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2013江苏译林牛津英语预备课程Lesson3 A& B

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Part A In the class
? A1 Look and read

——What’s the time? 现在几点钟? ——It’s…

? ? ? ?

What do you do at 7:30? It’s time for class. 上课的时间到了。 吃中饭的时间到了。 It’s time for lunch. It’s time for … 是该干……的时间了

? stand up, please. 请站起来。 sit down 坐下 ? stand up 站起来 反

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Open your books and turn to page 16. 把书翻到16页。 open your books 把书打开 turn to page… 打开到…页 close your books 把书合起来 look at the blackboard 看黑板 look at sth 看某物 看图片 look at the picture

? Read the new words after me. 跟我读生词。 ? read…after sb 跟着某人读……

? Listen to the tape. 听录音。 ? listen to… 听…… ? 听歌 listen to the song
? write down 写下,记下 ? 记下答案 ? write down the answers

Practice(Part A2)
? 1. read, listen, write ? 2. open, close ? 3. sit, stand

B My classmates
? Look at some pictures and answer some questions. (看图片并回答问题)

— Is there …? — Yes, there is./No, there isn’t.

— Are there …? — Yes, there are./No, there aren’t.

Which team can list the most things in the classroom?

Part B1 Read and learn

Hello. I’m Sally. Welcome to our school. Look! This is doors and windows my classroom. The ________________ are all clean. clean The floor is _____ too. _______________ boys and There are sixteen fourteen ___________ girls in my class. There are fifteen _______ and thirty ________ for us. ________ desks also a chairs There is big desk ______________. There’s _____________ in for our teachers some fans too. the classroom. _________ a map of China TVs, but _________ computer. There are ______________
There aren’t any
there is a

there is + singular nouns (单数名词)

there are + plural nouns (复数名词)

Practice (Part B2)
? 1.There____thirty students in Sally’s class. are ? 2.There ____fifteen desks and thirty chairs for are the students. is big desk for the teachers. ? 3.There ____a is map of China in the classroom. ? 4.There ____a are ? 5.There_____some fans too. ? 6.There_____ TVs, but there___ are ____any not is ? a computer.

? hello ?welcome ?look ?classroom ? doors and windows ?floor ?16 boys and 15 girls ?15desks and thirty chairs ?a big desk ?a map of China ?fans ?there aren’t ?computer

? 1.默写单词(Page50 time-page)(晚自习 晚自习之前) ? 2.Part A, B &C onPage 68-69. ? 3.背诵 Page 14对话, 背诵Part B1


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