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1. The students are worried about the ___________ (结果)of the exam.

2. What a ____________(憾事)! People shouldn’t kill wild animals any more.

3. __________(狼) eat the animals when they are hungry.

4. Policemen __________(捉住) the hunters because they killed the tigers for the fur.

5. Last week, he _________(接受) our invitation to visit our school.

6. He can keep calm while facing _________(危险).

7. I think diving is even more ________ (危险) than skiing.

8. The shop _________(卖) watches in the past.

9. _______________ (打猎)foxes is a special kind of sport in England.

10. Wild animals are _____________ (人类)friends. We should care about them.

11. The _____________ (厚的) a book is, the more time you will spend on it.

12. People must stop ______(杀) animals. Animals really need more people’s care.

13. There are no two ______(leaf) of the same shape in the world.

14. I tried every possible way to save my goldfish. But _____(令人遗憾地)) she died at last.

15. we should _______ (行动) to protect our environment.

16. Our __________ (政府) should take (行动) to protect the animals .

17. What can people do with _______(狼的) bones?

18. All ______ (活的) things need air, water and sunshine.

19. They had (同情) on that girl and gave her much help .

20. We should make (法律) to help the animals .

21. That 95-year-old man (死) yesterday ,and his family members

22. The wild animals are (面临) serious problems now.

23. Giant pandas live ____________(主要) on a special kind of bamboo.

24. He was ________(出生) in winter. It was snowing outside .

25. How much did he __________(重)at_________(出生)?

26. ------Are you ready?------Please wait for me for a _________. I’m coming soon.

27. -----How many singers came to the party?-----About twenty. But I knew ________ of them.

28. ------I often sleep with the windows ___________.------Me too. Especially in winter.


1. The more medicine I ________(take), the worse I felt.

2. We should take action at once ________(keep) the animals safe from danger.

3. People must stop _____(cut) down trees and forests.

4. Twenty years later, the baby _____(grow) into a fine young man.

5. It’s raining very hard so I decide _________ (not go) out.









14. If you keep _____ (work) on the problem, you _______ (solve) it soon. My dad taught me ______ (drive) and bought me a car as my birthday present. Why did he choose _____ (take) a bus to the hill? One of the visitors ______________ (visit) the Great Wall tomorrow, is he? --- Look! How wonderfully Sally is singing!---We ______ (not know) she could sing so well. What can the bears do if there ________ (be) danger? I don’t know if the sick cat _____________ (die) tomorrow. It ____________ (get) colder and colder. Shall we start a fire? The workers may _____________ (be fix) the machines. Let’s go and have a look.


( ) 1. During the visit , I saw __11-month-old dolphin and took __ photo of him.

A. a; a B. an; a C. a; the D. a; an

( )2. —My father is ill in hospital, I’m looking after him. —___________.

A. Not at all B. I’m afraid C. I’m sorry to hear that D. It doesn’t matter

( ) 3. — ___ can a tiger weigh, do you know?

— Yes, I know that a big one can weigh over 300 kilos.

A. How many B. How heavy C. How much D. What

( ) 4.- When does a lion begin to eat meat? -Maybe ___ a few months old.

A. at B. for C in D. on

( ) 5.Do you write a report ________ an animal ________ danger for the club.

A. about; on B. to; from C. on; in D. in; with

( ) 6. Would you please ________ the children ________ with snake?

A. to ask; not to play B. ask; not to play C. ask; not play D. ask; don’t play

( ) 7. If Simon _______ hard, he _________ better results in English.

A. work; gets B. works; gets C. works; will get D. will work; will get

( ) 8. — Is Jim coming by train? —I’m not sure. He_____ drive his car.

A. must B. need C. may D. will

( ) 9.I want to buy a story book in the bookshop, but there are ___________ in it.

A. no one B. nothing C. none D. no

( )10. My mother _______ me to work hard at my lessons.

A. makes B. keeps C. wants D. lets

( )11.______ the help of the policeman, I found my lost wallet.

A. Under B. Because C. After D. With

( )12. The couple had different ideas about the matter.__, they didn’t make a decision.

A. Instead of B. As a result C. Because of D. By the way

( )13.The number of wild animals ______ getting _________.

A. is; smaller and smaller B. are; smaller and smaller

C. are; fewer and fewer D. is; fewer and fewer

( )14. May I play computers now ?—No, you A,may not, may B. can’t, must C. can’t, can


1. 大熊猫主要以一种特殊的竹子为食。 D. mustn’t, may


2. 我们应该建立更多的保护区并制订法律来保护大熊猫。


3. 猎人们为了获取皮毛而捕杀熊。


4. 不幸的是,熊猫在野外面临严重的问题。


5. 我们应该立刻采取行动阻止人们砍伐森林。


6. 我们同情大熊猫,因为它们在野外正面临着严重的问题。


7. 张老师同意让我来决定去哪里进行学校旅行。


8. 不要靠近老虎,否则你们可能丧生。


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