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试卷满分:120分 检测时间:120分钟

第一卷 听力试题 (20分)

一、听句子,选出每个句子中所包含的信息。每个句子读一遍(每小题一分) ( )1、A. August B. Australia C. Otowa ( )2、A. Singing B. speaking C. beginning ( )3、A. funny B. lucky C. money ( )4、A. supper B. summer C. surprised ( )5、A. map B. news C. menu




( )6、 ( )7、 ( )8、 ( )9、 ( )10、

三、听五段对话,根据所听对话的内容选择问题的最佳答案。每段对话读两遍(每小题一分) ( )11、A. In the museum B. In the classroom C. in the hospital ( )12、A. Awful B. Boring C. Wonderful

( )13、A. Yes, he can B. No, he can’t C. We don’t know

( )14、A. She’d like tea B. She’d like coffee C. She doesn’t mind tea or coffee. ( )15、A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn’t C. I don’t know

四、听短文,根据所听内容填写表格。在相应的表格内划√。 短文听两遍(每小题一分)

七年级英语试题 第二卷 笔试题(100分)


( )1、---Where _____your pen pal _______? ---The capital of France, Paris.

A. does…live in B. is…lives in C. does…lives D. does…live ( )2、---Is there a supermarket near here? ---____________________________.

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, there’s C. No. it isn’t D. No, there isn’t ( )3、---Why don’t you like lions, Linda? ---__________________________.

A. Because it’s very cute B. Because they’re kind of interesting C. Because they’re smart D. Because they’re ugly and scary ( )4、---What does your sister do, Laura? ---_____________________________.

A. He cleans the classroom B. She is a nurse

C. She does her homework D. He works in a factory ( )5、My brother is a __________. He works in a restaurant.

A. reporter B. waiter C. teacher D. doctor

( )6、 Is there ______ fruit shop near here?Yes, there’s _______ near here.

A. a...one B. the...a C. an ....the D. / ...one

( )7、Rick usually ______ up at 5:30 on weekdays.

A. get B. gets C. got D. getting

( )8、My house is ______ the post office and the bank..

A. on B. in C. between D. over

( )9、---Is that Mr. Smith?

--No, Mr Smith ______ tall and heavy and ______ a beard.

A. is …has B. has…likes C. takes…has D. is… likes

( )10、---Do you have rules in your house?

---Yes. I _____go out on school nights and I _____practice the piano in the morning. A. don’t …can’t B. can’t …don’t C. can…have to D. can’t…have to

( )11、I like dumplings, fish ______orange juice. I don’t like onions, green tea ______porridge A. and…and B. with…with C. and…with D. and…or

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( )12、---Did you help the old granny clean the house? ----Of course. ___________.

A. He did B. She did C. We did D. I can ( )13、---Hello,Maria. How’s it going?

----Oh, hello, Gina. ___________________.

A. Go by bus B. Not very bad C. I’m here D. Thank you ( )14、---Excuse me, how can I get to the nearest bank?

--- ___________.

A. It’s over there B. No, there aren’t

C. Yes, there is D . Walk along the street and then turn left

( )15、--___________? -- Because they are very cute.

A. What is it ? B .Where are they from? C. Why do you like pandas? D. How do you like pandas

( )16、---How is the weather in Harbin?

---It’s _________.

A. snow B. snowing C. snows D. to snow ( )17、Look! Burton is _________ photos of the Eiffel Tower.

A. having B. making C. watching D. taking ( )18、Please _______, because this is a reading room.、

A. quiet B. to be quiet C. be quiet D. to quiet

( )19、---_________are the children doing now?

---They’re playing football on the playground.

A. What B. Where C. When D. How ( )20、---What kind of noodles would you like,sir?

---I’d like noodles ________________.

A. with pomato and beef B. with pomatoes and beef

C.have pomatoes and beef D. have pomatos and beefs

二、完形填空:从A、B、C、D中,选择一个最佳答案,使短文意思完整。(10分) Every school has its own rules. In some school in America, students gum(口香糖).

Some school in Britain don’t allow(允许to wear uniforms on school days, but many students don’in the world, but schools don’ . They think it is very it? Do you ( ) 21. A. can’t B. have to C. can D. don’t have to ( ) 22. A. classmates B. students C. boys D. girls ( ) 23. A. school B. class C. rule D. uniform ( ) 24. A. has B. must C. should D. have 七年级英语试题 ( )25. A. clothes B. shirts C. skirts D. cloth ( )26. A. their B. they C. them D. themselves ( )27. A. school bags B. books C. uniforms D. desks ( ) 28. A. bored B. boring C. interesting D. interested ( ) 29. A. of B. over C. by D. for ( )30. A. like B. make C. wash D. put on 六、阅读理解:(20分)


Miss Lee is only twenty-one. She is tall and thin, and she has brown, long hair. She likes children and her teaching work. From Monday to Friday she stays at school and gives the children classes. She has much work to do, but she often plays games with her students after school. The children like her very much. On Sunday she drives her car to her father’s house and stays with her father and mother. Sometimes she goes to see her friends on Sundays. She drives back to school on Monday morning. She likes singing, dancing and swimming . She is a nice teacher. ( )31. Miss Lee is a ______teacher.

A. very good B. very old C. good English D. good Chinese ( )32. Which is right?

A. She has no work to do and often plays with the children. B. She plays with the children from Monday to Friday. C. She likes her students and plays games with them. D. She always (总是) works, but doesn’t play at all. ( )33. She goes and sees her friends _____.

A. every day B. on Sunday C. on Saturday D. on Friday ( )34. Miss Lee goes home _______.

A. in her car B. on a bus C. on foot D. by her car ( )35. Miss Lee likes _______.

A. driving B. cooking C. running D. teaching


American boys and girls love to watch television. Some children spend six hours a day in school and four to six hours a day in front of the television set. Some even watch television for eight hours or more on Saturday. Televisions are like books or movies. A child can learn bad things and good things from them. Some programs help children to understand (理解)the news. others show people and places from other countries or other time in history. With television a child does not have to go to the zoo to see animals to the ocean to see a ship. Boys and girls can see a play, a concert or a game at home. Television brings many places and events into our homes. Some programs show crime(犯罪) and other things that are bad for children, so parents sometimes help them to find other interesting things to do. ( )36. Some children spend eight hours more _______. A. studying B. playing games C. watching TV D. helping their parents. 第 2 页 共 4 页

( )37. On television children can see _____.

A. games B. big animals C. oceans D. almost everything ( )38. Children usually spend _______ a day in school.

A. six hours B. more than eight hours C. only a few hours D. four hours. ( )39. “Television brings places and events into homes” means_____. A. television makes things happen in homes

B. we can know places and events without going to see them. C. we can see houses and buildings on TV. D. we can find them easily.

( )40. Parents sometimes help their children find other things to do when there is ____ for children . A. a bad programme B. an animal C. a game D. an uninteresting moxie C

Different people have different colors of skin. Some have black skin, some have yellow skin and some have white skin. There is a woman in Alaska. Her skin is orange. It is almost the color of orange juice. How did her skin become orange? She ate lots of tomatoes, carrots and squash(南瓜). She ate too many orange things. That’s why her skin turned orange.

The woman doesn’t want her skin to be orange, so she goes to see the doctor. The doctor says, “ Stop eating orange things, Eat some green things.”

The woman did so, and her skin isn’t orange any more. ( )41. The woman in this story has___________.

A. orange eyes and hair B. orange skin C. oranges D. yellow skin ( )42. The woman’s skin became orange because ________. A. she ate only oranges B. she ate too much orange food C. she fell in orange juice D. she likes that color ( )43.This story is mainly about __________. A. a woman in Alaska B. tomatoes and carrots

C. a doctor D. different people with different colors of skin ( )44. The woman goes to see a doctor because _________. A. She doesn’t feel well B. She needs some orange things

C. oranges make her sick D. she doesn’t like the color of her skin ( )45. The doctor tells her ____________. A. to eat more orange things B. to drink orange juice

C. not to eat any green vegetables D. to eat some green food D

Specials on Pizza at pizza Express

Look! Look! Look at the great specials! The Californian pizza with onions and green peppers is just $2.15. The cheapie, for $1.5 has cheese and tomatoes. A large lemonade is 90¢ and a small lemonade is only 50¢. Hot dogs,$1.25 each. The pizza and salad lunch special is $3.50. What are you waiting for? Press number 8978394, order a pizza, order a surprise. Remember: only Friday and Saturday.

七年级英语试题 根据短文内容回答问题。

( )46.Where can you buy specials?

I can buy them_________ ___________ __________.

( )47. How much is the Californian pizza with onions and green peppers? It’s $__________.

( )48.How much are two hot dogs? They’re $___________.

( )49.If you want to order a pizza and salad for lunch, what number can you telephone? I can telephone____________.

( )50.If you want to order a cheapie, a hot dog and a small lemonade, how much are you going to pay?

I’m going to pay $_____________.


七、词汇考察。根据句子意思和第一个字母的提示,补全句子中的单词,使句子意思完整通顺。51、----What l_________ can your pen pal speak? ---English and a little Chinese. 52、Go a_________ the street, and you can see the post office.

53、If you are h__________, you can buy some food in the supermarket next to the park 54、Koalas usually sleep and r___________ 20 hours. They are a little lazy.

55、My uncle is a p_____________. His work is kind os dangerous. Thieve don’t like him. 56、Our headteacher is not tall or short. He is of medium h__________. 57、I’d like a bowl of noodles with beef and p___________.

58、My deskmate got up late this morning because he studied for the math e_________. 59、They didn’t buy anything in Dalian because the stores were very e______________. 60、The soap opera was too boring. Many people can’t s___________ it.

61、---What e________ do you want to see in the zoo? ---I also want o see the tigers from Africa. 62、Don’t talk l__________ at home in the evening.

63、We don’t like the movie. In, f_________, it isn’t interesting at all. 64、How do you s__________ your weekends, can you tell us? 65、It’s Sunny and warm today. So we d___________ to go out and play. 八、用所给词的适当形式填空,使句子意思通顺、完整。 65、It’s time for class, children. Please stop _________( talk).

66、How did you go to Qingdao last week? I ________( take ) the high-speed rail(高铁) 67、Can you __________( meet ) your friends after school? 68、Our teachers’ words made all of us __________( feel ) excited. 69、Yesterday afternoon,I found a boy ________( cry ) in the street corner.

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70、We went to Bei Daihe last summer. The beaches _________( be )really fantastic. 71、Bob and his friends had great fun__________( play ) in the water on Monday morning. 72、My brother really wants ____________( be ) a basketball player. 73、My favorite singer has a new look. She __________( look ) cool ! 74、Our monitor likes reading and _________( play ) chess. 75、Thanks very much for ___________( join ) us in the talk show. 76、Look! Everyone ________________( have) a good time in the park. 77、Most children enjoy _____________( play ) sports.

78、Pan Pan is a lovely panda from Sichuan. She likes eating__________( leaf). 79、It’s seven o’clock now. Bob’s family _______________( watch ) TV. 80、Zhang Hua has to __________( clean ) his room on Saturday. 九、句型转换 每空0.5分


_______ does Sally _______ like?

82、He doesn’t listen to music every day. (把every day改为yesterday)

He _______ _______ to music yesterday. 83、Molly plays with her friends(改为现在进行时)

Molly _______ _________ with her friends.


________ did Sarah ______ last weekend? 85、I think Johny Dean is so great.(改为否定句) I _______ think Johny Dean ______ so great. 86、提问划线部分) _______ do you think _______ the TV play? 87、He does his homework every day.( 改为否定句) He ________ _______ his homework every day. 88、提问划线部分) ________ _______ Class 3 on vacation? 89、You can’t eat in class. (改为祈使句) _______ _______ in class, please.

90、Why do you like elephants?(写出合适的答句)

______________________________________ 十、书面表达 (10分)


七年级英语试题 哪些事?有什么感想?请用流畅的句子,正确的时态写出一篇不少于60词的美文让大家分享吧!

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