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(1) I can′t decide what (buy)her as a birthday present. (2) He is sure (come)and see you tonight. (3) Tom (stay) here for one or two days. (4) Lilei often (play)jokes on his friends. (5) One day Mark Twain (give) a lecture in a small town.

(6) He said he wasn′t sure when (have)the meeting.

(7) I don′t want this (happen)again in the future. (8) I (find) the story really interesting. (9) Do you think the result (surprise)? (10) Beg pardon,I (not,catch)your meaning. (11) Jane (learn)Chinese all by herself before she came. (12) What you (do) now? (13) You must stop the boy from (play )with water. (14) I finished (draw)the picture last week. (15) Do you think it better for us (start) a bit early. (16) I (have )no idea that you (come)today. (17) It is possible that we (be)late for the first class. (18) You always (leave) things about,Keep your room clean. (19) His mother (keep)him reading English every morning.

(20) I didn′t go to bed until I finished (write) the letter. (21) I (go) with him if he (start)tomorrow.

(22) I don′t know if he (come)If he (come),please let me know. (23) What you (do)at this time yesterday. (24) I would like (come) over to my house. (25) You have to wait for him (help) you. (26) Listen, someone (talk)in that street corner.

(27) It′s too hot (wear)the coat.

(28) I′m afraid I′ll be too busy ( join )you tomorrow. (29) How long do you think it (take) to finish it. (30) There (be) a big wind tonight. (31) (turn) the VCD a little down .It′s too noisy. (32) It (make) me happy when I think of those happy days.

(33) With a low “good bye ” ,the girl (get )into the car.

(34) “I hope you (like) it”. “I think so. ” (35) The doctor (take) my temperature and said I didn′ have a fever. (36) Her pen was broken ,so she (need) a new one. (37) I think he just (say) it for fun. (38) He (write) a new piece of music and it became popular. (39) I think he (afford) a house like this last year.

(40) If you don′t hurry up, we (be )late for the first class? (41) You (be) late for school yesterday,weren′t you? (42) I (find) him lost in the story.

(43) His father (keep) him reading English an hour every morning. (44) I (be) just about to give him a phone call when he came in. (45) Look,some people (stand) outside the theatre. (46) The old man (live)alone.He must be very lonely. (47) Tom enjoys (watch) football match very much. (48) He (do) eye erercises carefully every day. (49) We all know Sam (study) most carefully in our class. (50) Congratulations to you,Mary.You (sing )so well. (51) Listen to the loudspeaker! Who is (sing)? (52) I must finish the work before I (go) home. (53) He (drop) two balls from the top of the building. (54) When she listens to a talk,she (like) to sit in the front. (55) When you (call)me,I was thinking and (not,hear) you. (56) I (fly)my kite when it (begin) to rain. (57) When and where you (have)the meeting? (58) Mother (grow) vegetables in the garden now. (59) Somebody knocked on my window when I (sleep)last night. (60) I am glad (get)your help. (61) My mother (do) some washing when I got home this afternoon. (62) He (not see)the film with us last night. (63) John (not write)anything when I (go)to see him. (64) What you (do)at this time last night. (65) After the supper,he (go)to the cinema. (66) He (come) on a rainy evening and left the next morning. (67) I (do) badly in the last exam,but Liu Ming did even worse. (68) He dropped the glass when he (pass) it to me. (69) They (win) the game yesterday,didn’t they? (70) My uncle (live )far away from here.

(71) When they (hear) the bell,the students quickly went to the classroom. (72) He (do) quite well in the 400-metre race. (73) It is not easy (answer)the question. (74) When she (see)the watch,she stopped to pick it up. (75) All the runners (stand) behind the starting line now. (76) Tom (study) Chinese worst of the three boys. (77) Do you know which school (be)the women from? (78) Lily (do)worst of all in the 200-metre race.

(79) Do you think it′s right for us (do) it without help. (80) As a boy,my father (teach) himself English. (81) Those girls are going to town (buy) themselves skirts. (82) To his surprise,he (find) nobody in when he got home. (83) Several days later I at last (see) Dr Smith himself. (84) That night the moon (shine) brightly into our room. (85) The problem (be) so difficult that I couldn’t work it out. (86) The little girl decided (give) a piano concert next Sunday.

(87) People with a lot of money (not be) always happier than people with little. (88) I was taking a walk in the street when I (fall) over a stone. (89) He will be very glad (help)if you have any trouble. (90) I find it very important (study) English well. (91) Listen!Can you hear the children (sing)down the building?

(92) I’m afraid some of you (not listen). (92) Every night he (drop)his shoes on the floor. (93) Two hours later he (get) back and told me everything. (94) Who (sit)on your right in class? (95) Which sports you (take) part in tomorrow?

(96) Let′s (get) ready for the spelling. (97) (not cross) the street here.A car may hit you. (98) What about (go)for a walk with me? (99) (Ask) the old man,she may know something about it. (100) Would you like (go)fishing with us tomorrow?

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