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仁爱英语八年级下Unit 5Topic 3 Section A

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Unit 5 Topic 3 Section A

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预习提示: Learn the following pharses: calm down be afraid of taking bitter medricine. at the end of take turns to help sb. with sth. 根据句意和首字母标示, 补全单词 1. The medicine tasted b ________ and the boy spat it out (吐的). 2. We will have an English t _______at the end of this month. 3. Don't be n__________. You just have a cold. 4.--What did the doctor a _________you ? --He said that I should have a good rest. 5:The boring TV play makes me s___________.

Teaching aims and demands:
1.Learn how to describe the feelings of body. 2.Continue to learn how to express care and suggestions. 3.Review the sentences about feelings.

Make a dialog. Teacher: Hello! May I speak to Li Ming? Student: Hello! This is Li Ming speaking. Teacher: What’s wrong with you ? Student: I have a cold. Teacher: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t worry! Take a good rest. Student: Thanks a lot.

Listen to 1a and answer the following

1. Is Michael feeling better?

2. What is he worried about?
3. How long has Michael felt like this?

4 Does he want to see a doctor? Why or
why not?

Look ,listen and say
1.Listen to 2. Read after it and find out the main sentences.

Language points:
1 It makes me feel nervous.

Make me feel nervous
Make sb sth.

Eating dirty fruits made my son ill.
The teacher made Tom leave the class. Make +object +adj. The nurse there makes me nervous. 2 How long have you felt like this?

How long have you been like this?

? 3..but it can’t be SARS…,can’t be must be ? He can’t be at home. ? Maria must be at home because the light is on.

Pair work
How do you feel when you are ill? If

your friends are ill, how will you
reassure them? Discuss the above

questions with your partner.

Key sentences
? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ?

1 Some TV programs make me want to sleep. 2 4 I’m worried about the test at the end of the month. At the end of You will find the post office at the end of the road. 5 We can take turns to help you with your lessons. Turn to do sth. We take turns to clean the classrooms. In turn They spoke in turn at the meeting. 6LetJim play instead of you. (1) instead of = in place of I went there by bus instead of on foot. =I went there by bus in place of on foot. (2) let sb do sth. Let’s make a plan.

Read 1a and 2 again and complete the passage. Learn how to express care, fear and reassurance.

2.Suppose Xiao Ming (It may be
another student.) was ill. He didn’t go to school, and the other three or four students went to visit him. Make up a dialog about illness, reassurance and suggestion.


? 根据句意及汉语提示完成下列句子

1 had a cold 2 take turns 3 come over 4 I’m afraid 5 Take it easy 6 smile 7 rich 8silly 9 happy 10 lucky

1 I hear your mother ___ ____ ____ ___ ( 得了重感冒) . 2 We will ____ ____ (轮流 ) to clean ou

r classroom. 3 I will ____ ____ (过来 ) to see you next time. 4 ____ ____ (恐怕 ) I have to go now. 5 ___ ____ ____ ( 别急) ! We will help you. 6 The teacher came in with a big s___ . She was so happy. 7 His father is r___ . He has so much money. 8 Stupid is another way of saying s____. 9 We sang and danced in the party last night. We are so h______. 10 I got many birthday presents . I was l___ .

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