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Book 9 Unit 13 Reading 学案

Unit 13 Receiving money makes me uncomfortable


1. 阅读、理解短文意思。

2. 阅读策略:将所学的知识用自己的亲身经历去实际运用效果更佳.

3. 理解、掌握课文中的一些词汇,并能运用所学词汇造句,完成一些练习 二、重、难点: 理解短文意思。

三、学习过程: (一)、主题复习: (二)、情景导入:


1. 谈论图片,感知课文:How is the girl feel? Why does she feel so?

How would you feel if you received such a gift on Christmas Day? 2. 粗读课文,回答问题:How many people received gifts? Who are they?

4. 通读全文,体验成功:Why would people rather give money than give gifts?

5. 同伴互助,读懂全文:

Try to find some “make” short phrases(短语) in the passage

6. 能力提升,完成句子:3a

Finish the sentences according to the reading.

1. Receiving money might make_______________________________.

2. We might pretend to like a gift because it makes _____________. 3. Han Ling wore the sweater to make__________________________.

4. It’ 5. It’s sometimes easier to_______________.

(四)、阅读策略:将所学的知识用自己的亲身经历去实际运用效果更佳.. Write a short passage talking about feelings when receiving a gift. 1. What was the gift?

2.Who gave it to you and why?

3.How did you feel when you opened it? Hello, everyone!

gave it to me. It’s .I hope my gift is tell me what’s your favorite gift? That’s all,Thank you! (五)、复习巩固,综合运用:(今天的知识你都掌握了吗?不妨测试一下)

1. 这故事如此悲伤以致于它令我们哭了.The story was so sad that it ____________________

2. 考试总让他很紧张.Exams always ______________________________

3. 大声的音乐令我很想跳舞.___________________________________________. 4.Much noise makes me _______.

A. stressing out B. stressed out C. to stressed out D. happily

5.---Do you think wearing glasses ___ me ___ smart? --- Yes. I think so.

A. make, look B. makes, looks C. makes, look D. make, to look

6. I prefer ___ a small gift that has some thought behind it rather than ___ some money.(2007年中考题)

A. to receive, to getting B. receiving, getting C. to receive, get D. receiving, get

7. I prefer _______. It’s so exciting.

A. watching football match B. watch basketball match C. play football D. skate

8. ---How about going hiking this weekends? --- Sorry, I’d rather ___ at home. A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stayed (六)、延伸拓展Homework New year is coming. Imagine you will give different people different gifts. What gifts will you give people? How will they feel? Why?

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