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Unit 12测试题

I. 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1.I ____________________(work) on my English project tomorrow. 2.Could you please ________(take) him for a walk?

3.That movie is ________________that I have ever seen.(exciting)

4. I want to drop science. I think it’s ______________(difficult) of all. 5. Please ____________ ( not, tell ) me what we should do or must do.

6. Now all 768 students at our school __________________(work)on the project. 7. Jason’s is one of _________________(bad) stores in our town. 8. He’9. Though he eats well ,He doesn’t look as_________ (good) as you. 10. Mr Green with his children ______(go) for a picnic next week. 11. I often hear her _______(play) the piano at home.

12. ________(hard) you work, ______________(good) your grades will be. 13. Of all the radion station Oldies 102.1FM is _________________(popular) 14. There _____________(be) a basketball match tonight.

15. Could you ask the bus driver ______________(wait) for five minutes? 16. Next week I’ll think about how _________ (save ) water or keep it clean. 17. I think it important _________________(learn) English well. II单项选择。

( )1.She looks ________ younger than she is.

A.much B.very C.a bit of D.a lot of

( )2.Beijing is larger than _____ city in Japan.

A. any other B. any C. other D. the other

( )3.Guangzhou is ______the south of Zhejiang and _____ the south of China. A. to / in B. in / in C. in / to D. to / to ( )4.He’s ______ to go to school.

A. old enough B. enough old C. young enough D. enough young ( )5.Of all the students, Li Ming is ________ to Mr Wang.

A.close B.closer C.the closest D.the most closest

( )6.You are getting fatter and fatter. You should eat ________ food and take ________ exercise.

A.less; less B.more; more C.more; less D.less; more

( )7.—Which is ________ season in a year? —Autumn, think. A.good .B. well C.better D.the best ( )8.Xi’an is one of ________ capital ________ in China.

A.older; city B.the older; city C.oldest; cities D.the oldest; cities ( )9.Don’t ______ fire. It’s dangerous.

A. play B. play with C. play against D. play for ( )10.I hate ____ chores , but I like ______chores.

A. some / some B. some /others C. some /other D. other /some ( )11. Every morning Mr. Smith takes a ______ to his office.

A 30 minutes walk B 30 minute’s walk C 30-minutes walk D 30-minute walk

( )12. Skating is _______ and I’m _______ to skate on real ice .

A. exciting ; exciting B. excited; exciting C. exciting; excited D. excitted; excited

( )13. ---- Would you like to come to my birthday party? ----- Yes, ___ I’m very busy.

A. I like to, and B. I’m glad to, but C. I’d like to, but D. I would like, and

( )14. You _________ home right now.

A. needn’t to go B. don’t need to go C. needn’t going D. don’t need go

( )15. I invited him ______ my school.

A. visiting B. visited C. to visit D. visit ( )16. We should not eat________ junk food.

A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too

( )17. I want to go ________ for my winter vacation.

A.somewhere different B.different somewhere C.anywhere different D.different anywhere ( )18. Look! There are many people _______(play) volleyball there. A. are playing B. played C. playing D . play

( )19. What did he do yesterday?—He____all day with his grandpa. A. took B. takes C, pay D. spent ( )20. When did she become a movie star?

A. She was 3 years old B. When was she 3 years old C. At the age of 3 D. She was a movie star. ( )21.There is ________ in today’s newspaper. I don’t like read it.

A. new something B. something new C. nothing new D. new nothing

( )22. Mum , I think I’m _____ to get back to school.---Not really, you stay at home for another day. A. so well B. so good C. well enough D. good enough

( )23. Mum ,this shirt is too small for me. Would you buy me a ________one? A. large B. larger C. largest D. the largest ( )24. Can you join us ? We need _________actors for the talent show? A. more some B. more any C. some more D. any more III.阅读理解


An English QQ group

I started this QQ group named HF (Hefei) English Club two months ago. It has 28 members(成员) now. It is an English chatting(聊天) place. This is the group number: 104308969. Now we need some more friends who are interested in chatting in English.

Please remember the rules for our group members.

·Everyone in our group must speak in English with others. Don’t keep silent for 10 days. ·We needs friends in Hefei city. If we are in the same city, it is easier for us to enjoy parties. ·The main aim (目的) of this group is to improve our English.

·Chatting in English doesn’t mean we pay more attention(注意力) to English. To my mind(在我心目中), Chinese is my mother language and it’s the most important. ·Don’t send ads or many pictures here.

If you don’t follow the rules above, we will ask you to leave. ( )1. This QQ group is a place for chatting in _______ .

A. English B. Chinese C. French D. Japanese ( )2. If you keep silent for_______ , you have to leave.

A. three days B. a week C. eight days D. ten days ( )3. The members in this QQ group should come from __________ . A. foreign countries B. Anhui Province C. Shanghai D. Hefei city ( )4. The main aim of this QQ group is ________ . A. to help with homework B. to make friends C. to improve English D. to have fun ( )5. Which of the following is TRUE? A. This QQ group started two weeks ago.

B. Everyone in this group must use English to chat with others. C. The writer thinks English is more important than Chinese. D. You should send lots of pictures in this group.


We spent a day in the country and picked a lot of flowers. Our car was full of flowers inside! On the way home we had to stop at traffic lights, and there my wife saw the bookshelf.

It stood outside a furniture(家具)shop. “Buy it,” she said at once. “We’ll carry it home on the roof-rack(车顶架). I’ve always wanted one like that.”

What could I do? Ten minutes later I was twenty dollars poorer, and the bookshelf was tied(捆绑) on to the roof rack. It was tall and narrow(窄), quite heavy too.

As it was getting darker, I drove slowly. Other drivers seemed more polite than usual that evening. The police

even stopped traffic to let us through. Carrying furniture was a good idea.

After a time my wife said, “There’s a long line of cars behind. Why don’t they overtake(超车)?”

Just at that time a police car did overtake. The two officers(警官)inside looked at us seriously when they went past. But then, with a kind smile they asked us to follow their car through the busy traffic. The police car stopped at our village church(教堂). One of the officers came to me.

“Right, sir,” he said. “Do you need any more help now?”

I didn’t quite understand. “Thanks, officer,” I said. “You’ve been very kind. I live just down the road.”

He was looking at our things: first at the flowers, then at the bookshelf. “Well, well,” he said and laughed. “It’s a bookshelf you’ve got there! We thought it was--er, something else.”

My wife began to laugh. Suddenly I understood why the police drove here. I smiled at the officer. “Yes, it’s a bookshelf, but thanks again.” I drove home as fast as I could.

( )6、From the story we know that _________.

A.the writer was poor and didn’t buy the bookshelf for his wife

B.the writer’s wife didn’t like the bookshelf at all

C.the writer was always glad to buy something for his wife

D.the writer was not very glad to buy the bookshelf for his wife

( )7、What made the writer think that carrying furniture was “a good idea”?

A.He could drive slowly and it was safe.

B.Other drivers would let him go first.

D.Because the police had helped them a lot.

C.His wife could use a new bookshelf.

D.He could save a lot of money and time.

( )8、Why were the police and other drivers so kind to the writer?

A.Because they thought the writer liked studying very much and needed a bookshelf.

B.Because they didn’t think it was polite to overtake a car with a bookshelf on it.

C.Because they thought somebody in the writer’s family had died and he needed help.

D.Because they thought it was dangerous to carry a bookshelf on a car.

( )9、Why did the writer’s wife begin to laugh?

A.Because now she knew what mistake the police had made.

B.Because at last her husband understood why the police had driven to the church.

C.Because the officer was always looking at the flowers and the bookshelf.

( )10、When did the officers begin to realize(意识到)they had made a mistake?

A.Before they arrived at the church.

B.Before they overtook(overtake的过去式)the writer’s car.

C.After one of them looked at the flowers and the bookshelf carefully at the church.

D.After the writer’s family left the church.

IV. 句型转换

1.How much are the bargain?.(同义句转换)

What’s ______ ________ ________the bargains?

2.His father is 42 and my father is 42.(同义句转换)

My father is ______ _______ ______ his. 对划提线部分问______ ________ _______he listen to English?

4.Please talk loudly.(改为否定句) Please______ __________ loudly.

Jane ____________ ____________ back home from school.

5.Mary will stay in Beijing for a week. (对划提线部分问)

________ _______ _________ Mary ____________ in Beijing?

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