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仁爱英语八年级下Unit 5Topic 3 Section c(1)

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Unit 5
Topic 3 Section D

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

预习提示: Put the phrases into English 1.影响我们的情绪或心情 2.心情好(两种) 3.关爱自己 4.保持好心情 5..睡眠充足 6.与某人交谈 7.从某人那获得帮助 8.做出决定 9.仔细考虑 10.幸福感 二、Read 1a quickly and Make True or False. 1.Active feelings can help to keep us healthy. 2.Doing exercises can help you relax. 3.You can get help from the Internet 4.After making important decisions, think them over.

Teaching aims and demands:
1.Read and understand the material
about feelings. 2.Summarize and review the language points in Topic 3. 3.Improve the students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Review all the words about feelings. Make a dialog between the teacher and the student. Teacher: How many words can you say about feeling? Student: Happy, sad, worried... Let the students give a report they have finished in last period.

Read and understand
1.Read 1a quickly and find out the new words. 2.Learn the new words: spirit, think over, decision, sense,

Read 1a again. Mark true or false according to 1a.
①.Playing sports can help you relax. ②.You needn’t do anything when you are in a bad mood. ③.You can get help from Internet.

④.Drink more wine when you feel sad.

Key sentences
? 1 If you are in a good mood,you can study or work in good spirits. ? Spirits ? In high spirits ? In low spirits ? 2 Take time to relax and exercise every day. ? (1) take time ? (2) relax and exercise ? Just relax and enjoy the movie. ? She is exercising in the gym.

? 3 Before making important decisions,think them over. ? Think over 仔细 思考 ? He would like more time to think things over.他希 望有更多的时间把事情考虑周详. ? 4 This will help you bring back a sense of happiness.这将有助于你重获快乐的感觉. ? A sense of …, ...的感觉 ? A sense of duty ( direction) 责任感(方向感) ? 5 You’d better take a taxi. ? Take a taxi=go by taxi ? Take a look, take a bath,shower, take a rest, take a walk, take a bus等.

How to take care of ourselves
1. Take time to relax and exercise every day. 2. Talk with your friends. 3. Think them over before making important decisions, especially when you are in a bad mood.

4.Be active and enjoy yourself. 5. Eat healthy food. 6. Get a good night’s sleep. 7. Do things you enjoy.

8 Watch TV at home.
9 Play sports ….

Group work. Finish 1b. When you are in a bad mood, what do you do? Talk with your good friends.

Play sports.
Watch TV at home. …

Listen to music…..

Grammar focus
Some TV programs make me want to sleep.

Let Jim play instead of you.
So let’s give a surprise to Michael. The teacher makes you monitor. It sometimes makes me happy.

Useful expressions
Follow the doctor’s advice and you’ll get well soon. Take it easy . We can take turns to help y

ou with your lessons. When someone is ill, he or she should try to smile at life. I feel so lonely that my eyes are full of tears. Different colors of clothes show and affect my feelings and moods. So, we can try out different colors if we aren’t feeling our best.

Translate these sentences into English.



? Show feelings with gestures and get your partner to guess. Try to use as many as you can. A example: ? A: ( Facial expression and gesture) ? B: Are you angry? ? A: Yes, I am a little angry. /No, I’m not. Guess again……

1. Write a list of “feeling” words you know. 2. Draw some masks of the feelings. 3. Sum up the expressions you’ve learned about the feelings of happiness, satisfaction, surprise,

worries, fears, etc.

4. Work in pairs and make dialogs using masks. A: How do you feel? B: I feel very…

A: Why do you feel…
B: Because ….

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 We are ____, because we all have good teachers. A surprised B lucky C rich 2 I want to go but there were no tickets left. _____. A What a pity ! B Sorry C OK 3 Why is he so worried ? Because he wanted us _____, but we can’t now. A go with him B going with him C to go with him 4 A: ______ B: I’m fine , Thanks. A How is she ? B How are you doing ? C How do you like it ? 5 ___ do they feel proud ? Because their daughter won a medal in the English competition. A How B What C Why


? 6 Liu Xiang , a player from China , _____ a medal in this game last year. ? A won B beat C will have ? 7 I want to go ____ I am too busy now. ? A because B so C but ? 8 She is happy ___ her good grades. ? A why B because C because of ? 9 The girls ___ beautiful. ? A are both B both are C is both ? 10 We have won , we are becoming _____. ? A disappointed B silly C excited

6 A 7 A 8 C 9 A 10 C

Make a report
? Discuss things which affect your mood. When you are in a bad mood, how do you deal with it? Give your advice and make a report.

? 检测题: ? 一、根据句意和首字母提示,补全单词 ? 1. There are many m _________in the book store. Let's go and buy some. ? 2. Everybody needs a s__________ of safety. ? 3. All the workers refused to work for their b_________ because he paid them little money. ? 4. No one can work in high s _________all the time. ? 5. Who made the d _________to go ahead with the project? ? 二、根据汉语语提示完成句子 ? 1. Maybe he can_________(得到很多帮助)from them. ? 2. _________ _________ _________ (吃健康食品 ) is a good way to take care of ourselves. ? 3. You are 15 now. You should learn to________ _________ __________ _________(照顾你自己) ? 4. Let's _________ _________ ( 返回 ) to our studying. It's time for class. ? 5.

The photos are very important for me. They can help me bring back ___________ (快乐的感觉)

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