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Lesson 1 Excuse me!

Lesson 1 1 excuse [ik'skju:z] v.原谅 2 me [mi:] pron.我(宾格) 3 yes [jes] ad.是的 4 is [iz] v.be动词现在时第 三人称单数 5 this [eis] pron.这 6 your [j?:] 你的,你们的 7 handbag ['h? ndb? g] n.(女 用)手提包 8 pardon ['pɑ:d?n] int.原谅, 请再说一遍 9 it [it] pron.它 10 thank you 感谢你(们) 11 very much 非常地

Lesson 2 1 pen [pen] n.钢笔 2 pencil ['pensl] n.铅笔 3 book [buk] n.书 4 watch [w?t?] n.手表 5 coat [k?ut] n.上衣,外衣 6 dress [dres] n.连衣裙 7 skirt [sk?:t] n.裙子 8 shirt [??:t] n.衬衣 9 car [kɑ:] n.小汽车 10 house [haus] n.房子

excuse :[iks'kju:z] v.原谅 me:[mi:] pron.我(宾格)

Excuse me: 这个短语常用于:1、与陌生人搭话,打断别人的说话或从别人 身边挤过; 2、引起对方注意时; 3、在某个聚会中突然中途要离开一会儿时; 4、在发生一个简单的不算太错的错误时。 在课文中,男士为了吸引女士的注意力而用了这个客套的短语。 注意:yes读降调表示对某件事情的认同,读升调表示询问





---______! Where is my pencil? ---______, I don’t know. A. Sorry; Excuse me B. Excuse me; Sorry C. Hello; Hi D. Hi; Hello ) _______, what time is it ? A. Pardon B. Excuse me C. Thank you D. Please ) --Excuse me! --_____ ? --Is this your pen ? A. No B. Yes C. Sorry D. Pardon

小学英语口语交际汇总 1、问候、告别、祝福及应答 常见的见面问候语: Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening!
Hello! / Hi!

Nice / Glad to meet you.
---How are you? ---Fine, thank you. And you? ---Very well, thanks.

常见的告别用语: Goodbye! Bye-bye!
Bye! See you!

See you later.
See you tomorrow. Good night.

2、道歉、感谢及应答 表示道歉的用语: Sorry. Excuse me. 表示感谢的用语: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks. / Thanks a lot. 表示不用谢的用语: You’re welcome. Not at all. My pleasure. That’s all right.

对道歉的回答: That’s OK. That’s all right. It doesn’t matter. Never mind.

thank 感谢
为某事感谢某人: Thank… for … 谢谢你能来。
Thank you for your coming. ____________________

He thanked her for the gift. ____________________

Thank God. 谢天谢地。

Grammar (1)指示代词 表示“这个”“那个”“这些”“那些”等指示概念的词,叫指示代词。 如this,that,these,those等。英语中指示代词的用法同汉语中的情 况相似,this(这个)和these(这些)一般用来指较近的人或事物, that(那个)和those(那些)则指较远的人或事物。 ①this与is,these与are没有缩写形式。如: This is a Chinese car. 这是一辆国产轿车。 ②指示代词作主语指物并用于问句中时,回答一般用it代替this和that, they代替these和those。如: Is that a ruler? 那是尺子吗? No,it i

sn’t. It’s a pen. 不,不是。是钢笔。 Are these your books? 这些是你的书吗? Yes,they are. 是的。

(2)一般疑问句 以动词be,have或助动词、情态动词开头,以yes或no作回答 的问句叫做一般疑问句。回答时可以用完整的句子回答,但大 多数情况下只需作简略回答。如: Is this your pencil? 这是你的铅笔吗? Yes,it is.是的。 Have you any magazines? 你有杂志吗? Yes,I have.有。

巩固练习:补全对话 apple 苹果)? 1、A: Is ___ this your _____( B: Yes, it __ . is
this your egg ? 2、A: Is __ __ Isn’t . B: No , it __
your Is this __ 3、A: __ bag ? B: ___ , it ___ . Yes is Excuse ___ me ?Is this your pen ? 4、A: _____ B: Yes, it is .

5. Here’s B exercise-book. A. a B. an C. two D. ×


第一人称 单数 I 我 复数 we 我们

第二人称 单数 you 你 复数 you 你们

第三人称 单数 he 他 she it 她 它 复数 they 他们

人称代词、物主代词考察项目 主格 I 做主语 宾格 me 作宾语

补充对应的宾格: 主格 I you he she it 宾格 me you him her it 主格 we you they you them 宾格 us
物主代词: 形容词性 my 名词性 mine 形容词性 our ours 名词性 your








Practice 用适当的人称代词填空。 1.Do you know the girls in the photo? They _________ are my classmates.
I 2.“Millie” is my English name, but ________ am a Chinese girl.. They 3.I live with my grandparents. _______ are old but They _______ look after me very well. he 4.Simon was born in Shanghai, but _______ lives in Beijing with his parents now.

5.Daniel and I live near each other, and we ________ usually go to school together. 6.Boys and girls. I have a piece of good It news. _______ is about our class trip. Are ______ interested in it? you
He 7.Who’s the man ? ______ is Mr Wu. He ________ is talking with his students. They ______ are going to have a school trip. She 8. Do you know the girl ? _____ is my sister.

选择填空 1. ________ are good friends. A. I and Dick B. Me and Dick C. Dick and me D. Dick and I
2. I am Mary and this is Amy. ___ are in Class1, Grade 7. A. They B. We C. Ours D. Our 3. I like reading. I think _______ is helpful and lovely. A. they B. its C. it D. it’s 4. Simon is in the school football team. _____ is the best team in our city. ____ all play football quite well. A. It, They B. It, you C. She, They D. He, We

补全对话 A: Excuse me, Mary. Is this your book? it is B: Yes, _____ ______. A: Mary, is this your pencil? isn’t B: No, it _______. It’s her pencil. in A: What’s this ________ English? It’s an B: ______ ______ eraser. A: ______ do you spell eraser? How E-r-a-s-e-r B: ______________.

辅音(28个) 轻辅音 /p/ / t/ 浊辅音 /b/ /d/ 轻辅音 /?/ / h/ 浊辅音 /?/ / r/ 鼻音 /m/ /n/ 半元音 / j/ / w/ 边音 / ?/

/ k/ /g/ /

ts/ /dz/ /?/

/f/ /v/ /t?/ /d?/

/θ/ /s/ /e/ /z/ /tr/ /dr/

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