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外研版八年级英语下册Module3 On the radio练习题及答案

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Module3 On the radio


1. His plan s_______ a great one.

2 .We mustn’t f__________ the history.

3 .Thank you very much. Don't m________ it.

4. He is a liar, so nobody b________ his words.

5 .You must go to the hospital to ________(检查) your body

6 .I _______ (建议) that you should go to see a doctor.

7. The weather _______(似乎) as if it is going to rain.

二、 选择题

1. ( ) Bob speaks English very well. He practice ________ English every day.

A speaking B speak C speaks D to speak

2. ( ) Tony enjoy _______ music from the Internet

A to listen B listens C listen D listening

3. ( ) Remember _______ off the light before you leave the classroom.

A turning B turns C to turn D. turn

4. ( ) It _______ that the worker didn’t eat anything.

A seems B seemed C seeming D seem

5. ( ) I want ______ go shopping with Betty and Lingling,but I don’t have time.

A to go B going C go D went

6. ( ) The worker keep_______ in order to make money for their living

A working B to work C work D works

7. ( ) He would like ________ to go to the cinema with his brothers

A go B going C to go D goes

8. ( ) let’s go to the park on Sunday. That_______ like a great idea.

A sound B to sound C sounding D sounds

9. ( ) I like listening to the radio but I hate ______ TV.

A watching B to watch C watches D watched

10. ( ) She looks forward to ______ the Great Wall.

A see B seeing C to see D sees

三、 根据汉语完成下列句子

1 停止说话.

2 告诉我你早餐吃了什么.

3 我喜欢带游客到处参观

4 播音员英语要说得好,所以要不断的学习

5 我记得我已经听过广播了.

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四、 用所给动词正确形式填空

1 Thank you for_________( listen) to my speech.

2 Could you help me ________ (give) the bag to my father?

3 All my friends enjoy_______( lie) on the beach.

4 English is important to us. We should try________(study) it hard.

5 He would like _________(see) a film this evening.

6 We will finish _______ (work)in a few minutes

7 Remember ________ (send) the letter for me

8 I can’t afford________(buy) these shoes .They are expensive.

9 I wish ________ (go) to the moon some day.

10 She decides _______(become) a doctor in the future.

五、 完型填空

Mark Twain, the famous writer and speaker, liked to play jokes on others But once a joke was played __1____ him.

One day, Mark Twain gave a lecture in a small town. At lunch a young man told him that his uncle _____2_____ laughed. Nobody and nothing could make his uncle ____3____.

But Mark Taiwai said he was ____4___ he could make him laugh. He asked the young man to ___5___ his uncle to his house. That evening Mark Twain told some ___6____stories. Everyone one laughed, __7___the old man never even smiled. Mark Twain told funniest stories, but the old man did not laugh,___8___. At last, he stopped. He wad very tired.

Some days later, Mark Twain told a friend of ___9____ about this story, His friend laughed and said that he knew that old man. He was ___10__

1 ( ) A at B on C with D in

2 ( ) A always B somethings C often D never

3 ( ) A laugh B cry C speak D read

4 ( ) A afraid B sorry C sure D happy

5 ( ) A leave B carry C bring D take

6 ( ) A unhappy B terrible C sad D interesting

7 ( ) A so B but C and D or

8 ( ) A too B either C also D already

9 ( ) A theirs B mine C his D dead

10 ( ) A deaf B blind C asleep D dead

6 阅读理解

A man went to buy a piece of meat. As he didn’t know how to cook meat, he asked the butcher (屠夫) to tell him the way of cooking it. The butcher told him how to cook it, “But I can’t remember your words,” the man said. “Will you please write them down for me?” The butcher was kind enough to write them down for him. The man went home happily with the meat in his hand and the note (字条) in his pocket (口袋). A dog followed him on the way. It jumped at him, took the meat away and ran off. The man stood there, not knowing what to do. Then he laughed and said, “never mind. You don’t know how to eat it. The note is still in my pocket.”

( ) 1 The man went to buy a piece of meat in __________.

A restaurant B shop C butcher’s D chemist’s

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( ) 2 Why did the man asked the butcher to tell him the way to cook meat?

A He wasn’t good at cooking meat.

B He can’t cook meat very well.

C He didn’t know how to cook meat.

D He didn’t know how to eat meat.

( ) 3 In order to (为了) remember what the butcher said, he asked the butcher _______.

A to say it once again B to teach him again

C to show him how to cook it D to write it down for him

( ) 4 What happened in the end?

A He forgot to cook the meat.

B The dog took the meat away.

C He taught(教)the dog how to eat the meat.

D The note is still in his pocket.

( ) 5 What do you think of the man?

A He was afraid of dogs.

B He loved dogs very much.

C He was a very foolish(愚蠢的)man.

D He didn’t know how to do things.

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