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1.I am on the swim team.

2.The boy is lying on the grass with his eyes open

3.He does n’t feel lonely ,although he lives alone in a lonely island.

4.Tom didn’t go to school yesterday,did he?___________,though he was badly ill.

A Yes ,he did B No.,he did n’t

5.Maria has few friends in china ,______he ?(hardly few no little )

6.When we were running on the playground,Jack suddenly stopped_____(run)and lay on the ground ,so we all stopped_______ (see)what was wrong with him.

7.after reading the story about Jingjing,i was very_____(impress)._____________.she is really brave.


9.Later on ,i _______________________

10.教室必须每天被打扫。The classroom__________________________________.

11.some students think _____english songs helps to improve their english a lot.(sing)

12.all of us were______at the _______news.(frustrate)

13.eating_______(太多)_______bad for your health.

14.my dad bought me a new MP4 ,but i don,t know_________.

———let’s read the instructions.

A what to use B which one to use Chow to use it D when to use it.

15.she saw him ____basketball on the playground just now .(play)

16.What should i do to learn english grammar well?__________ notes carefully

In class is a good way (take)

17.will you go to Jerry’s party next Saturday ?

I will if i ___________,A invite Bam invited C will be invited D will invite

18.Lily does n’t know ______she and her friends can do to help the little boy______parents have left their hometown for making money.

A that;whose B how;who C what ;who D what ;whose

19.I still remember the college and the students _____i visited in London years ago.

20.Can you tell me ______Huang Hua will give us a speech this afternoon.

--------Yes,they will.He is the top student ______ we all admire.

21.what shall we do next?

Take the advice______which is given by your father.

A who B which C whose

22.what are you looking for ?

I am looking for the book (_____ you lent me yesterday.)

23.The designers (_____helped us build the library )are from the UK.

24.There will be a flower show in the park____we visited last week.

25.Mr Smith( ______ is smoking )is looking for _____ he lost yesterday.

26.I am looking for the ring(____ my husband bought me last year.)

27.I will never forget the days(_____we spent together)

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