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1. do sth by doing 我通过每天练习说英语来提高我的说的技能/口语

go to sp. by bus /car / plane/ bike =take the bus/ drive the car/ fly /ride a bike to sp. go to sp on foot=walk to sp.

2.have/has done 主动 have/ has been done 被动

标志 since two years ago/1998/last night/ I was eight since then so far For +three years (一段时间)

Over the years

in the last /past few years

Before 单独使用 I have never seen an Indian film before.

7.It has been /it’s two years since his grandfather died

3.I don’t have a partner to practice English with.

I don’t have a house to live in

She is easy to get along with .

There is so much to see and do there.

4.there is /are/was/were/is going to be/will be (就近原则)(不能和have连用) there ___a book and some pens.

there used to be (曾经有)

there has been(现在完成时)

There be sb. Doing 有人正在操场上踢球 There +情态动词(表推测)sb. +doing 一定是有某个东西闯进了我们的小区的家里。

5.it’s + adj (important /necessary /crucial/convenient)+(for sb )to to sth 对某人来说做什么是怎样的

It’s important /helpful/crucial to sb/sth It’s a great place for the family to take a vacation.

It’s such a good idea to put up some advertisements/ads asking for volunteers.


Memorizing the words also helps a little .(做主语,谓语动词用单数)

My hobby is collecting stamps (做表语) My dream is to become a doctor (做表语) 学习英语的最佳方式是加入一个英语俱乐


It’s said that_________ is useful.(大量阅读) I dream of becoming a doctor

My dream of becoming a doctor comes true. (His books came out )

You must work hard to make your dream come true.

I will work hard to achieve/realize my dream.

So far,the things on display have been sold out.


Finish,practice,be worth ,be busy 完成 实践 值得 忙

Consider, suggest ,can’t help ,feel like 考虑 建议 不禁 想

Miss, be/get used to, give up 错过 习惯 别放弃

Keep on ,enjoy,mind 继续 喜欢 要介意

Pay attention to doing hold on to doing look forward to doing

8.后接to do

It’s best to do the way to do be willing to do would like (sb )to do

want(sb)to do be unable/able to do (don’t)need (sb/sth)to do (need/needn’t do sth 情态动词) prefer to do/doing used to do have to do decide to do make a decision to do choose to do attempt to do pretend to do (be pretending to be asleep pretend to be reading)

hope to do wish/expect (sb)to do

be (not)supposed to do be sure(not) to do ask/tell sb(not) to do

10.the answer to the question

11.the solution to the problem the key to the door

the ticket to the ball game

answer the question solve the problem the way to school

reply to the letter/question

12.He is one of the boys who are from


He is the only boy that is from America

12.特殊疑问词+ to do

I don’t know what to do /where to go /what to wear /when to start

I can’t choose which pair of jeans to buy.

13.a six-month course

A sixteen-year-old boy

an eighteen-year-old boy. She is fifty years old

Sixteen -year-olds are...

Eight hours’ sleep

Ten minutes’walk/ride

Six months of training

many years of hare work/many years’ hard work


Can you tell me who the guitar belongs to .(同义句 whose)

What kind of volunteer work do you think i could do ?(疑问词+do you think+句子(陈述


Can you tell me what’s happening outside/what happened outside?/what’s wrong with him ?/what’s the matter with him.

He told her what a brave girl she was. Sth happen to sb

Do you know __________(他爸爸是做什么的吗)

15.动词+副词 构成的词组 ,代词放中间 Give it up look them/it up in a dictionary.

16.find it +adj +to do sth

find sth /doing sth +adj

find that 从句

find sb doing

Look for find find out (三者的区别)

17.make sb do sth make sb/sth +adj make it possible for sb to do sth keep sb /sth+adj

18.get/have sth done 使 ....... 被 ;请别人做

19.unless 的翻译(如果不...., ....) (除非......否则)

Unless you speak English yourself ,it’s best to travel with someone who can translate things for you. translate ....into 2o.a woman with a camera

a musical group with a pretty strange name (表伴随) a room with a kitchen

a house with a big garden/a swimming pool. Now the teenagers with the same problem often chat with friends on the internet.

He came in with a cup full of/filled with water in his hand.

Beijing is an old city with a 100-year history/with a history of 100 years./which has a 100-year history.

21.doing 表伴随

I feel nervous talking in front of many people

He looked around finding a good study


Parents will spend many happy hours walking through the History Museum.

The things( happening in our neighborhood)are quite strange.

T he book (written by Mao Yan) came out last month

“Animal Helpers” is an organization (set up to help disabled people)

22.before /after /while doing

He always washes his hand before eating. He went to sleep after watching a film on the internet.

He likes talking while eating

23.as +形容词或副词+as 和...... 一样 . He speaks English as well as foreigners . He can look after his sister as well as his mother,

He can work as hard as Jim

She is as smart as her friend.

否定 not as/so ....as 不如

He is not as/so tall as his little brother.

He doesn’t work as hard as Jim=Jim works harder than him.

as much as possible as soon(时间) as possible /sb can /could

24.she is so young that she can’t go to school.

She is not old enough to go to school . She is too young to go to school

The box is too heavy for me to carry

The box is not light enough fo me to carry The box is so heavy that i can’t move it .

25.prefer A to B

Prefer doing to doing

Prefer to do rather than do sth

Would do sth rather than do sth would rather do sth than do sth

Prefer(not) to do would rather (not)do sth Prefer doing sth

26.He watched TV instead of doing home

work last night (未做)

I will go to the party instead of you.(代替)

Let’s not worry about our problems .let’s face the challenges instead . (要做)

rather than 而不是 ,连接两个并列结构 She enjoys dancing rather than singing

27.worry 担忧的表情(不可数)worries 令人担忧的事

Friendship 友谊(可数) friendship 友情(不可数)

Pleasure (feeling of happy)(不可数) pleasure(令人快乐的事)(可数)it’s a pleasure to do sth .

He is pleased with our work.

We spent a pleasant evening.

28.one of +(最高级 )+名词复数

29.Why don’t you do sth ?

30.Why not do sth

31.Sth belong to sb

32.Sth must be


33.A friend of mine

34.A photo of his/hers

35.The car cost me 2,000 yuan

I paid 2,000yuan for the car.

I spent 2,000yuan on the car .

I spent 2,000yuan buying the car.

I spent two hours doing my homework yesterday .

It took me two hours to do my homework yesterday.

34.the most famous =the best-known

35. go Somewhere cool

36.enough money good /well enough

37.What else someone else everyone else’s

38.Many photographs are on display in this exhibition .

There are many photos on display in this exhibition.

39.suggest doing sth .can you give me some suggestions /advice on….?

His words suggested that he didn’t care about the matter at all.

as the name suggests .

40.so smart a boy such a smart boy.

41.Quite an expensive place

42.quite a beautiful place

43.neither 两者都不 either 两者之中任何一个都可以/亦用于否定句中表示也 both 两者都 all 三者及以上都 none 三者及以上都不

44.Neither he nor i like playing basketball.

45.Either fish or vegetables are good for health.

46.Not only A but also B

47.A or B

48.Both he and i are worried about friends’ safety

49.He ,together with /along with/with/as well as his friends____ going to the park tomorrow.

50.So +助动词+sb ( ……也是) neither do sb (否定)(……也不)

I hope to go somewhere cool on vacation. 我也希望如此。

I haven’t seen a film this year.__________.I haven’t seen a film since two years ago. so sb + 助动词 (…… 确实如此)

Teenagers are under much pressure._____________.They have too much home work to do.

47.We Chinese(同位语) are hard-working

48.They each have an apple.

Each o f them has an apple

Neither of them has been abroad. None of them has been to China.

Not only do I feel good about helping others,but also i get to spend time doing what i love to do .(接句子,前半句用倒装,就是助动词,情态动词,be动词提到主语前面)

She is not only a writer but also an actor. We should not only work hard but also care about others.(并列结构)

She is both young and beautiful.(既......

又) Get along/on with sb Leave sb alone.


引导词有:as soon as (一….就….) /not..until / when (当..的时候)/ unless /before /after if (主将从现)

If (虚拟):if +过去式 / were ,主句 would do

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