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Ⅰ. 单项选择 (15分)


( )1. — Sam, do you know ______ Alice won the English competition?

— Really? That’s great!

A. that B. when C. why D. where

( )2. Peter is afraid ______ in front of others because his English is not good.

A. to tell B. to talking C. to speak D. of telling

( )3. — How is Tom at school?

— He is ______ and ______ wants to play with him.

A. alone; someone B. lonely; any one C. happy; no one D. lazy; no one

( )4. — Mary, ask your grandmother to have dinner with us.

— But she is ill and she doesn’t feel like ______ anything.

A. to eat B. to drink C. eating D. drinking

( )5. — Tom, do you know David Smith?

— Sure. He is my best friend and our ______ has lasted for years.

A. activities B. friendship C. recording D. hobbies

( ) 6. It will you about thirteen hours to fly to England from Hong Kong.

A. spend B. take C. use D. pay

( ) 7. My father has me the ending of the football game.

A. told; with B. tell; about C. tell; with D. told; about

( ) 8. I don’t like the bag. Please give me a better .

A. one B. ones C. it D. them

( ) 9. Mr Wang bought a small cat my sister.

A. to B. for C. of D. in

( )10. I’ve done my homework. But I haven’t cleaned the car .

A. already B. just C. never D. yet

( )11. — Did the singing star agree to come?

— Yes, but I’m not sure ______ or not he will come on time.

A. whether B. if C. when D. where

( )12. I remembered ______ my homework last night, but I can’t find it now.

A. to finish B. finishing C. check D. to check

( )13. — Linda, I will have an English test on Wednesday.

— ______

A. Good luck! B. Excuse me. C. Hold the line. D. Look out!

( )14. — I heard you won first prize in the match. Did your parents know that? — No, I will tell them ______.

A. at that moment B. just now C. right now D. just then

( )15. — I’m very tired these days because of studying chemistry.

— Why not listen to music? It can make you ______. A. beautiful B. boring C. funny D. relaxed

Ⅱ. 完形填空 (10分)

Now most students are under a lot of pressure (压力). Every year they look different and feel different. They are 16

year by year. They have to 17 things for themselves. They 18 to be unhappy.

If they know the secret to be happy, it is easier 19 them to be happy. Kate is a middle school student. She is much 20 than before. “I couldn’t find any happiness for a 21 time. In the past, I cared too much 22 what other people thought of me,” said Kate. “At school I was very 23 . When I spoke in class, my face turned red, 24 I felt that my classmates were all looking at me. Now I feel a lot more 25 when I’m talking with people around me. I’m sure that if you worry too much about what other people think of you, you will be unhappy.”

( )16. A. showing up B. turning up C. growing up D. standing up

( )17. A. plan B. think C. care D. look

( )18. A. find B. seem C. sound D. think

( )19. A. of B. with C. to D. for

( )20. A. smarter B. happier C. louder D. friendlier

( )21. A. much B. few C. little D. long

( )22. A. about B. after C. to D. of

( )23. A. kind B. outgoing C. shy D. wild

( )24. A. before B. until C. so D. because

( )25. A. interested B. nervous C. relaxed D. upset Ⅲ[ . 阅读理解(20分) A

Zhang Yu is ten years old. He and his parents live in a city. It’s far

from his grandfather’s home. Usually Zhang Yu can’t see his grandfather. During the Spring Festival, Zhang Yu can live with his grandfather for 20 days. He loves the life in the country(乡村) very much, and he likes to live with his grandfather. Of all the festivals, his favourite is the Spring


The Spring Festival is coming again. Zhang Yu and his parents are

taking a bus to his grandfather’s home. Three hours later, they get there.

Zhang Yu’s grandfather gets many presents. They are from Zhang

Yu’s parents, his uncle and aunt. His grandfather looks very happy. Zhang Yu feels a little sorry. He says to his grandfather, “I’m sorry, grandpa. I can’t buy anything for you now, but when I’m older, I will buy you the best present.” His grandfather says, “I’m happy you can come to see me. You are my best present.”

( )26. Zhang Yu’s grandfather lives .

A. in the city B. in the country C. in a hotel D. with Zhang Yu

( )27. is Zhang Yu’s favourite festival.

A. The Spring Festival B. Children’s Day

C. New Year’s Day D. National Day

( )28. Zhang Yu and his parents go to his grandfather’s home

A. by bike B. by car C. by bus D. on foot

( )29. To Zhang Yu’s grandfather, is his best present.

A. his son’s present B. his daughter’s present

C. Zhang Yu D. the expensive present

( )30. Which one is TRUE?

A. Zhang Yu lives near his grandfather’s home.

B. Zhang Yu’s grandfather loves Zhang Yu very much.

C. Zhang Yu’s grandfather buys Zhang Yu a nice present.

D. Zhang Yu likes the Spring Festival because he can get many



True friends are not easy to find, so we should do our best

to find real friendship and keep it.

When we are with friends, we should try to bring them closer

to us. Smile is one of the easiest ways. People like to see happy

faces greeting them.

When we talk to someone, ask questions to help him or her keep

talking. Don’t ask personal questions, or they may want to walk


Listening is important part when you are with friends. You

should listen carefully to what people are saying, and respond

in the right way. Body language can show that you’re listening.

Some people have the same interests and hobbies as you. It’

s easier to make friends with them. You may spend hours talking

about the same interests you have.

Friendship may last for all our life. We should try to keep

it long.

( )31. Why should we try to keep our friendship?

A. Because we can’t find new friends later.

B. Because it’s hard to find true friends.

C. Because friendship always lasts quite short.

D. Because friendship will not last long.

( )32. If we are with friends, we should often ______ when we

talk with them.

A. cry B. laugh C. smile D. repeat

( )33. What does the underlined word “respond” mean?

A. 大笑 B. 应答 C. 书写 D. 拼读

( )34. What kind of person is easier to make friends with?

A. People who never stop talking.

B. People who are good at body language.

C. People who like asking personal questions.

B. Exciting summer camp! C. Three days in Beijing, China D. Do you like climbing? E. Happy swimming club(俱乐部)

①____ ②____ ③____ ④____ ⑤____

57. 回答问题:You have a seven-day vacation. Can you join in the summer


58. 选出能填入横线上的一项:______

A. Central Park

B. the Palace Museum

C. New York City

59. 回答问题:How many days will it take you if you want to climb a


60. 将文中画线的句子译成汉语:

Ⅷ. 书面表达 (15分)

阳光中学校报决定举行一次以My good friend为题的英语征文大赛,



Name: Li Quan

Age: 15

Appearance: Short and black hair

School: No. 2 Middle School

Character: Friendly, helpful

Hobbies: Playing basketball and computer games

Dream: Travel into space

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