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2013外研版英语七年级下册 Module 8 Unit 1

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Once upon a time…


gold n. 金色;黄金;金牌
hair n. 头发

go for a walk forest n. 森林 basket n. 篮子 散步

all alone 独自一人

dark adj. 黑暗的

around prep. 环绕着;围绕

little adj. 小的

door n. 门

hungry adj.

bowl n. 碗


集体讨论并回答: 1. How do we usually start a fairy tale or a very old story in Chinese? 我们讲很 古老的故事是如何用汉语开头的? 很久很久以前,…… 2. How about in English? 用英语 怎么说呢? once upon a time ... / long long ago…

Listening and vocabulary
(√ ) 1. The story is Goldilocks and the Three

(√ ) 2. The story begins: Once upon a time...
(×) 3. Goldilocks was a girl with hair of gold.

(√ ) 4. Goldilocks lived in the forest.
(×) 5. She decided to go for a walk in the park with her basket.

Look at the pictures and answer the


basket decide forest gold hair story

1. Who was Goldilocks? Goldilocks was a little girl with gold hair.

2. Where was she?
She was in the forest.

3. What did Goldilocks notice?
I think she noticed a house.

Listen and read.

Now number the pictures in Activity
2 in the correct order.









Everyday English
Finally, ... 最后,... Wait a moment! 等一会! ... just right. 正好,恰好

Answer the questions.
1. Did she pick any flowers in the forest? Yes, she did. 2. Did she notice a big tree in the forest? No, she didn’t. She noticed a little house. 3. Was the door open? Yes, it was.

4. Was there food in the bowls? Yes, there was. 5. Did she want to eat the food? Yes, she did. 6. Did she like the big bowl?

No, she didn’t. She liked the small bowl.

Complete the passage with the

correct form of the words from the box.
around bowl dark enter knock nobody pick push towards

One day Goldilocks walked into the forest and (1) ______ picked some flowers. It was very (2) dark ____ and soon she was lost. She looked (3) around ______ her, and saw a

little house, and she walked (4) _______ towards

Then she (5) _______ knocked on the door, but

there was (6) ______ nobody in. She (7) ______ pushed
the door and (8) _______ entered the house. There were three (9) _____ bowls on the table, a small one, a big one and a very big one.

Listen and notice the different ways
the speaker says the words. finished knocked liked noticed picked pushed stopped answered entered hurried lived decided



Now listen again and repeat.

Listen and repeat.
1. Goldilocks walked into the forest. 2. She noticed a little house. 3. She knocked on the door. 4. She liked the food.

Work in pairs. Tell the story. 你们可以这样开始: — How does the story begin? — Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Goldilocks. She lived near a big forest. She had hair of gold ...

Many old stories begin with the phrase “once upon a time”. When you tell a story like Dong Yong’s Wife, Chang’e Flies to t

he Moon, or Jingwei Decides to Fill the Sea in English, you can begin with this phrase. When you read this phrase, you will know that it begins an old story.

push v. 推
e.g. They pushed him into the car. enter v. 进入 e.g. Can I enter the museum? knock v. 敲 e.g. We knock on people’s doors to ask for candies.

once upon a time 从前 Once upon a time there was a king. 从前有一位国王。 go for a walk 散步 Why don’t you go for a walk? 你怎么不出去散散步? all alone 独自一人的

He lives all alone, but never feels lonely. 他虽然独自生活,却并不感到寂寞。

pick up


Pick up the bag on the floor. 把地板上的包拿起来。 answer v. 应门;回答 He is answering questions. 他正在回答问题。


1. Jack often _____ goes (go) to school by bike,
but today he ______ walked (walk) to school.

2. I _____ live (live) in Beijing now, but I
_____ lived (live) in Shanghai three years ago.

你全做对了吗? 你太棒啦!


Recite the important points. 复习并记忆Unit 1 重点内容。

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