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Unit 10 Can you play the guitar?

Ⅰ、Teaching content(教学内容): Section A 1a—1c

Ⅱ、Teaching goals (教学目标):

1. Knowledge goals(知识目标):

(1) To master some new words: dance, sing, swim, paint, speak English, play the guitar, play chess, and so on.

(2) To master the usage of modal verb“can”.

2. Ability goals(能力目标):

(1) use“can”to talk about one’s abilities and likes

(2) Arouse students’ interest in English by group work, and help students to

form good learning habits. 3. Emotion goals(情感目标):

To help students to love English, show their abilities, and communicate with

other people actively.

Ⅲ、Teaching methods(教学方法):


Ⅳ、Teaching tools(教具):



1、 本单元重点学习询问别人的能力

2、 情态动词can及动词play教学是本单元的难点



Teaching Procedures

Period 1:Section A1a –1c

Additional materials to bring to class

Harmonica and guitar or other two musical instruments to use in the language goal section PowerPoint with pictures of basketball, volleyball and some music instruments.

Step 1 Revision and lead in

The teacher says I like basketball. Then asks: Do you like basketball/ volleyball? Do youwant to join a basketball club?

Step 2 Presentation

Ask the students to look at the pictures of Page 59 , there are some clubs in it. Let’s look at the clubs. What are they?/ What club do you want to join? Help the students to answer I want to join

the art club and so on.

Then introduces the key vocabularies and the words can and can’t.

The teacher says to the students who say he/she wants to join the basketball club: Can you play basketball? Help the students say Yes, I can. No, I can’t. Then repeat with other actions or pictures, such as play volleyball.

Show the students the activities the people in each club can do with the same step.

The teacher can ask the students to practice the following dialogues with can.

Can you dance? Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

Can he paint? Yes, he can. /No, he can’t.

Can she speak English? Yes, she can. / No, she can’t.

Can you speak English? Yes, we can. / No, we can’t.

Can you play it well? Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

Do the action and read the new words and phrases.

Ask the students to practice can and can’t.

Step 3 A game

To be more familiar with the words and phrases, the teacher can organize a game like this:

Write the words and phrases on pieces of paper. Ask one of the students come to the front and choose one of the paper, then do the action. Ask other students to guess what he or she can do. Then exchange.

Step 4 Exercise

Task 1:

Look at the pictures on Page 59.1a.

Ask the students to match each club activity in the picture with a word from the list. For example:

A can dance, so we can write ―a‖ beside dance.

Task 2.

Have a listening practice.

Task 3 pair work

Ss make their own conversations and act out theirconversations.

Step 5 Homework

Task1: workbook Page 38 Part 1, 2,

Task 2.: fill in the form. Write down three things you can do and three things you can not do.

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