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命题人:徐启富 郑方红 审题人:郑方红


I. 1-5 DBECF 6-10 BACBC 11-15 BBCBA 16-20 CBABC

Ⅳ. 21. young children 22. Spending 23. cheer up 24. feel good 25. wonderful people 笔试答案

V. 单项选择:26~40每小题1分。 与所给答案不符的不得分。

26-30 DACDB 31-35 DBCCA 36-40 CDCBC

VI. 完形填空:41~55每小题1分。 与所给答案不符的不得分。

41-45 BCADC 46-50 ADDBA 51-55 BDCAC


56-60 CDBBC 61-65 CDBDC 66-70 CEABD

71. 4

72. Because it is a dangerous place (things can fall on you).

73. 尽可能把车移到远离交通之外。

74. Watch out for falling rock (landslides, trees or other dangerous things).

75. It’s about how to protect yourselves during the earthquake.

VIII. A.完成句子:76~80每小题2分。单词拼写错误两处扣1分(按本大题累计扣 分),结构错误一处扣1分。

76. Are/were shocked by 77. hope(d) to continue studying

78. forgotten to bring 79. the liveliest cities

80. concentrates more on

B. 书面表达评分细则:

1. 本大题共15分, 按4个档次给分。评分时先根据短文内容和语言表达的准确程度进档, 然后根据细节确定分数。

2. 雾霾三条成因各3分,建议两条各3分(自拟至少1条)。

3. 书写不工整扣2分;词数不够扣3分。


第一档: (13—15分) 内容要点全面, 行文连贯, 语言流畅, 无语法和习惯用法错误。 第二档: (9—12分) 内容要点全面, 行文基本连贯, 语言比较流畅, 但有少量语法和习惯用


第三档: (5—8分) 能涵盖大部分内容要点, 但行文不够连贯, 有少量语法和习惯表达错误。 第四档: (0—4分) 内容要点不符合要求, 语言错误比较多, 但有个别句子可读。

81. 参考范文:

Now cars are increasing very fast. Factories are continuing polluting the air. Trees are being cut down. So the hazy weather is becoming more and more serious. It’s time for us to do something to protect the environment.

First of all, we’d better not travel by car unless it’s necessary. We can take the bus or the subway, walk or ride a bike if we don’t go far away. We can also set up a volunteer club and ask more people to join it. We can plant more trees, give the government advice to stop the factories polluting the air and water.

I believe if more and more people pay attention to our environment, it will become better and 1

better. 2

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