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新概念英语第一册期中考试测试卷 姓名______ 分数_________


1. A. east B. head C. eat D. season ( ) 2. A. race B. stand C. baby D. late ( ) 3. A. west B. set C. subject D. best ( ) 4. A. clock B. shop C. moment D. noise ( ) 5. A. size B. rise C. mild D. finish ( ) 二、根据句子的意思填入正确的单词,首字母已给出

1. Jane has a t , so she must see a dentist. 2. Tomorrow is Friday, so today is T . 3. A ship is going u the bridge. 4. A plane is flying o the hill.

5. In the evening, the children come home f school. 6. Two dogs are e bones.

7. W is the time? It is 5o’clock.

8. A q past eleven is also eleven fifteen. 9. H old are you?

10. I was a the butcher’s yesterday. 三、把下列名词变成复数

man _______ dress__________ employee__________ watch______

assistant _____________ woman__________ housewife_________

child________ boy_______ foot__________ tooth__________ potato_________ wife________ valley______ fly__________ 四 、写出下列词的反义词或者对应词

big______ fat_______ young ______ short _______

mother_______ brother______ cold________ open ________ tall ________ late________


make______ fly_______ live_______ drop_________ shave________ open________ listen______ run________ sit______ read______ go_______ walk________ wait_______ wash ________swim______ 六、 根据要求变换: 1、I(宾格) ________2、dish(复数) ______3、sit(现在分词) __________ 5、tall(反义词) _____6、young(反义词) _____7、white(反义词) ______ 8、she(物主代词) _____9、desk(同义词) ______10、housewife(复数) 11、children(单数) _____12、swim(现在分词) ______13、up(反义词) 14、is not(缩略式) _____15、 clean (反义词) ______ 七 、用所给动词的适当形式填空

1.The boy_____(sit)under the tree now. 2.Do you want_____(some)meat today?

3.—What are you going to do?—I_____________(paint)the bookcase. 4.He_____(like)spring best. 5.It often_____(rain)in summer.

6.—Where_____the girl_____(come)from?—She_____from Beijing. 7.We are_____.We come from_____(Chinese,China). 8.There are some_____(policeman)in the park. 9.Jim_____(not like)coffee,but he_____(like)tea. 10.Look,the dog_____(run)aftera cat.. 11.The dog_____(run)after a cat now

12.Mr.Black goes to work on_____(foot)every day.


13.The children always do_____(they)homework at night. 14.The boys_____(play)in the gaarden now. 15.She often_____(watch)TV in the evening,but now,she_____(read)the newspaper. 16.Tim_____(go)to school by bus every day. 17.He usually_____(arrive)at home at six o’clock. 18.I only have some small_____(box). 19.—What_____you_____(go)to do? —I_____(go)to water the flowers.

20.Give you your_____(change). 八、选择填空

1、——How do you do? ——_________?

A How are you ? B How old are you ? C How do you do ? D Thank you very much . 2、——How are you ,Miss Wang ? ——____________.

A how are you ,miss gao . B I am fine ,thank you . C you are right ,I am fine . D thank you . 3、——______________________! Are you mr . chen ? ——No ,I am not .——__________.

A hello; good . B sorry ;excuse me C hello ok D excuse me ; sorry . 4、_______is a fine day today.

A That B This C It D Today 5、The aeroplane is flying _____the bridge . A on B of C out D over

6、They are looking _____ the sky .

A at B over C on D in 7、There is a bridge ______the river.

A. on B over C in D at 8、They ______over the bridge now .

A. walk B walking C are walking D is walking 9、Can she type this letter ___me ?

A. of B at C for D in

10、I usually go to school _____7 o’clock _____the moring .

A. in ;at B at ; in C on ;in D at ; on 11、We usually stay _____home on Sundays.

A. in B on C for D at 12、My father often goes to work ___car.

A. by B in C on D at

13、_______ the moment they are playing ______the garden.

A. at ,by B at ,in C in ,on D in ,at. 14、Look ! he ______the radio.

A. listening to B is listening C is listenig to D listen to

15、Do you go to school _____bus or ____foot ?

A by ,on B by ,by C on ,on Don ,by 16、There _____a desk and four chairs in the room.

A are B is C be D x

17、What’s the climate ____in your country ?

A likes B like C look like D looks like

18、—— Do you want beef _______lamb?—— Beef ,please .

A and B yet C but D or

19、____________I don’t like english at all.

A Telling you the truth B To tell you the truth C Telling you the true D To tell you the true 20、What’s the matter _______your bike ? It’s broken.

A with B along C in D about



1. I am Chinese . ___________________________________? 2. My name is mary .___________________________________? 3. My skirt is red . ___________________________________? 4. It’s eight o’clock.:_________________________________? 5、My shirt is red. ___________________________________? 6. He is a teacher. ___________________________________? 7. I like spring best.___________________________________? 8. I have a headache .___________________________________? 9. I am reading.___________________________________? 10.I am going to paint the

bookcase.___________________________________? 十、按要求改写句子

1. My mother is making the bed. (对划线部分提问) _______________________________

2. Let’s go to the zoo. (改为please开头的祈使句) ______________________________

3. My shoes are on the floor. (对划线部分提问) ______________________________

4. Give a cup to me. (同义句转换) ____________________ 5. The young man is a doctor. (对划线部分提问) ______________________________

6、She like cats.(改为一般疑问句,并做否定回答)_____________________________ 7、I’m Chinese. (对划线部分提问) __________________________________

8、This is my mother’s handbag. (对划线部分提问) ____________________________________________________ 9、There are some cups on the table . (变为一般疑问句) _________________________

10、What’s the weather like today? (同义句转换) _________________________________

十一. 完形填空

teachers 2 him. But he is the cleverestboy in his class.One afternoon Jimmy 3 home after school. He is hungry. So he says to his mother, “Mum, I’m too hungry. 4 I have something to eat?” “Supper is not ready now. But here are two 5 . You can eat them first.” Says his mother.So Jimmy 6 the two apples in his hands. He 7 the apples and says, “Mother, I

have 8 apples now. Please look. This is the first one. This is the second one. Isn’t one and two three? I’m clever, you see.” “Oh, yes, you are very clever, Jimmy,” says his mother, “No, please give me the 9 one. Give your father the 10 one. And you eat the third one.”

( ) 1. A. don’t study B. doesn’t study

C. study D. studies

( ) 2. A. doesn’t like B. likes

C. don’t like D. like

( ) 3. A. go B. does go C. gos D. goes ( ) 4. A. Can B. Do C. Am D. Does

( ) 5. A. apple B. oranges C. apples D. bananas ( ) 6. A. takes B. take C. eats D. eat

( ) 7. A. look at B. looks for C. look for D. looks at ( ) 8. A. one B. three C. two D. four ( ) 9. A. one B. two C. first D. second ( ) 10. A. second B. first C. two D. one 十二、阅读短文.

Peter was a small boy.He lived with his parents in asmall house near some hills.The people there were all

poor.One night it was very dry and windy.When everybody was asleep,Peter suddenly heard some noise.It came out from the kitchen. He got up and walked to the

kitchen.He found that the wood beside the stove was


burning.There was no water tap in the house,so he

could not put out the fire.He shouted loudly to wake up everyone in the house. Then he

ran out of his house and knocked on the doors of many houses to wake the people up.They all left theirhouses quickly.At last the fire was put out by the firemen.Many houses were burn.But nobody was burnt in the fire.

1.Peter lived with his______.

A.sisters B.brothers C.uncles D.parents

2.One night he found that_____beside the stove was burning.

A.the table B.the wood C.the door D.the window

3.______, so he could not put out the fire.

A.Everybody was asleep B.He couldn't shout loud

C.The kitchen was very big

D.there was no water tap in the house

4.Peter knocked on the doors of many houses______.

A.to wake the people up B.to get some water

C.to find his classmates D.to visit them

5.______hurt in the fire.

A.People in other houses were

B.Peter's parents were

C.Nobody was D.Peter was

十三、 Writing. 写作

写一篇介绍某个场所的小短文(教室,卧室,客厅??)请尽量使用There be 句型以及相应的形容词。 4

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