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九年级英语形成性评价四 ( 2010.10 )

Chapter 4 What should I do ?

I. 听力测试(20分)


1. A. Really? Wonderful! B. I go to school at seven. C. It’s time to go to school.

2. A. She is better now. B. She likes dancing. C. She is tall and pretty.

3. A. No, I don’t agree. B. That’s all right. C. Yes, I think so.

4. A. What a pity. B. You are unlucky. C. Congratulations!

5. A. Yes, I do. B. No, I didn’t. C. Yes, I play it every day.


6. A. At home. B. In the hospital. C. In the classroom.

7. A. To the factory. B. To the store. C. To the hospital.

8. A. Tom’s friend. B. Tom. C. Tom’s uncle.

9. A. In a hospital. B. At fourth street. C. On a bus.

10. A. He’ll buy another kind. B. They’ll get some more tea. C. They don’t have any more tea. 听下面一段对话,回答11-12小题。

11. What does John want to be when he grows up?

A. He wants to be a teacher. B. He wants to be a football player.

C. He wants to be an astronaut.

12. What would John like to do if he wants to be stronger?

A. He’d like to have more healthy food. B. He’d like to play football every day.

C. He’d like to do morning exercise.


13. Who is Mr. Smith?

A. He’s Miss Lin’s friend. B. He’s Miss Lin’s classmate.

C. He’s a science teacher.

14. What did Tom want to borrow from Miss Lin?

A. He wants to borrow a VCD. B. He wants to borrow a book.

C. He wants to borrow a magazine.

15. What do Tom’s classmates think about the life on Mars?

A. They think it very interesting. B. They find it a little boring.

C. They hope they could go to Mars.

C. 听短文,在短文空格处填入适当的词使短文完整,每空一词(听两遍)。

The Yellow Mountain is in Anhui Province in China. It is one of the most wonders in the world. Every year a lot of travelers, including many, many come to visit.

Last week, I went there my parents by train. It was my first time to go there. I got very excited when I saw the great mountain. It took us a long time to get the top of it. We enjoyed the sea of , wondrous pines and unique rocks around us. Each of us was at it. We really had a good time.

II. 词汇 (15分)

A. 单词拼写

1. My finger was cut by a__________(偶然地)while I was making a kite.

2. He seemed g__________ (内疚 )and didn’t know what to do.

3. What do you a_________ (建议)the writer to do now?

4. He went to the hospital to receive the m__________ (医疗) treatment .

5. She put salt into her tea by m____________. (错误地)

B. 词形填空

1. Do you know the topic of the ____________ at the meeting ? (speak )

2. Please wash your feet before ___________ the swimming pool . ( enter )

3. I find the book quite __________ because it doesn’t contain any information I want. (help )

4. The president has accepted the __________ to visit China. (invite)

5. _______________ between people who speak different languages is difficult. ( communicate )

C. 词组运用

1. You’re adult (成年人) now. You should ____________________ what you say and do.

2. This ancient vase was found ____________________ while the farmers were digging a well.

3. I’d like to go with you ____________________ so that I can give a helping hand.

4. The children ____________________ get the little duck out of the hole.

5. You mustn’t take the cart with you. It ____________ to the supermarket.

III. 单项选择(20分)

( )1. I’m going to listen to the radio. Please ________ any more.

A. not to talk B. don’t talk C. not talk D. talk

( )2. --Where you

-- I to the teacher’s office.

A. have gone, have gone

B. have been , have been

C. have gone, have been A. very , to talk

D. have been , have gone C. too, to talk to B. not to play football D. not play football

D.too, to talk

( )3. My friend was afraid the police.

B. so, to talk

( )4. The police told the boys ________ on the road. A. don’t play football

C. not playing football school boy.

A. entered , next to C. entered , next A. worked A. studying

A. for , for

B. entered into, next to D. entered into, near to C. working C. to study C. for, to

D. to work D. study D. of , to

( )5. Three young strong boys my carriage and sat down a young

( )6. The boss made the workers over twenty hours a day.

B. work

( )7. The teacher expected all his students ________ harder.

B. studied B. of , for

( )8. It’s bad you to be rude others. ( )9. We didn’t stop ________ until we reached the end. A. having a rest

A. did

B. have a rest B. do

C. to have a rest D. to having a rest C. does C. to finish

D. doing D. finished D. so, of keeping

( )10. They were busy their homework in the classroom. ( )11. It’s not easy for me ________ the work.

A. finishing A. /, to keep

B. to finishing B. so, to keep

( )12. Because she was rude, I made the decision the money.

C. /, of keeping

( )13. -- Shall we go there foot?

--Sorry, we haven’t decided to go there. A. on, how

B. by, where

C. by , what B. to watch , play D. watch, play C. to lock

D. on, where

( )14. Let us you A. to watch , to play C. watch, to play A. lock

( )15. Please remember ________ the door before you leave the room.

B. locking B. for us eat

D. locked D. for us to eat

( ) 16. It is necessary ________ various kinds of food every day. A. of us to ear

C. of us eat

( ) 17. The girl is often heard ________ in next room. A. to sing A. to see

B. sing

C. sang C. see

D. singing D. saw D. to opening D. dresses

( ) 18. I would like ________ your new bicycle.

B. seeing B. open B. dress

( ) 19. It is very hot here. Would you mind ________ the window? A. to open

A. to dress

IV. 完形填空(共10小题;每小题1分,计10分)


In England, people talk about the weather because you can experience (经历) four in one day. In the morning, the weather is warm, just in spring. An hour black clouds come and then it hard. The weather gets a little cold. In the late afternoon, the sky will be sunny, the sun will begin to , and it will be summer at this time of a day.

In England, you can have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter you can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes you should take clothes.

When you go to England, you will see that English people usually take an umbrella(雨伞), or a with them in the sunny morning, but you should not at them. If you don’t take it with you, you will regret(遗憾)later in the day.

( ) 1. A. never B. sometimes C. often D. not ( ) 2. A. times B. months C. weeks D. seasons ( ) 3. A. as B. like C. so D. than ( ) 4. A. later B. late C. soon D. latest ( ) 5. A. snows B. rain C. rains D. windy ( ) 6. A. cloudy B. sunny C. shine D. shining ( ) 7. A. either B. too C. neither D. also ( ) 8. A. warm B. cold C. cool D. hot ( ) 9. A. sweater B. raincoat C. coat D. hat ( ) 10. A. smile B. laugh C. look D. cry

V. 阅读理解 (共15小题;每小题1分,计15分)


C. opening C. dressing

( ) 20. The boy is old enough ________ himself.

( ) 1.What's wrong with Li Hua?

A.He wants to chat with his teacher,but the teacher doesn't like him.

B.His teacher invited him to have a meal but he didn’t like to eat.

C.He helped his teacher move home but the teacher didn’t pay him.

D.He is so shy that he doesn't know how to get on well with his teachers.

( ) 2.Why did the teacher think she didn't treat Li Hua well?

A. Because she was too busy to invite Li Hua.

B.Because she was too tired and felt unhappy.

C.Because Li Hua didn't have much food.

D.Because Li Hua didn’t like to chat with her.

( ) 3.What do you think of Li Hua?

A.Quiet. B.Outgoing. C.Creative.

B D.Active.

A traveler came out of the airport. There were a lot of taxis. He asked every taxi driver’s name.Then he took the third one.It cost 5 dollars from the airport to the hotel. “How much does it cost for the whole day?” the man asked.“l00 dollars,”said the taxi driver.This was very expensive, but the man said it was OK.

The taxi driver took the man everywhere.He showed him all the parks and gift shops in the city.In the evening they went back to the hotel.The traveler gave the taxi driver 100 dollars and said,“What about tomorrow?” “It's another l00 dollars,”said the taxi driver. But the traveler said,“That's OK! See you tomorrow.” The taxi driver was very pleased.

The next day the taxi driver took the traveler everywhere again. They visited all the parks and gift shops again,and in the evening they went back to the hotel. The man gave the taxi driverl00 dollars again and said,“I'm going home tomorrow.” The taxi driver was sorry because he liked the traveler,and above all, 100 dollars a day was a lot of money. “ So you’re going home.Where do you come from?” he asked. “I come from New York !” said the traveler. I have a sister in New York.Her name is Susanna. Do you know her?” the taxi driver asked.“0f course I know her. She gave me 200 dollars for you!”.

( ) 4. Why did the taxi driver feel sorry when he knew the traveler would go home on the third day?

A. The taxi driver and the traveler became friends.

B. The taxi driver wanted to get more money from the traveler.

C. The traveler was his sister’s good friend.

D. The taxi driver and the traveler came from the same city.

( ) 5. ________asked the traveler to give the money to the taxi driver.

A.The traveler's sister

C.The driver's sister

B.The traveler himself

D.The driver's friend


(China Daily《中国日报》,March 3, 2001)

The biggest shopping Center will open on March 8. Everybody with today’s China Daily will get a small present that day. You are welcome. Telephone: 38990688; Address: No. 6 Xidan Road… (English News Paper, March 19, 2001)

English News Paper needs a foreign editor. He(she) must have worked in China for more than 2 years. British nationality (国籍) is necessary (必需的). The salary (薪水) is $ 100,000 a year. The

term (期限) is 3 years. In ten days this piece of advertisement (广告) will not be useful. Telephone: 38900666; Address: No. 6 Xingling Road…

(China Football, February 3,2001)

Shanghai Shenhua Team versus (和……对抗)Beijing Guo’an Team

TIME: February 8, Sunday(3:00)

PLACE: Hongkou Stadium

TICKET PRICE: RMB :25 yuan (for adults 成年人)

RMB: 15 yuan (for students)

NAME: China Cup Football Contest

COACHES(教练): Xu Genbao, Jin Zhiyang.

( )6. If someone has a China Daily of March 3, 2001, he will get a small present

A. every day B. from China Daily D. on March 3, 2001

C. on March 8, 2001 . ( )7. If a British editor has worked in China for 3 years and come to English News Paper Office A. get the job

C. be a good editor

B. not get the job D. be not useful ( )8. When and where will the football match be? A. In Hongkou Stadium on Sunday. B. In Hongkou Stadium on February 8. C. In Guo’an Stadium on Febrauary 8. D. In Shenhua Stadium on February 8. yuan.

A. 165 B. 135 C. 195

D. 225 ( )9. If three adults and six students want to watch the match, the tickets will cost RMB ( )10. Which of the following is not true?

A. The shopping center is at No. 6 Xidan Road.

B. The telephone number of English News Paper is 38900666.

C. The match is between Beijing Team and Guo’an Team.

D. Xu Genbao is a coach.


Do you read some columns in newspapers and magazines? Do you think they are helpful to everyone who reads them? Here are some:

( ) 11.Lana wanted to borrow Carmen’s ____________.

A.plate B.science book C.dictionary D.exercise book

B.She lost her exercise book.

D.Her son didn’t find a job.

B.sleep till 9 o'clock

D.look after his mother ( ) 12.What’s Kay’s problem? A.She broke her friend’s plate. C.Her friend didn’t like her gift. A.find an interesting job C.find a iob in two months ( ) 13.Sally suggested that Lisa’s son should______.

( ) 14.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.Carmen and Lana are good friends.

B.Lana wanted to copy Carmen’s answers.

C.Lisa’s son finished college at the age of 22.

D.Kay’s friend liked the plate very much.

( ) 15. What may be the “Title “ of the columns?

VI.选用since, while, because, until, before填空。

1. I have been there many times ________ the war.

2. He didn’t go to school ___________ he was ill.

3. John likes to listen to music he works.

4. The train had left they got to the railway station.

5. He never goes to bed he finishes his homework.

VII. 根据对话内容补全下列句子。( 5 分)

Mike: Hello, Mary! May I have a talk with you?

Mary: Sure.

Mike: What’s your father’s job?

Mary: He’s a doctor.

Mike: Where does he work?

Mary: He works in a hospital.

Mike: Can you tell me something about your father’s hospital?

Mary: I don’t know much about his work. I just know he is very busy every day. He works five days a week, from Monday to Friday. Sometimes he works on Saturday or Sundays. He gets up

A. Sally’s mail box. C. Newspapers and B. Problems and advice. magazines. D. Sally’s letters.

early in the morning. He cooks breakfast for my family. After breakfast he goes to work at 7:10. He has lunch at his workplace. He comes back home at about 6:30. My mother cooks dinner. After dinner my father does the washing. Then he goes out for a walk. Before he goes to bed, he often reads some newspaper or watches TV. He goes to sleep very late.

Mike: Thank you, Mary. I’d like to write something about your father, and I want to put it in our school newspaper. Do you think it’s OK?

Mary: I think so.

1. Mary’s father is a ________.

2. Mary says her father works in a ________.

3. We know Mary’s father is very _______ because he works five days a week and does some housework every day.

4. Mary’s father has lunch at his ________.

5. Mary’s father often ______ before he goes to bed.




假设你是Mike,请根据下面所给的Mike’s Family Tree, 以“My Family” 为题,写一篇小短文。

要求: 1、条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确,书写清晰、规范;



______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________


I. 听力部分(计20分)


1. We don’t have to go to school tomorrow, do you know?

2. What does she look like?

3. Do you think they should also be treated with kindness?

4. The organizers chose me to be the host of the charity show.

5. Did you use to play the piano?


6. W: I feel very tired. I can’t go to work.

M: Let me have a look. It’s nothing serious. Take this medicine three times a day.

W: Thank you, sir.

Q: Where are they?

7. W: I’m going to do some shopping.

M: Get me a toothbrush. OK?

W: OK.

Q: Where is the woman going?

8. W: Tom, there’s a telephone call for you half an hour ago.

M: Oh, who was it?

W: It was your uncle.

Q: Who made a telephone call half an hour ago?

9. W: This bus goes to the hospital, doesn’t it?

M: Yes, it does.

W: Where should I get off?

M: At Fourth Street.

Q: Where are they?

10. W: Shall we make another cup of tea?

M: Why not?

Q: What does the man mean?


W: What do you want to be when you grow up, John?

M: I want to be an astronaut, Mum.

W: Why do you think so?

M: Because I think it must be interesting to watch Earth from space.

W: But you have to be strong and healthy if you want to be an astronaut.

M: You’re right, Mum. If you let me play football every day, I’ll be stronger.


M: Excuse me, Miss Lin. Have you got any VCDs about the life on Mars?

W: Yes, Tom. I’ve got some.

M: That’s great. Could I borrow one, please?

W: Of course, you can. Why do you need it?

M: The science teacher Mr. Smith asked us to read books or watch VCDs to know more about Mars. He said you had some VCDs.

W: Are you interested in the life on Mars?

M: Yes, and so are my classmates.

W: Oh, I see. Here is it. I hope it can be helpful to you.

M: Thank you, Miss Lin.

W: You are welcome.

C. 听短文,在短文空格处填入适当的词使短文完整,每空一词(听两遍)。

The Yellow Mountain is in Anhui Province in China. It is one of the most famous wonders in the world. Every year a lot of travelers, including many, many foreigners come to visit.

Lat week, I went there with my parents by train. It was my first time to go there. I got very excited when I saw the great mountain. It took us a long time to get the top of it. We enjoyed the sea of clouds, wondrous pines and unique rocks around us. Each of us was amazed at it. We really had a good time.

I. 1-5 ACCCB 6-10 BBCCB 11-15 CBCAA 16-20 famous, foreigners, with, clouds, amazed

II. 1. accident 2. guilty 3. advise 4. medical 5. mistake

1. speaker 2. accidentally 3. unhelpful 4. invitation 5. pleased 6. advise 7. hesitation 8. Communication 9. personal 10. medical


A. 1.invitation 2.frightened 3.decision 4.medical 5.personal 6.grateful 7.further

8.healthy 9. called 10. longer 11-15

III. 1-5 BBCBA 6-10 BCDCD 11-15 CBADC 16-20 DAACA

IV. 1-5 CDBAC 6-10 CAABB

V. 1-5 DCABC 6-10 CBBAC 11-15 DACCB

VI. since, because, while, before, until

VII. 1. doctor 2. hospital 3. busy 4. workplace 5. reads some newspapers or watches TV XIII. One day, I decided to see a film, so I took a bus to the cinema. When I was sitting in the bus, I saw an old lady getting on. I stood up at once and offered my seat to her. The old lady sat down happily and thanked me. When the bus stopped in front of the cinema, I got off and waved goodbye to her. I felt happy because I did something good for others.


My Family

Hello, friends! My name is Mike Brown. Please come and meet my family!

My father is Mr. Jim Brown. He’s 40/ forty. He’s a policeman. My mother is Mrs. Lily Brown. She’s 37/ thirty-seven. She’s an English teacher. I have a sister. Her name is Ann Brown. She’s 13/thirteen. She’s in Class Two, Grade Three, Guangming Middle School. I’m 11/ eleven. I’ m in the same school, but I’m in Class Four, Grade One.

Look! This is my family!

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