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牛津8A Unit6 welcome(1)

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Unit 6 Natural Disasters
Comic strip & Welcome to the unit

What is it ?

What’s the weather like?

It’s sunny.

What is it?

a rainstorm

What’s the weather like? It’s rainy.

What is it?
? What’s the weather like?

It’s windy.

What is it?

thunder and lightning

? What’s the weather like?

It’s bad weather, it’s going to rain .

start a big fire

What is it?

a snowstorm

? What’s the weather like?

It’s snowy.

Look at the pictures. Write the correct names under the picture.


Thunder and lightning



What’s the weather like?
What happened to Hobo?

What’s the weather like?
What happened to Hobo? What was Hobo doing when it started to rain? When did Hobo hear the rain? What happened to Hobo’s house? Why doesn’t he want to go home alone?

Fill in the blanks:
One day, Hobo came to Eddie’s house, because his own house was __________ all wet . He ________________when it began to was sleeping _______. rain And he didn’t hear the rain until half an hour later __________________________. go home with him He asked Eddie to __________________ because he wanted Eddie to mop all the water up _____________________________.

Langue points:

was sleeping------过去进行时

结构: was/were (not) + doing

was sleeping ※过去进行时 (1)概念:表示过去某一时刻或某段时间正在进行的动作 (2)构成:由“was/ were+动词-ing”构成 (3)用法: a.表示过去某一时刻正在发生的动作 e.g. I was having supper at 7:00 yesterday evening. b.表示过去某一段时间内正在进行的动作 e.g. We were talking about you all the morning.

Practice: Make some sentences

The boy was walking home when the typhoon came.

The girl was doing homework in her bedroom when the thunder and lightning came.

A man and a woman were walking in the water

People were having dinner at home when the the snowstorm came.

Are these all disasters?

Can you tell the difference between natural disasters and accidents?
Finish part A on page 93

a flood

A flood washed the village away.

an earthquake

destroy everything

a car accident

A car crashed into a tree .

Translate the Chinese into English:

start to rain 1.开始下雨 _______________ half an hour later 2.半小时后 _______________ lose the game 3.输掉比赛 _______________ the village away 4.冲走村庄 wash _______________ start a big fire 5.引起大火 _______________ fall from a tree 6.从树上摔下_______________

Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese:

1.台风来时男孩正在步行回家。 The boy _______ was ___________ walking home when the typhoon ___________ came. 2.雷电来临时女孩正在卧室里做家庭作业。 The girl _______ was ________ doing __________in homework her bedroom when the _________and lightning came. thunder 3.暴雨来时人们正在家里吃晚饭。 People ________

were __________dinner having at home when the rainstorm came.

Complete the following sentences.
1. 1998年的特大洪水冲垮了许多房屋和大树。 washed a lot of houses and The big flood in 1998__________ trees ______. away 2. 在唐山大地震中,成千上万人遇难。 The Tang Shan earthquake __________________________. killed thousands of people 3. 昨天一个年轻人从19楼摔下来,竟然安然无恙。 fell from 19th floor, but Yesterday a young man__________the he doesn’t hurt badly. 4. 在昨晚的事故中,一辆大客车撞倒了数上。 A coach crashed into a tree_______________ last in the accident night.

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