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姓 名:杨慧方

年 级: 班 级:专升本2班 学 号: 辅导教师:

Unit6:I am more outgoing than my sister Section A Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am very glad to have this chance to share my lesson with you. And welcome to my class! Today I will talk about unit6: I am more outgoing than my sister.


There are 8 part in my outline, they are: background information, teaching objectives, teaching contents, teaching aids, teaching procedure, summary, homework and blackboard design. And then I will talk them one by one.

Background information

a. student:60 junior high school students, Grade 8. 14years old.

They are active and curious about new things.

b. Teaching material: Go for it! In this book, there are many

pictures and dialogues. And it is useful attract the attention of my students.

c. Teaching method: CLT, PPP, TBLT

d. Lesson duration: 45 mins

Teaching objectives

By the end of the class, the students should

a. improve the speaking and reading skill, and then learn

something about how to compare people and things.

b. develop their abilities of communicating and cooperating

with others.

c. learn how to talk about personal traits.

Teaching contents

New words: outgoing, twin, calm, wild, serious, athletic New structures: Pedro is funnier than Paul.

Tina is taller than Tara.

Tom is more athletic than Sam. Difficult point: It is difficult for student to distinguish the usage of “more outgoing” and “taller”. That is to say in which situation we should use “more +adj”

will practice it more in the class.

Teaching aids

We all know that students are interest in various kind of classes. So in order to attract the attention of my students, I will make use of blackboard, chalks together with PPT.

Teaching procedures

step1: lead-in

step2: presentation

step3: practice


And then I will talk about them step by step.

Step 1:Lead-in

Because the students all have curiosity about new things, and they know me and want to learn about my family members. So in the lead-in step, I will say that I have a sister, and let them to have a guess about what she looks like and what she is like. And they will have a guess. Then I will show our photo on the screen, and at last, I say that I am more outgoing than my sister, by doing this I will lead in my topic.

step 2: presentation.

First I will make use of PPT again to present more pictures, and then we will learn our new words--- outgoing, twin, calm, wild, serious, athletic

Then I use the pictures that have distinguished features, and compare with each other, then our new structures---

Pedro is funnier than Paul.

Tina is taller than Tara.

Tom is more athletic than Sam.

At last, I will show the comparative form on PPT.


After learning the new words and new structures, we would better have a practice. So lets begin our practice.


Look at pictures on PPT, to find out the words that fit for its features. And

find words to describe themselves and their partners.

that is a pair work: I will let my students compare with their partner, compare the differences, and use the new structures to speak out, and to share with us.

Step 4: Production

So much for this step, now we will turn to the last step of teaching procedures---production. In this step, I organized two group works for my students:

group work1:I think that students all have someone to admire, image that you will be a person like him/her, one of you as a reporter, make an interview make use of the structures we learned. Then the reporter will report to all of us.

group work2: get students to design their future and have a free talk. Pay attention to our new structures. Then share with



is summary time.

In this part I will give my students a chance to sum up what we have learned in our class. And then I will pick up one or two of them to share their opinions with all of us.


and maintain our new knowledge. So I will make two homework for my students:

1). Finish the T or F question on page 33.

2). Make a future design and write an article

make use the new structures.

Blackboard design

new words, and the right part for our new structures.

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