decided ________ _________ ________ _______ buy.

4. I don't know how I can get to the hospital.(改为简单句) →

I don't know ________ ________ ________ to the hospital.

5. I don’t suppose they will come, _______ ______ ? (改为反意疑问句)


1. We are sure that he ________ (go) to school tomorrow.

2. Do you know who ______ (be) the first man to walk on the moon?

3. Could you tell me where the post office ______ (is)?

4. Our father said that he _______ (will) buy a new computer.

5. I hear that he _______ (swim) in the sea yesterday.

6. The little boy tells us where his father _______ (work).

7. He said that he _________ (finish) his work already.

8. They thought they could _______ (hike) to the top of the mountain.

9. He was glad that so many people _____ (help) him.

10. She doesn’t know whether ________ (go) or wait.


一、1.that, were 2.that, travels 3.that, would be 4.if/whether they can speak 5.if/whether, are playing 6.if/whether he had finished his 7. how many people you can see 8.where she parked 9.what he, talked 10.who knocked 11.if/whether, lives 12.his name was 14.if/whether, wanted

15.if/whether, was

二、1—5: DDDBB 6—10:ACDBC 11—15:CCBAD 16—20:BCDAC 21—25:DACCA 26—30:DCCBA

三、1.why 2.who 3.that 4.how 5.how soon 6.whether 7.whether

8.what 9.why 10.what

四、1.if/whether he wanted 2.don’t think, is 3.which trousers she can

4.how to get 5.will they

五、1.will go 2.was 3. is 4.would 5.swam 6.works

7.had finished 8.hike 9.helped 10.to go

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