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牛津8A Unit6 综合技能

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Weather report

What is the weather like ?

A car crashed into another car.

an accident

Can you tell us some other accidents?
Lightning starts abig fire

What will you do if you see or meet an accident?
We can call 110 hotline

Fill in the blanks with 110 120 119 114 121

1.A:“Look out ,there is a fire !” B: “Don’t worry about it. Let’s call____ 119 hotline.
2.A: “That boy fell from a tree and hurt badly.” B: “Don’t move him. Let’s call____hotline. 120 3.If a car crashed into a tree,we will call___ 110 hotline.

4.A: “ Today is so cold!What about tomorrow’s weather?
B: “Sorry, I don’t know. You can see the weather forecast or you can call___ 121 hotline. 5.A: “I want to call Jim, but I don’t know his number.” B: “You can call 114 ____hotline to ask it.”

two people snowstorm

crash into a tree trap in the car

Police Report
Date of call Time of call Time of arrival 28th January 7.40 p.m. 7.45 p.m.

No. of victims

Starlight Street,Sunshine Town
Mr. Su:ok,but felt cold and frightened Mrs. Su: hurt her left leg

Conditions of victims

arrived at Sunshine Hospital at 7.55 p.m.


Their car crashed into(1)_________. a tree
trapped They are(2)________in the car.

Weather conditions: There is(3)______________and it covers the whole place. heavy snow

Date of call: (4)___________________ 28th January
Time of call: (5)___________________ 7.40 p.m. Name of caller: (6)__________________ Su Ning Place: Starlight Street, Sunshine Town (7)__________________

No. of victims: (8)_______ Two Ok, but felt cold and frightened Conditions of victims: Mr. Su—(9)______________________________ hurt her left leg Mrs. Su----(10)____________________________ Action: Policemen arrived at(11)________ 7.45 p.m. Sunshine Hospital at(13)____________ 7.55 p.m. Sent the victims to(12)________________

Dear Vivien

How are you? I left school early yesterday because the snowstorm got worse in the afternoon. The snow was really heavy.
This morning I read a newspaper article about a car accident. A man named Su _____ his Ning called the 110 hotline at_____using 7.40 mobile phone. His car crashed into______ a tree near Starlight Street in___________ Sunshine Town. He and his wife were ______ trapped in the car. The snow was _______.The policemen arrive at 7.45p.m. _______ and they heavy sent them to ______________ ______ Mr. Su felt ______and cold Sunshine Hospital at 7.55p.m __________but he was not hurt. Mrs. Su hurt her _________but frightened left leg it was not very serious. What about London? Do you have snowstorms there? Please email me soon. Sandy

Retell the accident


Starlight Street Sunshine Town

crashed into trapped in

How did they hurt?
Mr. Su: Mrs. Su:

What did they do?
call 110 hotline mobile phone

7.45p.m. sent them to

Some important information in an accident report

accident ______of time call place ______of the accident numbers of victim conditions of vic

tim ________of the police action

Group work
My experience during the snowstorm crash into be trapped Useful cover everything expressions call the 110 hotline use the mobile phone hurt … sent … to… …

Part Four Speak up
Talking about natural disasters 1 What happened to Vivien’s school last week? There was a fire. 2 What caused that disaster? The school caught fire because lightening hit it. 3 Was anybody hurt? No.

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