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新概念一(5)+ 七年级1

一. 写出些列动词的过去式以及过去分词形式 1.buy-_____-_______, 2. forget-_______-__________,

3.serve-_____-________, 4.do/does-_______-________

二. 英汉互译

5.名___________ 6.姓氏_____________________ 7.戴上 ________________

8.电话号码__________________ 9.身份证明__________ 10.半小时以前 _________________ 11.感冒________________, 12. 在左侧_________________.


13.我的_____________ 14我们的___________ 15你的,你们的_____________

16他的_______ 17她的_______ 18它的_________ 19他们的________


20现在进行时态________________________, 21般将来时态(1) _________________________,

22一般将来时态(2)______________________. 23现在完成时态______________________________.


24. The man ______ is standing near the window is my brother. A. who B. what C. why D. when

25.---What’s your name? ---_______________.

A.I’m Tom B. It’s 545-7963 C. My name is Tom D.A and C

26.---___________? ---It’s 583-9031.

A. What’s your name? B. Good afternoon.

C. What color is your bag D. What’s this in English

27. Which book did you ______ yesterday. A. buys B. buy C. bought D. buying

28.---_____________? ---It’s an orange.

A. How are you? B. What’s your phone number?

C. What’s your name? D. What’s this in English?

29.---________. ---K-E-Y.

A. Spell it, please. B. Nice to meet you. C. What is this? D. What is your last name?

30. “I”______ a letter(字母).

A.am B.is C.Are D. be

31. ______ Lucy.______ name is Jim.

A.I'm;My B.I'm;His C. Her;My D. He’s; Her

32. —______ the jacket? —It's good.

A.What is B.How are C.How is D. What are

33. This is a boy. His name is ______.

A. Zhao Hai Tao B.Zhao HaiTao C.Zhaohaitao D. Zhao Haitao

34.—What ______ four and five? —______ nine.

A.are;They are B.is;It's C.is;Its D. are; It’s

35.My name's Alex Cooper. Alex is my______ name. Cooper is my ______ name.

A.first;last B.last;first C.second;family D. last, family


Mary Smith __36__ a girl.__37__ is a student.__38__ is __39__ last name and Mary is her __40__ name.Her __41__ number is 806?8027 and her ID number __42__ 8283928655.Her mother __43__ a worker.She and __44__ mother __45__ the same.

36.A. am B.are C.is D.aren't

37.A. she B.She C.He D.I

38.A. Mary B.Smith C.Mary Smith D.Smith Mary

39.A. her B.she C.she's D.his

40.A. family B.last C.middle D.first

41.A. phone B.ID C.bus D.card

42.A. is B.am C.are D.am not

43.A. are B.is C.am D.aren't

44.A. her B.Her C.his D.His

45.A. look B.look at C.are D.is



First Last name Telephone number

Dale Brown 535?2375

Eric Hand 278?1567

Kim Smith 398?5117

Linda Green 281?9176

46.Smith is ______ last name. A.Dale's B.Eric's C.Kim's D.Linda's

47.What's Dale's telephone number? A.398?5117. B.278?1567. C.281?9176. D.535?2375.

48.______ is Linda's last name. A.Brown B.Smith C.Green D.Hand

49.______ boys are in the table(表格). A.Two B.Three C.Four D.Five

50.Which of the following is NOT true(下列哪项陈述是错误的)?

A.Dale's last name is Brown. B.Hand is Eric's last name.

C.L inda's telephone number is 281?9176. D.535?2375 is Kim's telephone number.


51.______(谁)is that girl?

52.Can you answer this ______(问题) in English?

53.Please look at the ______(下一个)picture.

54.What's your ______(第一的) name?

55.Here's a Christmas ______(卡片) for you.



56.This is Yang Lan.______(she)English is very good.

57.—What's ______(he)name? —______(he)name is Nick.

58.______(I)pen is black.

59.______(he)name is Peter Jones.Pet er is ______(he)first name.

60.______(I)last name is White.


A.It's my ID card. B.What's your telephone number?

C.And Kim is my first name. D.What's your name, please?E.Nice to meet you, too!

A:Hello!I'm Kim Brown. I'm your English teacher.61.______ B:My name is Li Ming, Miss Kim. A:Oh, no. Brown is my family name.62.______ B:Sorry, Miss Brown. Nice to meet you!

A:63.______ B:My telephone number is 929?3123.64.______ A:It's 278?7918.Oh, what's this? B:65.______

A:It's nice. B:Thank you.

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