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新7A 牛津unit4 知识点

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Unit 4 103.醒来:wake up 104.是吃早饭的时间了吗: Is it time for breakfast? 105.我们去山中散步好吗 Shall we go walking in the hills? 106:很少出去:seldom go out 107.吃中饭/早饭/晚餐: have lunch/breakfast/dinner 108.需要好好休息:need a good rest 109.如何玩得高兴:how to have fun 110.起床:get up 111…做早操:do morning exercises 112.上课:have lessons 113.进行课后活动:do after-school activities 114.做家庭作业:do homework 115.上床睡觉:go to bed 116.我从不迟到:I’m never late for it 117.在八点一刻:at a quarter past eight. 118.在早上:in the morning 119.从星期一到星期五: from Monday to Friday 120.我最喜欢的学科是英语: My favourite subject is English.

121.互相聊天:chat with each other 122.在操场玩:play in the playground 123.有一个阅读俱乐部: have a Reading Club / There is a Reading Club 125.练习做某事:practice doing sth ★★

124.在学校排球队: in the school volleyball team 126.在学校玩的开心: have a good time at school 127.最好的祝愿:Best wishes 128.学校游泳队的一名成员: a member of the school swimming team 129.在三月:in March 130.在冬天:in winter 131.在2022年:in 2022 132.在星期天早上:on Sunday morning 133.在儿童节:on Children’s Day 134.在六岁:at 6 years old / at six 135.想要做某事:would like to do sth 136.一切顺利,万事如意:all the best 137.有太多家庭作业:have too much homework 138.希望我们的队有好运:

wish our team good luck 139.参观博物馆: visit the museums / visit a museum 140.一个月两次:twice a month 141.进行一次野餐: go on a picnic / have a picnic/ go for a picnic 142.为……做准备:get ready for sth . 143了解世界很多: know/ learn a lot/ more about the world

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